Defending Taiwan against the Chinese Communist Party is a key goal of U.S. defense strategy

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On September 15, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a U.S. foreign policy think tank, held a seminar on the U.S. defense strategy’s goal of containing the growing military power of the Chinese Communist Party and preventing the outbreak of war. The seminar came just days after a Chinese naval vessel sailed into U.S. waters off Alaska.

One of the participants, former Assistant Secretary of Defense Colby, has just published a new book, “A Strategy of Denial: U.S. Defense in an Era of Great Power Conflict,” in which Colby said the current U.S. defense strategy should first target the Chinese Communist Party, whose hegemony affects the lives of the American people and threatens American society’s notion of freedom. The top priority is to prioritize the deployment of military forces to defend Taiwan, a target of the Chinese Communist Party’s strikes and an ally of the U.S. The peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait region depends on the U.S. having a sustained military deterrent.

Kenneth Weinstein, former president of the Hudson Institute, concurred. According to Weinstein, the Chinese Communist Party’s ideology, nationalism, ambition and tyranny in the South China Sea, Hong Kong and Xinjiang are the greatest challenges facing the United States. Arthur Herman, director of the Quantum Coalition Initiative at the Hudson Institute, also believes that Taiwan is an ally that cannot be abandoned. The United States should see Taiwan as part of its strategic vision. Allowing the Chinese Communist Party to invade Taiwan would not only undermine the trust of its Asian allies, but would also be the end of American great power status.


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