Submarine contract turns into diplomatic crisis due to defensible concern against the Chinese Communist Party

Translated by: MOS Finance Team – Leah

On September 17, President Macron recalled his ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia after Australian government abandoned a multi-billion dollar submarine contract with France, instead acquiring nuclear submarine construction technology from the United States. The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, said that President Macron made such decision because of unacceptable behaviour between allies and partners by the US and Australia.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported on Sunday that Prime Minister Morrison confirmed that he had tried to call French President Macron on Wednesday night to communicate, but the outcome was unknown.

The cause of this most serious European and American diplomatic crisis was because that U.S.,UK and Australia agreed on a trilateral security partnership, AUKUS,. Under this agreement, United States will provide technology to assist Australia in building nuclear-powered submarines. This move targets the growing Chinese naval power in the South China Sea as the U.S. recognizes the need for Australian involvement in the region. The U.S also realizes that the Australian Navy’s submarines lag far behind those of the Chinese Communist Party both in terms of technology and numbers.


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