New Federal State of China Wishes Mr. Martin Bannon a Happy 100th Birthday

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On the afternoon of September 17, EST, Mr. Miles Guo and his fellow fighters from the Global Himalayan Farms gathered at GTV to celebrate the 100th birthday of Mr. Martin Bannon, the father of Mr. Steve Bannon who is a staunch fighter for the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. Mr. Martin himself, Mr. Steve Bannon and his daughter, Ms. Maureen Bannon, participated in the online event.

The event was hosted by fellow fighter Fei Fei, who is from Washington DC farm, and Miss Xin7, from the G-Translators. A large number of blessing videos were produced by fellow fighters from global Himalayan farms. At the event, the first winner of the “I am the Sing-Ro” contest, Wenkong, as well as Fei Fei, Xiao FeiXiang – Xiao FeiXiang couple, and Miss Xin7 contributed songs; Fighter David from the United States gave a generous speech to pay tribute to Mr. Martin Bannon on his birthday; and Mild7 and Xiao FuLi Couple from Germany gave sincere birthday wishes in English and German to Mr. Bannon; there were also “Whistleblower second generation”: fellow fighters as Zhong Ren, Xi Anna and Xi Andy, who gave their performances and offered birthday wishes to Mr. Martin Bannon.

Mr. Martin Bannon was born in 1921. Last September, at the age of nineties, he participated in the New Federal State of China program, openly supporting the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China. It is his faithful hope that the Chinese people will eliminate the Chinese Communist Party and truly have democracy, the rule of law, and freedom.  

During his call-in with the Bannon family, Mr. Miles Guo wished Martin Bannon a happy birthday, praised him as a true brother and staunch partner of the Chinese people. He also expressed his gratitude to his descendants, Mr. Steve Bannon, and Ms. Maureen Bannon, for their strong support for the cause of the new federal state of China, and for their advocacy for the grassroots. It is reported that the Chinese Communist Party’s “Task Force on Whistleblower Elimination” sent a large number of network troops to stop the live broadcast with a massive DDoS distributed denial of service attack during the event. The broadcast was briefly interrupted, but eventually ran and completed smoothly. The Chinese Communist Party’s hypocrisy, ugliness, and contempt for human rights were revealed when it stopped a live broadcast of a 100-year-old man’s birthday celebration with the power of a whole country.

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