The CCP’s application to join the CPTTP was choked by the Australian Minister of Trade!

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Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan said on September 17 that unless Beijing stops imposing retaliatory tariffs on Australian imports and resumes ministerial-level contacts between the two sides, Otherwise, Australia will oppose China’s application to join the CPTPP, the world’s largest free trade zone.

The “Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on Trans-Pacific Partnership” is abbreviated as CPTPP, and its predecessor is the “Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement” or TPP. It was initiated by members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference to promote trade liberalization in the Asia-Pacific region.  In January 2017, former US President Trump withdrew from the TPP on the grounds that the agreement harmed the US manufacturing industry.  Subsequently, under the promotion of Japan and other countries, TPP was renamed CPTPP on November 11 of the same year.  11 countries including Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei, Mexico, Chile and Peru signed the agreement in March 2018.

On September 16, 2021, Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce of the CCP, submitted an official letter to CPTPP to apply for membership.  For China to join the agreement, all member states need to be convinced that the CCP can abide by existing trade agreements and fulfill its commitments to the World Trade Organization.  The statement made by Australian Trade Minister Don Tehan shows that the CCP’s attempt to apply will be difficult to realize.


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