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Explanations of South Putuo Meeting Logic Map

South Putuo Plan 1:

Time: Before the 18th National Party Congress of the CCP

Location: Putuo temple, Zhoushan, Zhejiang province.


  1. To assassinate Ling Jihua’s son, Ling Gu
  2. To take down Bo Xilai on the 18th National Party Congress of the CCP
  3. To appoint Xi Jinping as the successor of General Secretary of the CCP

South Putuo Plan 2:Mile’s livestream on Sep 1, 2017 exposed Jiang Mianheng and Meng Jianzhu held a top-secret meeting at Putuo temple in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province. This meeting determined a series of political conspiracies, including the assassination of LingGu, Ling Jihua’s son .

General background:

The 18th National Party Congress of the CCP (abbreviated as 18th NCCCP) washeld from Nov. 8 to 14, 2012.

South Putuo Plan 3:On March 18, 2012, a Ferrari car accident happened in Haidian District, Beijing, Ling Gu, Ling Jihua’s son, died at the scene of the accident. To cover-up the details of the accident, Ling Jihua illegally mobilized police of the central security bureau to block the scene. The weird thing was two survived girls from the accident disappeared. Nobody knows where they are and if they are alive or dead.

This sudden Ferrari car crash was theturning point of Ling Jihua’s career and even changed the entire political situation of China.

South Putuo Plan 4:In Sep 2012, after his son’s death from car accident, Ling Jihua, then Secretary of the Central Secretariat, was transferred to become Minister of Central U nited Front Work Department and removed his duty as director of the General Office of the CCP Central Committee.

DT Comment: Assassinating Ling Jihua’s son was the first step of South Putuo Plan! This was a preset plan. The CCP asserted that Ling Jihua won’t take actionsand they can takeadvantage of this opportunity to take him down.


South Putuo Plan 5:Beijing Evening News reported a car accident happened in south-east corner of Baofu Temple overpass at North 4th Ring Road at 4 am on March 18, 2012. A black Ferrari drove fromwest toward east and rushed onto the south wall of the overpass then into the north guardrail. The out-of-control car finally came to a stop, the body of the car was smashed, and the engine was out and burning in the middle of the road. One man and two women were thrown out and far from the car, which was a two-seater Ferrari F430 roadster.

Ferrari F430

South Putuo Plan 6:Ling Gu (1988-March 18, 2012),anther name,Wang Ziyun,was the only child of Ling Jihua who was Secretary of the Secretariat and Director of the the General Office of the CCP Central Committee. His first name Gu came from hismother’s last name (Liping Gu). She graduated from Institute of International Relations of Beijing University (BJU) and became a graduate student of School of E ducation of BJU. On March 18,2012,Ling Gu died in a car accident. By the way,Rui Chenggang,the “littlesteel cannonanda CCTV host,was Gu Liping’s lover.

South Putuo Plan 7:Both seriously injured girls were 25-year-old Tibetans. One girl, named ZhaxiZhuoma and graduated from Central Minzu University, was the daughter of deputy director of Public Security Department of Qinghai province. The other girl, named Yang Ji and graduated from the ChinaUniversity of Political Science and Law, was a daughter of a famous Living Buddha. The latter (Yang Ji) was severely burned, saved alive but shortly died in July or August that year.

At the car accident scene, Ling Gu and two girls were all naked.

South Putuo Plan 8:Two days ago,Bo Xilai was just relieved from his position on March 15,2012. This car accident became dubious. Two days after Bo Xilai’s stepping down,abnormal movements were noted in Beijing security forces and the rumors of military coup were spread in Weibo etc. network community. That was confirmed afterwards that Ling Jihua mobilized Central Security Bureau of the General Office of the CCP Central Committee to block the scene of the car accident.

South Putuo Plan 9:Beijing police changed the name on the IDcard of Ling Jihua’s son. An account of the China National Petroleum Corporation was used to pay 15 million RMB each of the girls as “hush money” to seal lips of their families. They were also threatened that their entire families would “be disappeared” with no body found if they told others about this.

DT Comment: Governing the country like a Mafia,Governing the country with policing.

South Putuo Plan 10:

[Explanations of South Putuo Meeting Logic Map]

South Putuo plan and actual variables. English translation: TCC ,ignoreme

Translator: The followings are South Putuo Meeting Logic Map in English, Spanish (11),German (12),French (13),and Japanese (14)

South Putuo Plan 11:

South Putuo Plan logical mapping Spanish translation: @meiping2018

South Putuo Plan logical mapping German translation:@maosheng7

CCPs South Putuo Plan LogikDiagramm Übersetzer: @Maosheng7

South Putuo Plan 12: South Putuo Plan logical mapping German translation:@maosheng7

Putuo. La traduction:crystal

South Putuo Plan 13

South Putuo Plan logical mapping French translation: crystal

South Putuo Plan 14: South Putuo Plan logical mapping Japanese translation: Tiantian

South Putuo Plan 15:Ling Gu died in a car accident. To cover up the truth, Ling Jihua not only urgently mobilized all his powers and relationships to seal and kill anyone knew about it but also went to work with smiles on the next day pretending nothing happened. He even kept working and smiling as normal on the day after the accident. — this is how evil the CCP is!

To cover up his son’s real cause of death,Ling Jihua and Zhou Yongkang,then Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the C CP reached “some political agreement”.

South Putuo Plan 16:Ling Jihua was very familiar with politics of the CCP. To keep his political prospects and prosperity of the family,he tried to survive under the cruelty of the CCP politics. Who can image Jintao’s trustworthy subordinate (Ling Jihua) was actually playing a real-life version of a Hong Kong’s movie,titled <Inferno Affairs>? He vacillated between the Communist Youth League (Hu) and the Jiang factions. His son’s car accident would be the prelude of destruction of his family.

South Putuo Plan 17:South Putout Plan and its actual variables in a logic map,6 high quality graphs in

Chinese, English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, can be downloaded from Google drive. Here is the link

South Putuo Plan 18:Ling Jihua took a serial of actions after the car accident:

Ling Jihua was out of ordinary and surpassed his authority to order the Central Security Bureau immediately after the accident and to lock down the accident scene. He should know this is a taboo. However,damage control was his top priority at this emergency situation.

South Putuo Plan 19:Ling Jihua ordered all medias, including social media, not to leak any information about his son’s death. He will not report to his high commissioner either. He knows paper can’t hold fires and understand people will start suspecting, but he had no choice. He needed to prevent the news and information from spreading.

South Putuo Plan 20:Ling Jihua’s son died so suddenly that he didn’t hold funeral or cremate his body. He did not even let his wife know about this for a while but put his son’s body in the morgue for a long time.

Ling Jihua accompanied Hu Jintao to attend routine official functions and remained calm as usual. Hu Jintao,his boss,didn’t even find out that Ling just lost his son.

An appearance of the devil!

South Putuo Plan 20:Feng Zhuo,one of Ling Jihua’s lovers,was deputy director of the CCTV News department. She was arrested secretly by the Discipline Inspection Unit of the Central Commission (DICC) of the CCP in Sept. 2014 and no one can find her after. It was reported she hasbeen released in 2015 because the DICC believed she had no significant financial relationship with Ling Jihua.

Feng Zhuo – Ling Jihua

DT Comment: What else relationship between them? Physical relationship? These CCPs’ lives must be “great” – the husband (Lin Jihua) had affairs with a CCTV hostess (Feng Zhuo) and the wife (Gu Liping) hadaffairs with a CCTV host ( Rui Chenggang).

South Putuo Plan 22:After Rui Chenggang,the “little steel cannon”,was arrested and interrogated by the DICC in dark room. Interestingly,he confessed that it was Ling Jihua’s wife who raped him and he was forced to become Gu Liping’s lover.

There was a poplar joke in Beijing then:Archimedes has said,”give me afulcrum and I shall move the world. ” Rui Chenggang said,”give me enoughtime,I shall fuck mothers of all princelings of the CCP.”

Rui Chenggang – Gu Liping

South Putuo Plan 23:Rui Chenggang can be regarded as the shared father of all princelings of the CCP officials! He had sex relationships with over 20 high-ranking officials’ wives, from 57-year-old Gu Liping to someone aged over 60. After Rui was arrested, the DICC received countless personal phone calls from high ranking officials’ wives to ask for his pardon. His nick name was also from these wives. He has given the CCP’s high-ranking officials “green hats” to wear (Translator: In Chinese, if his wife had affairs with other man, he will be called a man who wore “green-color hat”.)

South Putuo Plan 24:Ling Jihua’s original lastname was Linghu. His father was Linghu Ye (1909-2015 March 29) and his nickname was Sixiang. He was born in Hongyang Village,Changle Town,Pinglu District,Shanxi Province. He was the Chief of Medical Department in Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region Hospital when the CCP was in Yanan. He has five children,Ling Luxian,Ling Zhengce,Ling Fangzhen(female),Ling Jihua,Ling Wancheng. Ling Luxian has died. Ling Wancheng escaped to the US and hid like a coward. Remaining other three siblings were all arrested by the CCP.

South Putuo Plan 25:Ling Wancheng (July 28, 1960~ ),another name Wang Cheng. Former Vice Chairman of the National Political Consultative Conference. Deputy Director, Xinhua News Agency,General Manager, China National United Advertising Corporation. President,China Huaxing Automobile Trading Group Limited. In March 2015, he fled the U.S with a lot of secret documents but was not able to get political asylum.

His wife, Li Ping, a hostess of the CCTV, graduated from Shanxi Yanbei Art School and was arrested by the DICC.

Ling Wancheng

Li Ping

South Putuo Plan 26:Ling Wancheng and his wife bought a mansion located in California from NBA player Beno Udri under names of Johnson and Jane Wang. The Couple lived there for a while and disappeared from October 2014. Their whereabouts remained unknown to date.

South Putuo Plan 27:During the South Putuo meeting,Bo Xilai was the other member to be taken down. Let’s quote a famous quote of Bo’s as the opening narration.

During the “Two Session” meetings (Translator:a meeting for both the National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) in the morning of March 9th,2012,Bo Xilai,former Committee Secretary of Chongqing City,scolded at all Chinese and foreign reporters at Chongqing committee meeting and angrily said,”someone bad mouthed Chongqing,me, and my family. These are all nonsense!” He style was much bolder than that of Wang Yi (current Foreign Ministry),right?

Committee Secretary for Chongqing,and a member of the Chinese Politburo.

Bo Xilai

Neil Haywood – Gu Kailai

South Putuo Plan 28:When we talked about Bo Xilai,we must mention Wang Lijun and Gu Kailai and the love and hate among them. Wang Lijun had an affair with Bo Xilai’s wife-Gu Kailai who killed Englishman Neil Haywood by poison. Bo Xilai found out and was furiously slapped Wang Lijun. Wang Lijun was really scared and dressed up as an old lady fled to U.S. consulate seeking political asylum but he was betrayed and sent back to the CCP by Obama and Hillary administration.

Her eyes were full of love when she looked at Wang Lijun.

Gu Kailai – Wang Lijun

South Putuo Plan 29:In the evening on Feb 6,2012,Wang Lijun dressed up as a woman driving on ChengYu highway to the U.S. Consulate. He was the first official with vice-ministerial leveled or above seeking for political asylum. On the second day, a press conference by Chongqing City announced that Wang Lijun was “onvacation”. This was the origin of a hilarious term,vacation-style therapy.

South Putuo Plan 30:Wang Lijun was the one holding police badge No. 0001. He was Bo Xilai’s trump card who came with Bo from Liaoning province. He committed many crimes for Bo Xilai,including live organ harvesting. Wang Lijun also invented a special tool to cause brain death,called “primary brain stem injury impactor “,which can make impact on the head and turn the person into a “brain death” condition. What’s the purpose of this tool? Live organ harvesting!

Wang Lijun

South Putuo Plan 31:Does anyone remember the corpse processing plant in Dalian? One of James Bond’s movies has shown some scenes about such a plant. von Hagens Plastination Company was one company that Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai made great profits from bodyprocessing after live organ harvesting. Do you remember the pregnant woman who was processed into specimen? Who was she? Whose daughter was the baby? Who was her husband? Who was the child’s dad? What was she thinking when she was killed?

Hagens Plastination Company

South Putuo Plan 32:Wang Lijun fled to the U.S. Consulate at night on Feb 6 while Chongqing government denied it and claimed that Wang Lijun was sickened for overwork for the CCP and he took a “vacation for treatment” on Feb 8.

This first-class ticket from Chengdu to Beijing became a historical relic.

South Putuo Plan 33:Before the commencement of the 18th National Congress of the CCP,it was the moment formain factions to show muscles and powers. After Jiang Zemin controlled Hu Jintao for the past 8 years,he wanted toappoint another obedient puppet. However,either Ling Jihua or Bo Xilai was not the one who would follow Jiang’s control; hence,these hidden dangers must be uprooted and both names were “lucky” put on the list to be killed at the South Putuo meeting.

South Putuo Plan 34:Jiang Zemin was very happy that Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai fought each other first.

In 2012,during the Two Sessions (see Tweet 27),thedirector of Central Security Bureau Cao Qing deployed his people at Beijing’s Great Hall and planned to arrest Bo Xilai on the closing date of the National People’s Congress.

South Putuo Plan 35:By the way,let’s talk about Bo Xilai’s father-in-law, Gu Jingsheng (1913-2004) who was from Linqi of Shanxi province,a member of the CCP, and a major general of the PLA. He has served as deputy political commissioner of Guangzhou Military Region also directed in the Sino-Vietnamese war. He has acted as the Second Secretary of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Committee and the First Secretary and political commissioner of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

South Putuo Plan 36:Gu Jingsheng has 5 daughters:

  1. Gu Wangjiang
  2. Gu Zhengxie – she is Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection of China National Machinery Industry Corporation. Her husband was Liu Pei, a major general, who has been the military attaché of Chinese Embassy in Canada and Chief of Chinese Military staff to United Nations.
  3. Gu Dan (of Xiao Mei) – her husband Li Xiaoxue was Li Xuefeng’s son and a brother of Bo Xilai’s ex-wife (Li Danyu)
  4. Gu Wangning (or Xiao Ning)
  5. Gu Kailai (or Xiao Li) – Bo Xilai’s wife.
Gu Jingsheng and his 5 daughters

South Putuo Plan 37:Let’s continue with Wang Lijun. Once he went to a military affiliated hospital for physical examination and was diagnosed with severe mental illnesses with a major manifestation of personality disorder. Wang Lijun thought the doctor implied him for “personality defects” and was furious and wanted to arrest thismilitary doctor. He was stopped because he had no authority to do this. He then got himself a tittle of the First political commissioner of the Armed Police to make sure no one questioning his authority.

South Putuo Plan 38:After he moved to Chongqing,Wang Lijun found out that he lacked of educational background and his academic degrees didn’t match with his position. So,he ordered his people to get him honorary titles from colleges and universities. Some less popular schools cannot wait to provide honorary titles because the reputations of the schools might be promoted with Wang as an alumnus. In one year,Wang received many tittles from various colleges and universities,e.g.,professors,honorary principals,and even professor who can supervise Ph.D. Students etc.

South Putuo Plan 39:In 2009,the leader of the refresher class at the Chinese People’s Police University commented that Wang Lijun was “perverted,cruel, relentless,and bossy”.

Wang Lijun had won:

  • China’s Top 10 outstanding Policemen
  • National Model Worker
  • National May 1 Labor Medal
  • People’s Guard of Chongqing
  • National Top-grade Hero Model of the Public Security (Police)
  • 2010 Top 10 Outstanding people of contemporary in China

When the CCP gives you all the glorious titles,this is the time you are not too far from the death.

South Putuo Plan 40:On April 25, 2010, Xuming, Zhao Benshan, Xiao Shenyang, and Lei Zhengfu were attending Wang’s live calligraphy show (see picture),

  • Xuming: killed before released from a prison.
  • Lei Zhengfu: his 12-second sex video clip with Zhao Hongxia was popular on the internet.
  • Wang Lijun: In jail, not sure how long he could live.
  • Zhao Benshan: becoming a loyal follower of the CCP now.

South Putuo Plan 41:On paper,Wang Lijun received two MBA degrees:

He received his first MBA degree during his serving as Director of Tieling Police Bureau. He attended a one-year remote MBA courses of California American University from 2001-2002 and then he was appointed as a supervisor of master degree of China Criminal Police College,located in Shenyang,in 2003.

California American University was a truly bogus college.

South Putuo Plan 42:Wang obtained his second MBA degree when he acted as head of the Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. He participated in an in-service EMBA program at Dongbei University of Finance and Economics (DUFE). After 3 months, the PSB of Jinzhou and DUFE jointly established the Social Psychology Laboratory and Wang acted as its director. From Tieling to Jinzhou, Wang Lijun had successfully transformed from a junior school student to a master supervisor of a college. By the way, Bo Xilai also got an MBA degree from DUFE.

South Putuo Plan 43:Wang Lijun served as professors for many universities. After his work, he also led and conducted graduate (PhD and MSc) research projects. A PhD of Law degree under supervision of Wang told a reporter: “Professor Wang prefers Chinese traditional culture; his guidance is always strategically advantageous; and he always asks us read the classic masterpiece from Hegel.

DT Comments: Let me find a place to throw up a bit first.

South Putuo Plan 44:

  • On January 14,2010,Wang Lijun spoke to all students from Chongqing’s high schools and expressed his passion in education.
  • On February 1,2012,Wang Lijun was no longer in charge of public and national security but in charge of education, science and culture department instead,
  • On February 5,2012,Wang Lijun went to Municipal Commission of Education of Chongqing and Chongqing Normal University to conduct research and investigation and said every task was a new challenge to him.
  • On February 6,2012,Wang Lijun fled to the US Consulate.

This was too dramatic! No drama ever captured what have happened here.

South Putuo Plan 45:Wang Lijun fled to the US consulate but was refused. He had to leave and was captured by the CCP. People associated with this event included Bo Xilai, Gu Kailai, Obama,Hillary Clinton,and Gary Locke (Locke was suspected slept with Yang Lan and definitely slept with Pan Shiyi’s wife Zhang Xin. Jesus,the relationships were so complicated).

South Putuo Plan 46:I have to stop here. Even another 300 posts were not enough to complete all the details. For example,Neil Heywood’s wife,Wang Lulu was from Dalian. After her husband was killed by Gu Kailai,she received many anonymous messages to ask her to keep her mouth shut.

When Heywood was 66,he married with 35-year-old Wang Lulu. (Heywood was born in 1970 here is a mistake)

OK,gossip is enough here.

South Putuo Plan 47:

  • On February 6, 2012,Wang Lijun fled to the US consulate and this has caused a huge shock among the CCP officials.
  • In March,2012, Bo Xilai lost his power.
  • On August 20, 2012, Gu Kailai was sentenced to death with reprieve (instead of immediate execution) for “voluntary manslaughter” with considering her exposing “other’s’crime sas merits
  • On Sept. 24,Wang Lijun was sentenced to 15 years in prison for violating the law, defection, abusing power and bribery with considering his exposing “other’ s” crimes as significant meritorious performance.

South Putuo Plan 48:Bo Xilai was sentenced to life imprisonment for bribery, corruption, and abuse of authority on September 22,2013. When Bo was on trial the CCP brought up part of exposed material by Wang Lijun who confessed for his own “merits for sentencing reduction”. This was also the conspiracy of anti-Bo faction. It might be worthwhile to read the court records. You will agree with me that the so-called rule of law of the CCP is worthless!

South Putuo Plan 49:Wang Lijun confessed that Bo prepared for his own future to collect and organize dark-side material of his political rival He Guoqiang and main competitor Wang Yang. After all, he did apply those material as his “secret weapon” to force He Guoqiang and Wang Yang to withdraw as his competitors. Through Wang Lijun’s assistance,Bo utilized Wang Ziyi’s Liangdian Teahouse (a whorehouse indeed)Incident brought many officials under his control because these officials have been there for prostitution.

South Putuo Plan 50:Wang Lijun thought Bo Xilai would be the successor (the emperor) after Hu Jintao retired. Not only Zhou Yongkang,Li Changchun, Li Yuanchao,and even Xi Jingping visited and inspected Chongqing (Jiang Zemin has not decided who will take Hu Jintao’s position yet) as if Bo was the most promising successor and no one would deny Chongqing model! Unexpectedly, the turning point was from Chongqing’s choir singing “Red Songs” in Beijing on June 10,2011. Bo was screwed up big time.

South Putuo Plan 51:Mingjing News,controlled under the Jiang’s family, was the first to reveal Bo’s inside story and claimed what he did was a challenge from local to the central CCP leadership and an attempt to force the upper-level CCP to step down. This was no longer the issue of the content of the singing but the touch of death! This was Jiang Zemin’s order to Mingjing. If Bo seized the power become the ruler of China,Chinese would remained not change. Bo was no difference with other dictators.

This pic showed that 3000 people sang praise songs on Foreigner’s Street,Chongqing City.

South Putuo Plan 52:Wang Lijun said: “I have never thought that Bo would dare to challenge Party’s Central Committee in public for seizing his power. He completely denied Deng Xiaoping’s 30-year achievements in reform and opening anddisguised his ambition with praising the party and anti-crime. He established ‘Liangxiao’ which was a team of writers led by Su Wei and Li Xiguang and set up new action rules. He was in big trouble!

He looked like a great leader Chairman Bo in the picture,didn’t he?

Every great leader of China is crap.

South Putuo Plan 53:Wang Lijun said even he has reminded Bo Xilai to be cautious on this, but he said,”don’t be afraid. ” He also said that Xu Caihou and Wu Shengli were his best friends. Jiang Zemin and Li Peng supported him and Luo Gan’s son Guo Shaoyu has big business in Chongqing. Bo said confidently, “bebold! We can win through fighting hard. “

Wang Lijun said he found things was getting out of control at the end of 2011 and Bo has been going to Beijing frequently without informing him.

South Putuo Plan 54:“I must revenge! I can pretend to obey his order to attend the education meeting then I can take a leave to the South West Hospital. Bo Xilai sent people to monitor me but I pretend I did not know.” Wang Lijun prepared to flee.

On Feb 5, Wang Lijun thought over the whole thing at home. At first, he thought of suicide but he cannot. Although he had done so many bad things and he was just an accomplice. Bo has given me favors but I have done so many bad things for him. We got even and did not owe each other.

South Putuo Plan 55:”He would continue persecuting me and also wish me to die or go to jail. Time was up I must take actions. If I bought tickets flying to Beijing,I would be exposed. It’s not possible to leave the country since my passport has been handed over. The only way was to flee to the U.S. consulate. It was only a three-hour drive from Chongqing to Chengdu and this was possible. But the new question was whether the U.S. consulate would approve my political asylum application. “

South Putuo Plan 56:After he decided to follow this plan,Wang Lijun pretended to go to the South West Hospital to get a vacation therapy then fled to the U.S. Consulate with women’s dress and wig at night. Wang Lijun said,”After refused my application for political asylum,I walked out the consulate and then saw the baldheaded Huang Qifan directed more than 70 police vans confronted by State secret and armed policemen of the Security Bureau of Sichuan State. It was just like what we saw in a gangster film. We had a fierce fight. “

South Putuo Plan 57:He asked me to leave with Chongqing police,but I refused. Huang Qifan even guaranteed me with the vacation therapy and deputy ministerial salary forever.

Additional details: Bo Xilai was furious when he found out Wang Lijun fled to the U.S. Consulate. Then Bo mobilized all Chongqing special and armed police in 70 police vans to surround the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu without leaking any information out . The U.S Consulate did not know how to respond and asked helps from the Sichuang government. Sichaung government sent a large number of state secret and arm police to confront Chengdu armed police.

South Putuo Plan 58:Wang Lijun’s Confession Dossier:Wang said he saw Little ‘L’ in another van at the gate of the U.S. consulate. She,recruited by me, was staring at him with her large eyes. Wang thought that she traded her body in getting into police force at the beginning and she remained to be sexy. “I recruited and promoted you. How can you help the baldheaded and come to get me?”

South Putuo Plan 59:It was reported that Wang Lijun died of ‘heart attack’ in prison on October 15, 2018. Xu Ming,Bo Xilai’s “money wallet”,who haddied earlier on December 4,2015,also died of a heart attack! Xu Ming died suddenly at the age of 44 just several months before he would be released from prison. He said he would engage in football and support the country after his release. I just want to tell you that you were so naive. What you just said can led you to death.

South Putuo Plan 60:Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai went to jail almost at the same time. It is said that when Wang Lijun found out Bo Xilai was arrested,he was too excited to sleep for three days and kept pat ting his leg till swollen. He thought that Bo must never think of this day would come. I guess their best wishes would be a real rule of law in China. Bo Xilai was living in hell after losing his power!

South Putuo Plan 61:Wang Lijun fled to the U.S. Consulate led to Bo Xilai’s step-down. In fact,Bo Xilai would be taken down even Wang Lijun’s affair didn’t happen. Rumors said that it was Wen Jiabao who took down Bo Xilai. I have no comment! Taking down Bo Xilai was decided in South Putuo meeting by Jiang Zemin. Things happened after Xi Jingping got into power had been jaw dropping experience to Jiang Zeming! Jiang thought that he is still alive and Xi wants to be “a great leader”?

The entire post was to explain the South Putuo Plan,not about Bo Xilai’s Affairs. Of course,his love stories can be written into a book but it’s not my focus here. This is the end of posts about the South Putuo Plan. DT has more important things to do. Please follow [email protected]

My next long twitt,titled the CCP privilege families,is coming soon. Please stay tuned.

Everything has begun! #TakeDownCCP



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