GT Online: The Enthusiastic Response of Investors to Beijing Stock Exchange Indicates the Last Craziness of Communist China

Written by Potato

Proofread by April on Earth

According to a report from UC on September 19, 2021, as of press time, the app programs of nearly 20 securities companies had supported the appointment of account opening in the Beijing Stock Exchange.

The article says the securities companies are the biggest beneficiaries of the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange, The Beijing Stock Exchange has also lowered the threshold for the fund of individual investors to $500,000, and this will attract more investors to join. The report says it is estimated that the number of registered accounts opening in the Beijing Stock Exchange will be between 3.32 million and 7.89 million.

As pointed out by Miles Guo regarding the substance of the Beijing Stock Exchange, the purpose of this new stock exchange in CCP China is to replace the US dollar with the internationalization of the RMB and to intensify the financial overreach war, but this will only accelerate the collapse of the CCP.


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