GFashion Management Team Tripped to Italy Returned with a Full Load

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On September 17, GFashion CEO Ms. Daschus led the GFashion design and management team to Italy for a week-long business trip and project cooperation. The team returned to New York headquarters by private jet with signed contracts and sample fabrics.

Upon arrival in Italy, the GFashion team first had dinner with the business partners of the Italian team. After that, they chose the office of the newly established branch in Milan, the fashion capital of the world. During the trip, GFashion signed a contract with the production factory of one of the world’s top brands with a long history in Italy. Meanwhile GFashion successfully signed a contract with Scabal, the best fabric supplier in the world, which is called “the best fabric money can buy ” by the tailoring industry.

GFashion will soon launch a handmade Guo-style suit with the best fabric. GFashion’s design team in Milan will use top quality materials and unique designs to create stunning clothes that will break the fashion trend. GClub members will be able to enjoy the highest quality clothing made by the world’s top designers at the best price.

Mr. Miles Guo personally created the GFashion brand for Chinese people to enjoy the sense of beauty, art, and philosophy with dignity and taste under the fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. GFashion truly integrated Chinese culture into the world of fashion and created a unique design and spiritual style that belongs to the New Federal State of China.

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