Democracy Died – Hong Kong Initiates the Voting for “Election Committee” After “Patriots Only” System Imposed by Beijing

Written/Translated by: Sister Karamazov

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According to multiple news sources, on September 19 local time, selected residents of Hong Kong started voting for the members of “Hong Kong Election Committee”, which has around 1,500 members and has the power to choose nearly half the legislature and leader in Hong Kong. One thing that’s worth noting is that it’s the first time that this process took place after “patriots only” system imposed by Beijing.

The “patriots only” system was introduced in Beijing earlier this year. Under this new rule, CCP demands that only “patriots” can rule Hong Kong, and there are three standards for being a “patriot”, according to CCP: the first is to respect one’s own nation, the second is to sincerely “support the motherland” to “resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong”, and the third is not to harm the “prosperity and stability” of Hong Kong. In other words, anyone who is not loyal to CCP will be forever banished from this “election committee”.

According to CCP’s propaganda media, the voting process that took place on September 19 was the first after the “refinement” of the Hong Kong election system. “Among the ~1,500 seats of the Election Committee, a total of 325 people have been ruled to be validly registered as ex-officio members of the Election Committee, and 156 people have been ruled to be validly nominated as members of the Election Committee. In addition, 603 candidates were automatically elected, and 412 candidates competed for 364 seats on September 19”.

Also, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Carrie Lam told reporters after inspecting polling stations on Sunday morning that the election “will bring a new phase to Hong Kong”, and “will lay a solid foundation for the future Legislative Council elections and the election of the Chief Executive of Hong Kong”.

However, according to multiple sources in overseas media, only less than 5,000 Hong Kong residents were allowed to vote on September 19 to select Election Committee this year. According to, “Back in 2016, about 233,000 Hongkongers were allowed to select the election committee.” This is a 98% drop within 5 years. Of course, CCP propaganda media did not mention this in their reports.


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