Miles Guo: If We Don’t Appreciate the Present Moment Enough, the Future Will Be Lost to Us

Many Whistleblower Movement (WM) fellow warriors who have recently contracted the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus have texted Miles from around the world to thank him and WM for saving their lives and the lives of their family members with our medications.

  • Miles reminds every warrior that the WM is not seeking rewards, praise, or recognition by doing good things. We should help others from our hearts and our own will.

Yesterday someone reported to the CCP’s Central Committee that the WM would celebrate the 100th birthday of Mr. Steve Bannon’s dad at GTV.  These bandstands placed an order for their hacker army to attack the online celebration.  However, the whole event was a success that received a very positive response in China.

Evergrande Group, Hopson Development, Greenland Group, R&F Properties, China Poly Group, among 50 other companies, are going to be finished soon; the financial institutions behind them are dying too. 

  • Ping An Insurance now wants to steal the hard-earned money of Hongkongers; they have already put their hands on banks like HSBC and Nanyang Commercial Bank. Hong Kong is in huge trouble now.  

Miles congratulates Mr. Hao Haidong to become the grandfather of two grandsons. One is the “grandson” he’s cursing the most – the CCP, and the other is his own newly born grandson. 

The worst time in the world is yet to come, but fortunately, some people are starting to wake up.

  • On Friday, a U.S. government advisory panel overwhelmingly rejected a plan to administer Pfizer COVID-19 booster shots broadly to the American public. 
  • Many government officials in Europe and Japan have consulted with WM for information proving the dangers of vaccines.

The number of downloads of our applications has skyrocketed.

  • Each Miles’ GTV broadcast has an average of 30-40,000 VPNs, which means that at least 30-60 million people watch online.
  • The past few days have also been crazy for GETTR. Many Hongkongers have joined GETTR, and they really have no choice because now the only social media platform that will not sell their personal information to the Chinese Communist Party is GETTR.

WM must own the economic power and earn the right to speak out.

  • The CCP can become the central force of evil because it controls media, finance, and intelligence.

Miles will have some very important meetings to attend today and tomorrow. Therefore, there won’t be any live broadcast until Monday (September 20th), but he might go to air on GTV for a while tomorrow afternoon.

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