“I don’t beat the old” is the sorrow of The Times – The continuation of China’s urban inspector

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On September 16, the official wechat account of Luohe Inspection published an article titled “I am a Luohe inspector and I do not beat the elderly”, which was later deleted. A recent incident in which a inspection officer in Nantong wrestled an elderly law enforcement officer has aroused strong concern on the Internet. After the incident, some netizens read the article on the Internet and joked: “Beat all but the elderly?” ” ” Some netizens think it is commendable to speak out publicly and draw a line under “”Urban inspector who beat the elderly””.” “On September 18, Jimu News reporters contacted the Urban Administration Bureau of Luohe, and the relevant person responded that the article was written with good intentions and was written by a second-level unit, but the title was not appropriate, so it was deleted and reported.” ” 

See the Urban inspector “I do not hit the old man,” the official number of public articles, feel very strange, feel good sad, do not hit the old man was a norm for the urban inspection should do, of course, play the old man is a violation of law, human rights violations, morally wrong, also need to urban management posts, serious to brand, formally announced, What an abnormal and sad time it is! 

“I don’t beat old people,” posted on the Urban inspection official account, which felt like a man Posting: “I’m a man, I don’t rape! ” If it is not a place where male rapists are everywhere, and where urban management officers beat the elderly as a matter of routine, would it be necessary to assert themselves and draw a line?”” Official public post, no.” “I do not hit the old man,” is the product of an era, is also a time of sorrow, is the joke of an era, the era, urban inspector of China bullying, hitting a hit stall, has been overwhelming, intensified, “inspector don’t hit the old man” has become “the world is muddy alone” alternative, has become a standard of good urban management. 

And if you say you don’t call, don’t you call? Really? There are countless fine words written on the paper, such as “equality for all” and “freedom of speech”. On the boundary of Henan province, the news of urban inspectors beating people emerges in an endless stream. I don’t believe the Urban inspector can stay alone and be a clean stream. Maybe he has been beaten long ago and will be beaten again in the future. ! “I am a inspector of Louhe, I do not hit the old, is not like “there is no silver three hundred and twenty”? 

Editor Post     J.  Wen

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