Is Evergrande losing the CCP’s face or people’s livelihood?

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The media outside China has been reporting on the Crisis of The Evergrande. YIJIANSHINIAN, one of Beijing University’s Ph. D.s says, all the Evergrande victims should be proud of themselves and should not let foreigners laugh at Chinese. Those people protesting in front of Evergrande is against the law! He is calling upon everyone in China to donate one thousand Yuan to help the victims and Evergrande survive the crisis. Evergrande is a top Chinese real estate company, and if it goes into bankruptcy, China will lose face.

Many people commented in YIJIANSHINIAN’s post. One says Beijing University is failing to teach common sense to students. It seems what he learned was to love his country and do everything good for his country, and never care about ordinary people. It shows the education in China only does brainwashing, nothing real and practical. Second, When Evergrande made money did Xu Jiayin never give anything to Chinese people. Why should every Chinese donate one thousand Yuan to the Evergrande? ? Even if all the 1.4 billon people donated one thousand Yuan the total would be 1.4 trillion, but Evergrande owes 1.9 trillion. YIJIANSHINIAN, the Ph.D. should recalculate the number.

Reader’s Comments: The CCP(China Communist Party) wants everyone to love China, but the CCP is the one who steals the state. Xu Jiayin, the CEO of Evergrande would not be able to launder any money without the CCP’s help. Every victim’s down payment has been diverted. Evergrande has its subsidiary as an asset evaluation company. It is fishy but popular in CCP’s China.

Evergrande says they have 2 trillion in assets. It may be only worth half or less. However, they used 2 trillion to get a loan. The loan was supposed to do business was laundered to some personal accounts overseas holding by high-ranking CCP officers. There is little left for the investors. Mr. Miles Guo warned investors that Evergrande could be bankrupted in 2017. Most of the investors of Evergrande did not trust him. They stay on with Evergrande. But with the coming bankruptcy of Evergrande, it will be the most significant economic collapse in China’s history.

Pride of the nation and self-esteem seems more important for most Chinese than freedom. However, protesting to protect your own money is a fundamental human right. YIJIANSHINIAN, the so-called Ph.D.’s words, do not make any sense. With more and more viewers from China watching Mr. Guo’s live streams, truth will be revealed, and firewall will be broken. More and more Chinese are awakening. They will eventually realize how their property is stolen by CCP and CCP agencies like Evergrande. It is time to stand up against evil. 

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