Why the Chinese Communist Party’s Official Media Are Scrambling to Dispel Rumors Xiamen is in a “Quasi-city Closure”

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According to the Chinese media, all domestic flights from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport have been cancelled since September 20 due to the “escalation of epidemic control in Xiamen.” On the railroad, from September 20, tickets for trains from Xiamen North to Ningbo are no longer available. Tickets for trains from Ningbo to Xiamen North are still available for sale. On domestic social media platforms such as Weibo, there was a message that “Xiamen will be closed from September 20.” However, the news was quickly “debunked” by the official media, which claimed that there would still be flights to and from Ningbo Airport on the 20th.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) has consistently covered up the truth and ignored the facts. It is not clear what the real situation of the Xiamen outbreak is. However, judging from the propaganda of private media and official media, the situation in Xiamen is not optimistic. What is of concern is that more and more people are experiencing serious vaccine-related adverse reactions such as “falling down anywhere” and “having an infarction at any time” due to the CCP’s mandatory vaccination. It is not clear whether the Chinese Communist Party is stepping up its propaganda to prevent and control the epidemic in Xiamen at this time to cover up the growing “anti-vaccination” sentiment among the public.

According to Mr. Miles Guo, the CCP will make a major move involving Taiwan on September 24. Previously, there had been rumors of an “attack on Taiwan at the end of September.” At this sensitive time, we will have to wait and see whether the control of Xiamen is related to the CCP’s strategy of fighting against Taiwan. We also ask our compatriots in Taiwan to be prepared, abandon their illusions, and take practical actions to prevent the “traitors and thieves” in Taiwan’s military, political, and business sectors from becoming the “leading party” for the CCP’s attack on Taiwan.

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Reference: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1544880/

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