Fauci called Americans to get poisonous booster shots.

Translated by: MOS Health Team- Wenfei

On Sunday, September 19th, Dr. Fauci stated publically that fully vaccinated Americans would eventually “need” a booster to gain immunity to COVID. Fauci said that the data which will come out in the next few months would show the “benefits” of expanding boosters to a broad population.

Mile Guo once broadcast that the medical officials own absolute monopoly in the global government and the technology departments. People have underestimated the danger of Dr. Fauci, who, by advising the White House, affects Europe and Japan, who follow the United States. Dr. Fauci by himself can influence the Western world of nearly 2.8 billion people. Miles Guo also announced that artemisinin not only can cure the COVID but also can detoxify the COVID vaccine. Without surprise, the voice of justice and life-saving are deliberately suppressed by the mainstream media.

According to the US Centers for Disease and Prevention, 181 million Americans have been fully vaccinated; on the other hand, about 70 million people aged 12 and older haven’t been vaccinated.  All over the world, the number of adverse effects and death related to the COVID vaccine are climbing. Dr. Fauci manipulates his political influence, covers up the COVID origin and the vaccine adverse effects. Moreover, he tries to instigate people to continue with the booster. Undoubtedly, it will be another humanitarian challenge to the Americans.

Source: https://www.voachinese.com/a/fauci-amercans-vaccinated-likely-to-need-booster/6234915.html

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