Serious Injury Cases of CCP Virus “Vaccines”: 14 Examples

Author: Bill Wu

Proofread by: Sister Karamazov

Image Source: Ernest RamirezTweet

Fake news mainstream media have frequently reported severe cases and deaths caused by CCP virus infection since CCP virus “vaccines” were available on the market. From these “reports”, one indispensable conclusion the mainstream media draw is that the critically ill patient or family of the deceased would advise persons to get “vaccinated” as soon as possible.

One ridiculous report, I remember, is that a person in his 60s having a heart problem died after being “vaccinated”. However, through the mouth of the family member of the deceased, the report still advised people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. The weird “logic” is that the patient would have suffered a much more painful death if not vaccinated.

Another “feature” of the CCP virus cases reported by fake news media is that a family member or friend of the patients usually set up a account for raising fund, as can be seen in Examples 1#, 2#, C3#. However, fake news media have never reported death or injuries caused by “vaccines”, as if they do not exist at all; plus some those victims also look for help on

On September 16, I searched for “covid vaccine” on and found the following 14 cases who are raising fund due to injuries caused by “vaccines”. The listed dates refer to the day when the fundraising page was established on

Case 1#: Sep. 15th, Crystal, Female, having pericarditis and Bell’s palsy.

Case 2#: Sep. 10th, Liz, 36 years old, Female. She was “vaccinated” with Moderna on March 22 and developed chest pain the next day (within 24 hours after “vaccination”). On April 3, she developed a heart rate of 173 BPM, followed by numbness in her left arm, tingling in her left hand, and dyspneal; She was sent to an Emergency Room after calling 911. Thereafter, she underwent very complicated symptoms for months. Up till now in September, visiting doctors has become her “full time job”.

Case 3#: Sep. 6th, Car, 19 years old, Male. He was sent to hospital on Aug. 27 and diagnosed pericarditis, after mRNA “vaccination”.

Case 4#: Sep. 2nd, Kelsey, Female. She has had symptoms for the past 3 months, unable to stand or walk, she also has low blood pressure and blood circulation disorders. She mentioned the following diagnoses: postural tachycardia syndrome (POTS), dysautonomia, and hyperadrenergic state.

Case 5#: Aug. 26th, Female, having Aseptic Chemical Meningitis, 8 days after “vaccination”.

Case 6#: Aug. 19th, Brittany, 23 years old, Female. She was “vaccinated” at 6:30pm on Aug. 9th and was slightly dizzy on the way home afterwards. She had a headache, dizziness, numbness and tingling of limbs after returning home. She got no improvement after getting up at 5:30am the next day, but a pain in the back of her left eye. She was sent to a hospital by her brother. A few hours after returning home she fell into a coma in bathroom and was taken to the hospital by 911 ambulance. She had very complicated symptoms and was sent to an ER again on Aug. 21st.

Case 7#: Aug. 8th, Male, having vasculitis of the central nervous system (CNS).

Case 8#: Aug. 6th, Matt, 34 years old, Male, having cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) after injection of JNJ “vaccine”.

Case 9#: July 23rd, Holly, Male, having inflammation of multiple organs including liver, kidney, thyroid, and pancreas.

Case 10#: July 9th, Kevin, Male, having difficulty walking, seizures, uncontrollable shaking, difficulty speaking/expressing, 9 weeks after injection of AZ “vaccine”.  

Case 11#: June 29th, Brandon, Male, having pneumonia in both lungs, heart failure (only 10% function), blood clots in the lower part of heart, low blood pressure, and edema; 2 days after injection of JNJ “vaccine”.

Case 12#: June 27th, Rajesh, 39 years old, Male, having Guillain Barre Syndrome and paralyzed limbs, after “vaccine” injection on June 20th. He had to use a ventilator.

Case 13#: June 23rd, Sandy, Male, having Guillain Barre Syndrome. He had JNJ “vaccine” in May. About 2 weeks later, he woke up at night to find himself paralyzed and was sent to an Emergency Room.

Case 14#: June 21st, Ken, Male. He could not breathe normally after receiving a first injection of “vaccine”.

Additionally, according to a report of Sep. 15th on, Ernest Ramirez, whose only son died of injection of Pfizer mRNA, was de-platformed by due to the reason of “prohibited conduct”. Ramirez was raising money to raise awareness about the dangers of the experimental jab. He had to move to to continue his mission, this is the link.

Hopefully, will keep supporting the above “vaccine” victims to raise fund and to look for help.

So, please don’t accept injection of those experimental “vaccines”.

(The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author’s own)

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