Japanese Citizens’s Hate Towards CCP’s Anti-human Tyranny Increasingly Affects Japanese Politics

Translated by: MOS Gourmet Team-Chevalier

Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party presidential candidate Fumio Kishida stated on September 13, that if he becomes the prime minister, he will set up a special prime minister’s assistant to deal with “human rights issues” such as what has happened in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. This, to some degree, shows the attitude of the Japanese people toward the tyranny of the CCP.

Kishida said that the authoritarianism of the Chinese Communist Party is spreading around the world. On issues of the stability of Taiwan and the human rights problems in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, Japan will uphold the universal values ​​of democracy, legal system, and human rights.

In recent years, Japanese politicians have paid more and more attention to the changes in domestic public opinion about the CCP. The origin of the coronavirus, the violation of human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang, and the notorious “war wolf” diplomacy have caused the CCP’s image to deteriorate continuously, and maintaining friendly relations with the CCP is no longer supported by the public. The Japanese society has generally begun to resent the CCP. This change will definitely affect the political views and attitudes of candidates, and could be the fundamental reason for the relatively moderate Kishida Fumio’s turn to the “hawk” stance.

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