Democracy Weakened in Macau: New Legislative Assembly Dominated by So-called “Patriots”

Translated by: MOS Gospel team -lilian89 

Macau’s seventh legislature election was held on September 12, and a new “patriot-dominated” legislature was elected as scheduled.

Before the election, many candidates and former members of the democratic camp were disqualified by the Election Committee for not supporting the Basic Law and not being loyal to the Macau SAR Government. He Yicheng, a candidate for the Chief Executive of Macau, reiterated the principle that Macau should be governed by patriots, saying that there should be no opposition or democrats in Macau, but only “patriots”. In this absurd atmosphere, the turnout in the direct election was only 42.38%, the lowest since Macau’s sovereignty was controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. The number of abstentions and blank ballots also increased significantly, and many ballot papers were left with protest messages on them.

According to Macau media personality Chui-ZhiZhao, Macau is a small place with close interpersonal ties. There will not be a resistance movement like the one in Hong Kong against the Chinese Communist Party’s dictatorship. But after this election, there is no more room for democratic parties in Macau, there is no more democracy in Macau! 

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