Project Veritas Part 1: The Whistleblower Publicly Discloses The Story Behind The “Killer” Vaccine

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According to Project Veritas’ interview with the federal employee JODI A. O’MALLEY, on September 20th, 2021, the adverse effects of the Phase 3 clinical trial data of the Covid vaccine were not properly collected. With many of the adverse effects being brushed under the rug, VAERS database on the CDC website is underrepresenting the number of people who were injured due to the Covid vaccine. People of all ages are dying or getting sick. Many young and healthy people had severe adverse effects. Some have died of unknown causes shortly after they took the vaccines.

This Covid vaccine was not a fully approved “Normal Vaccine” while it was only approved for emergency use. Technically, it was still in phase 3 clinical trial stage. After several months of emergency use, both Pfizer and Moderna gave their vaccines new names, approved by Health Canada. They claimed that it was the same vaccine with the same ingredients. These changes have caused great confusion and concerns. Why did they approve the vaccines with different names?  Are they truly the same? No one knows except those who hold the secret recipes.

When will the governments across the globe stop the unconstitutional mandate? If losses of tens of thousands of precious lives is not enough, how many more should we lose until everyone wakes up?

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