A wave of teacher resignation emerge under the influence of National Security Law

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – Michael

On September 17th, Deutsche Welle quoted a report from Reuters that the education sector in Hong Kong has become a key target of rectification under the Chinese Communist Party’s national security law. “Patriotism” has become a focus in teaching. In addition, the Hong Kong Education Professionals Association (hereinafter referred to as the Education Association), which has a history of nearly half a century, was forced to disband on September 11. Schools at all levels in Hong Kong also reported a wave of teacher resignation.

Multiple Hong Kong principals said that the turnover rate of teachers this year is approximate twice the normal rate. A survey conducted by the Education Association in May this year showed that 40% of teachers will likely leave the education department. Many chose to emigrate after resignation. The Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools (HKAHSS), founded in 1964, also warned the Hong Kong government in July that the loss of experienced education talents would lead to a decline in education standards.

Among the 10,000 plus people arrested in the anti-extradition movement in 2019, nearly 20% were students. In addition, there were about 100 teachers and staff from different schools; therefore, the education sector has become a key target for the Chinese Communist government to suppress in order to control the protest. In February of this year, the Hong Kong Communist Party government issued a new curriculum guide that added so-called patriotic education and national security laws related chapters to the curriculum. The contents of the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989 and the bloody suppression of the Chinese Communist Party were deleted from the curriculum. Furthermore, the “Umbrella Movement” in Hong Kong in 2014 and other democratic events have also been omitted.

Hong Kong people have lived under British ruling for many years. They have learned to think independently.  Freedom, the rule of law, and democracy have become an inalienable part of many people’s beliefs. Now that CCP has completely controlled Hong Kong. Hong Kong people choose to vote with their action and fled home town.



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