Quad Leaders to Call for Securing Semiconductors Supply Chain

Translated by: MOS Art Team-Redd

According to the Nikkei Asia on September 18, leaders from the U.S., Japan, Australia and India will agree to work toward for securing semiconductors supply chain when they meet for the Quad summit in Washington next week.

The four nations are expected to establish a strong semiconductor supply chain and assess the supply capability on each side. Meanwhile, the way in which technology is used should be shaped by shared democratic values and respect for universal human rights.

The draft of the joint statement does not specifically mention China but is generally considered to prevent the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from maintaining its authoritarian regime, and spreading its method to the world.

The Quad security mechanism obtained attention after the Trump administration proposed in Indo-Pacific strategy in 2017. It has expanded from traditional military cooperation to infrastructure, technology and other fields, which became the Indo-Pacific “NATO” against the expansion of the CCP. The topic on the semiconductor is the specific cooperation for the Quad in the field of technology industry, which will accelerate decoupling the CCP from the Western technology industry.

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