G-TV reached a settlement with the SEC, while the Wall Street Journal and CNBC ignored the facts and exaggerated the settlement amount

Translated by: MOS Finesse Team – Gloria

On September 13 G-TV reached a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). According to the settlement, the original GTV Media Group, Saraca Media Group, Voice of Guo Media shall pay the SEC a reconciliation fine of over 35 million dollars. The private placement collected from the majority of comrades will be reimbursed in 14 working days, the refund work is carried out under the supervision of the SEC.

At the same time, mainstream media like the Wall Street Journal, and CNBC have also respectively reported on this matter. However, without exception, both of them ignored the facts and over-exaggerated the amount of the settlement. They combined the $490 million private equity funds of the comrades with the settlement fine of more than $35 million together, and fabricated the news like “GTV agreed to settle for more than $539 million.” 

Previously, CNBC fabricated false news to attack Mr. Guo’s revelations about the vaccine antidotes to the CCP virus. Since 2017, the Wall Street Journal has spared no efforts to discredit Mr. Guo and defame the WhistleBlower Movement along with populism from the standpoint of the CCP’s external propaganda. The hypocrisy and ugliness of the so-called “serious media” and “neutral media” have become evident when they ignore the facts and slander.

Mr. Guo said on September 13’s Gettr: “Our cooperation with the SEC is successful!” he then added,” As long as all the money invested by our comrades can be released, we are willing to do whatever it takes.”  About GTV’s investment, Mr. Guo said: “GTV’s investment is completely legal, with 99.9% of the investors willing to continue to invest.”

“Just because we want to overthrow the Communist Party and establish a platform, to tell the truth, we have offended the interests of the Communist Party and many dark forces in the United States. Therefore, our GTV has suffered hit from an international economic and judicial unrestricted warfare, which is the origin of the SEC’s wrong investigation and the further catastrophe.”

“The United States is a civilized society under the rule of law,” Mr. Guo continued, “ It’s the greatness of the society with contractual spirit guarantees that investors will not lose a penny. Think about the victims of Evergrande and Communist China’s Ezubao and its P2P investment, there is a complete difference between heaven and earth.” 

“For the losses that have been caused to all investors, we will work together to find more legal ways to continue safeguarding our interests and protect our rights. We will learn from this settlement and its process, everything that we’ve learned will be used for the future economic activities of WhistleBlower movement and the New Federal State of China. This will only make us stronger, safer, and more stable.”

Sources: Companies Tied to Chinese Exile Guo Wengui to Pay $539 Million to Settle SEC Action

Media companies linked to Steve Bannon pal Guo Wengui reach $539 million SEC settlement for illegal offerings

Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr A.M.

Mr. Miles Guo’s Gettr P.M.

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