[September 18th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, today is September 18th. Have you worked out yet? Brothers and sisters, countless fellow fighters from all over the world keep sending me messages to express their thankfulness and gratitude. 

Our fellow fighter, the beautiful Jessica G, her kid was suspected to be infected with the virus in the last couple of days— and we prayed together for her and her family yesterday.  After taking the medicine we sent to her, she and her family now tested negative. 

A fellow fighter’s family in Denmark got infected and was nearly sent to the hospital for emergency oxygen treatment. They all tested positive at the beginning. But after taking artemisinin, hydroxychloroquine + zinc, they all tested negative now. We have many infected fellow fighters in Nigeria, Cape Town, and Uganda in Africa, also in Laos and Japan, they all recovered and tested negative now.

The good news is that in the past 24 hours, there has been no case of our infected fellow fighters who got worse, encountered life-threatening situations, or needed hospitalizations. Many of those who were already in hospitals have been discharged.

Brothers and sisters, are you really aware of the joy of breathing the freshest air of nature, enjoying this safety and nature that others do not have, and avoiding the severe consequences of vaccines? Happiness is as simple as it is, brothers and sisters. You really ought to cherish it. For if you do not treasure the present, you will lose the future.

There are four basketball hoops in my yard, and I have no interest in them anymore.  The Whistleblower Movement really saves lives. Brothers and sisters, it is truly God sent.

Look at the bullshittings regarding beret soldiers, drones, Guantanamo, or rumors that Bannon & Miles burst an intense fight again — must be the ten-thousandth this time, or Miles is out of money again, etc.

But yesterday, we threw an online party to celebrate the centennial birthday of Mr. Bannon’s father. I heard that someone reported to the CCP’s leadership about yesterday’s celebration for Bannon’s father. The CCP’s central leadership group instructed the Anti-Whistleblower Movement team to stop us. So, we were indeed hacked yesterday.

Yesterday’s program was excellent. I have received feedback from our fellow fighters in China: “the beautiful young girls or ladies and handsome gentlemen — Fei Fei, Girl Qi Ji, Xiao Fu Li, Sisters Xi Anna & Xi Andy, Zhong Ren (second-generation member of our Whistleblower Movement) — were all excellent.” The program that our fellow fighters prepared also won praises.

The CCP’s old bastard leaders were puzzled and asked, “didn’t Bannon and Guo Wengui already turn against each other over money?” A bunch of scumbags made up stories that Bannon has turned against Guo Wengui to fool their bosses. How many times has “Big-headed liar Lu De” told such lies? How many times has “Nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” lied about that? How many times have those pieces of overseas fake pro-democracy garbage said that? They have told countless lies in the last four years, haven’t they? How are they doing now? They hide in “dog holes” and “rat holes”, are fearful of getting infected with the virus, cannot get rid of the potential damage vaccines bring to them, and have no antidote.

Brothers and sisters, let us keep our eyes open. Let us focus on the fellow fighters we have saved, most of whom we have never met. How great is this global joint action to save   fellow fighters worldwide? Such great humanitarian work is comparable to Buddha and Bodhisattva’s doings. See how many lives we save every day?

Let us continue to talk about the economic distress in China. After several long live broadcasts revealing the financial crisis of Evergrande Group, Hopson Development, Greenland Holdings, R&F Properties, Poly, and several other companies in Guangdong, about 50 companies combined, all will explode like a “bomb”. Evergrande Group alone involved more than 130 banks and those so-called trust financial institutions, as well as major insurance companies. 

All the money of Ping An Insurance Company is not enough to settle the insurance claims. Much of the money has been illegally misappropriated and has become the assets of the very few corrupt elite families. How can the insurance companies have enough money left to handle their insurance claims?

So, Ping An Group is trying to swindle money from HSBC and Nanyang Commercial Bank — the banks in Hong Kong. The wealth that Hong Kong people have accumulated over the past 100 years will be plundered by these old sons of bitches. Hong Kong will be very, very miserable. You will see.

So, brothers and sisters, we can only engage in what we like to do and what we are capable of doing. Do not expect to get any encouragement, praise, reward, or some celebration and honor when accomplishing a task. If so, you are not doing good; you are doing business. Brothers and sisters, do not ever be like that.

Many fellow fighters complained, “Gee, it breaks my heart.” Should you feel heartbroken? If so, maybe you did not do a good deed from your heart, or you would have nothing to complain about. Right? Why would you feel sad or angry? 

Brothers and sisters: Our members of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC) are expected to do good deeds without expecting any outcome and anything in return. Everybody will help others entirely voluntarily and unconditionally — that is what makes you a qualified member of the NFSC.

Have you noticed how many of the next-generation Whistleblower Movement members have recently emerged in our long live broadcasts? Mr. Hao Haidong frequently curses the CCP as “grandson”; now, he has two “grandsons” — one “grandson” is the CCP; the other is his son, Hao Runze’s newborn son. So technically, Mr. Hao Haidong is now a grandfather of two “grandsons”. Right? The third generation of our Whistleblower Movement members has begun to raise.

In addition, everybody should realize that the world’s most catastrophic and horrible time is yet to come. Yesterday the FDA, at last, rejected the vaccine mandate for children, including a third dose mandate for those over 16 and the elderly — a huge step forward and a critical victory in vaccine warfare.

Many people in Europe and Japan have been in touch with me on cell phones from last night until now. Many Japanese government officials require information and intelligence associated with vaccines. There are laws in Japan, so it is essential to provide evidence to prove the dangers of vaccines.

These videos made by our fellow fighters are getting more downloads and views on G-News and G-TV every day. The number of views of the videos on our G-TV platform is much more than the number of live broadcast viewers. As long as your Brother-7 has a long live broadcast now, the VPN is usually around 36,000 to 40,000 — that means we actually have 30 to 60 million viewers watching online. Think how powerful that is, brothers and sisters?

Our platforms and fellow fighters involved in the live broadcast production do not have any advertising revenue and do not charge a penny from anybody. Everything we say is sourced or quoted from real experts, professional figures or media.

GETTR is getting crazy these days! Fellow fighters should take the chance and download it in no time. Many Fellow fighters in Hong Kong have joined GETTR these days. Hong Kong people have no choice. GETTR is the only secure platform to let your voice out.

Do not put yourself in danger by using Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. GETTR requires no advertising fees, no money from you, nothing from you. Whether Hong Kong people join GETTR or not, it is a fact that the total population of Hong Kong is limited. So do not use your petty and narrow mind to measure the ideas, beliefs, and vision of a greater and more successful person with a history of favorable outcomes.

And never degenerate like those fake pro-democracy overseas garbage people, who are full of nasty sexual thoughts and ideas of getting free meals, donations, or handouts from other people. That would be too cheesy and lame. That is a path towards a dead-end, with no future, and in the most miserable way.

We must have strength, we must have the financial strength and the absolute power of discourse. The most powerful forces in this world who have created the global coronavirus pandemic and the CCP’s madness are simply these three: media control, financial control, and intelligence control. Is there anything else? Nothing mysterious about that.

That is why the military of various countries betrayed their nations and colluded with the CCP.  The CCP has many people’s dirty secrets, and it has controlled the media. If anybody does not cooperate, the CCP will publish their homosexuality or child abuse scandals. If somebody cooperates, they will get paid and be promoted to a higher position because the CCP not only has their dirty secrets but also has the intelligence that could help them gain political advantage. The CCP, do you have any dirty means that I do not know?

Anyone in cahoots with the CCP is because of these three factors: intelligence, money, and dirty secrets. It is not complicated but despicable!

Time is up, and there will be no live stream today nor tomorrow. We are going to have a live broadcast on Monday. There is probably a slim chance to have a live broadcast tomorrow night. Forget it. Let us stick to our plan and have a live broadcast on Monday, brothers and sisters. I have a few critical meetings to attend, and I will report to you later. Just keep it a little mysterious for now.

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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