Miles Guo “Cherish What You Have Today, Then Pursue What You Want Tomorrow!”

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team-Chevalier

“Cherish what you have today, then pursue what you want tomorrow!”

In a live broadcast with his comrades-in-arms on September 17, Mr. Miles Guo said, “Cherish what you have today, then pursue what you want tomorrow.” Mr. Guo also said, “doctors and nurses were to save lives, firefighters were to fight fires, police were to maintain law and order, and governments of all countries were to enforce their people’s will. Now they are completely enemies of the people and execute the will of only few people! The Internet has reached 5G, and you suddenly find that there is no place to speak!”

In addition to revealing the absurdity and danger facing the world, Mr. Miles Guo also predicted that, as the side effects of vaccination will appear in the next few months, governments around the world are under pressure and fierce resistance from the people, the mandatory vaccine policy may be terminated around the end of this year. But nothing will change inside the grand fire wall of China, since nation-thieves, as known as CCP, does not care whether its people will live or die. They have only one purpose, to control the people with viruses and fake vaccines, threaten the world, and ultimately maintain their own rule!

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