Here Is Why We Should Stand Up Against The Vaccine Mandate

September 18th, 2021

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In an Op-Ed article published by the Wall Street Journal on September 16th, 2021, titled “Vaccine Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread – Coercion won’t work because those without symptoms can still pass on infection,” Dr. Ladapo, an associate professor at UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine, provides reasons for why the vaccine mandate does not work.

The first reason that the experimental vaccines do not work is because this virus has an “incubation period,” like other flu virus, meaning that asymptomatic people can carry and spread the virus.  Regardless of whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, you may still be responsible for the spread of the virus.

The second reason is that the efficacy of the COVID vaccine has been reduced significantly because of the delta variant. “As clinical studies from the U.S., Israel, and Qatar show, there is substantial evidence that people who are vaccinated can both contract and contribute to the spread of Covid-19.”

What was missed in this article is the durability of these vaccines and the adverse effects observed from these experimental vaccines. 

We know that the top vaccinated countries, like Israel and Seychelles, have suffered unprecedented spikes of COVID infection. Rather than the emerging Delta variant, the actual reason for the spikes is that the COVID vaccine-induced antibodies begin to fade after several months. This is also the reason why the governments have been promoting the third booster. But we have to ask, how many more boosters will be needed, and is there any data to support this?   

There are growing numbers of reported severe adverse events from the government websites, e.g., VAERS of the U.S. and Yellow Card Reporting of the U.K. These include heart diseases, motor or sensory nerve diseases, blood clotting, autoimmune conditions, and death. On the VAERS website, it shows ~15,000 reported deaths. More strikingly, these adverse conditions and diseases caused by the vaccines are similar to those caused by COVID-19 infection. What we see here are merely the short-term effects from the vaccines, but the long-term effects remain unknown since these vaccines have been in use for only less than one year.

One thing I have to remind everyone is that under the Emergency Use Authorization, you cannot sue or request compensation for any of these adverse events from the respective pharmaceutical companies or even the governments. 

From our front-line doctors, we now know that there are several regimes available for prevention and early treatment, including Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc, Ivermectin, and Artemisinin (for those intolerable of Hydroxychloroquine). Please check them out yourself.  

In summary, these vaccines are ineffective (~50% are just flipping a coin), leaky (asymptomatic virus carriers), undependable (fading after several months), and most importantly, toxic (significant adverse effects in incidence and severity).  We have to stand up against the vaccine mandate. This is because we need to protect our body autonomy against authoritarianism; we need to protect our own health while the government is no longer on our own side.

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