After Revealing the Truth About Side Effects of The Vaccines, Mainstream Media Threatens Nicki Minaj’s Family with Privacy

Translated by MOS Gourmet Team-AlexZ

The famous singer Nicki Minaj revealed on social media that the Covid-19 vaccines caused harm to her family and friends. The victim developed testicular swelling. After being temporarily blocked by Twitter and being “educated” by the White House, Minaj posted a screenshot of a private chat on Instagram, saying that her family was threatened by mainstream media for revealing the truth about the vaccines and had to hide out. So far, millions of people are in a similar situation like Minaj’s family.

According to the chat screenshot, Guardian journalist Sharlene Rampersad from Trinidad contacted Minaj’s cousin via WhatsApp and threatened him that only by completing the Guardian’s interview will his privacy not be made public.

The Nicki Minaj incident not only opened a window for her fans to understand the truth about the vaccine, but also brought an unprecedented crisis to the media that is strictly censoring the truth about the vaccine. People realize that by revealing the truth about the vaccine, their own remarks will be controlled and the research of doctors and experts will be suppressed.

There is no exception for stars’ families. Despite this, Minaj responded strongly, “Threatening my family in Trinidad won’t bode well for you.” With the fermentation of the Nicki Minaj incident, more and more people will explore and understand the truth about the vaccine. We also sincerely invite Ms. Minaj to GETTR to continue sharing and spreading the truth about vaccines.


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