[September 16th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Hello, dear fellow fighters, it’s September 16th. Everyone saw the live broadcast yesterday afternoon, and it had a great impact both in China and around the world. Winners are able to identify the most critical part of the information that most people cannot grasp at all. This is an essential element for successful people. Losers always live in lies and have hope in the lies those others have woven for them. 

So those who believe in “Big-headed Liar Lu De” (Wang Ding Gang), “Snake Demon Yan” (Li-Meng Yan), and “Nine-fingered Demon” Sara (VOG), the vast majority of them are people who don’t have much money and are crazy — that is, their hopes are not in line with their own abilities, so they rely on lies woven by other people to deceive and numb themselves. This is called mental poison. Winners can always find opportunities in the problems and crises that others see, and they can see through the heart of a matter.

You all saw Mr. Peter Navarro yesterday. From the reactions I have received from yesterday till now, I can see many people understand this issue at different levels, and I can tell who the winners are and who are better. Many fellow fighters who are inside the CCP’s system in China and officials from foreign governments, and these successful businessmen, can smell something from it. 

Think about it, a former White House official in the United States who is equivalent to the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee member, President Trump’s No. 1 most trusted person. Yesterday he officially became the first international ambassador of the New Federal State of China (NFSC). He will liaise with national governments, introduce NFSC to the world, and seek the recognition of the legitimacy of the NFSC to represent the Chinese by the next or the current US Administration and international agencies. How significant is it?

Not to mention that he was the first to say that “Twitter’s Killer is GETTR.” And GETTR is indeed the killer of Twitter. He was the earliest to say, “CCP lied, Americans died.” Everyone knows that when Chang Dao Ge (Secretary-General of the Himalaya Alliance Committee) organized a protest and marched in Washington DC last year, Mr. Navarro was going to come out (of the White House) to meet him. That would be the most important meeting for Chang Dao Ge. In the end, Cui Tiankai, Ambassador Cui, a.k.a. “Battle Suit Cui,” threatened the United States, “If you dare to go out to meet the protesters from the eastern US, we can’t guarantee what will happen to the diplomacy between the two countries.” As a result, we had no choice but to stop the meeting.  

Everyone must look at the history of one person. When anyone criticizes another person or tells you something, you must ask: “What have you done? Are you qualified to criticize others?” It’s like someone from Afghanistan telling you that pork is not tasty — that’s impossible. Just like the bastard Big-headed Liar Lu De, he would never have a chance to speak, and he couldn’t say a word. Even if Peter Navarro stood in front of him, he would not be able to mutter a word. He lives at the mercy of women and needs Snaky Yan’s help to shake hands with others. Such a loser, you think he can give you a future?

Dr. Peter Navarro’s joining the NFSC shocked world politics. Only the ignorant and know-nothing people cannot see the real tricks and values ​​inside. For the people of the NFSC, yesterday was such a big day. I won’t talk about the story behind it today. Those who participated in the live broadcast know that there are many stories behind it. We have kept it a secret until then. 

Because we don’t know whether the CCP got the intelligence from a certain channel, or they spied on the mobile phones. Two other individuals were going to join our broadcast yesterday. One individual’s family was threatened directly by the CCP before his arrival. The other person originally planned to join us by video yesterday. But yesterday, his business partner in CCP China suddenly told him, “If you participate in tomorrow’s live broadcast, your businesses and shares in China will be seized by the CCP.” See how powerful the CCP’s intelligence is? Then something strange happened again. How big was the live broadcast yesterday!

Brother-7 told you that something would happen within 90 days. Let me tell you. The biggest thing is that Peter Navarro and two other world-class figures have joined the NFSC. Peter Navarro had signed the official document yesterday. Although the other two people did not come, they will join us sooner or later.  There will be a settlement with the SEC within 90 days. 

Most importantly, Ms. Letitia James, the New York prosecutor and a rising political star in the United States, is very likely, 90% chance to be the governor of New York State or the US Attorney General in the future. The criminal investigations against SARACA and G-TV were terminated without penalty clauses, but not including Nine-fingered Demon Sara’s VOG. What does this mean? Everyone understands it, you understand, right? Ms. James, the great New York Attorney General, we are very proud of you. What a big deal this is, brothers and sisters.

The CCP tried its best to deal with us, but all its hopes vanished into thin air. The so-called Big-headed Liar Lu De, Snaky Yan, and Nine-fingered Demon Sara found a few rubbish people. Everybody will understand how these people will be punished. You also heard what Brother-7 said in the past three years and 90 days ago. You can compare it and speak with facts – the facts that have happened. 

Brothers and sisters, these are the big events that I said would happen in 90 days. There is one more thing about us that will happen in 90 days. I am waiting. Almost 99% has been completed. The SEC, the New York prosecutor, and Peter Navarro officially represent the NFSC— these are all big things. There is one more thing that is equally important. You don’t need to wait for it. Don’t always fantasize that we will suddenly announce that the CCP is taken down. 

Don’t be so naive. Brother-7 is not so great, I am an ordinary person. Don’t impose a halo on me that doesn’t belong to me, and don’t have unrealistic hopes and fantasies about me. That is killing me. Brother-7 doesn’t want to take it, nor will I accept it, let alone accept it against my will. If I do that, then this is not your brother-7 nor the Whistleblower Movement.

In addition, there is no live broadcast today, and the live broadcast will continue tomorrow morning. Tomorrow morning is still a big live broadcast — the streaming will start at nine o’clock, and the live broadcast will start at half past nine. 

There will be a special program from about 5 to 7 or 8 tomorrow afternoons: the celebration of the centennial birthday of Mr. Bannon’s father. He is a foreigner. As Bannon’s father and our American fellow fighter, he supports the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement every day. We have prepared a birthday celebration for him, the show has already been arranged, and the time is tomorrow night. 

We won’t broadcast live on Saturday. We give time to the “Real People and Real Stories” show on Saturday. Then we will broadcast live on Sunday. Okay, brothers and sisters?

Also, you should keep an eye on the domestic economy in China. I won’t say much here because there are only 10 minutes (the time limit of the GETTR video). The economy in China, the Evergrande Group, and a series of real estate events, as well as the CCP’s finances and the CCP’s internal struggles-everyone, can see these. 

There is a fable in the animal world: An injured deer, which is actually an angel sent by God to investigate the sufferings on earth, asked a little rabbit on the ground that had just been hunted, and a lion almost ate the little rabbit. The little deer asked, “What do you think of the Sahara Desert, the great migration of the African savannah, the rules of the animal world? What’s the matter with the lions? Who is the strongest in the animal world?” 

The rabbit was lucky (that it wasn’t even by the lion) and said, “Wow, you were almost killed. Let me tell you, from my life as a rabbit, I have seen through the rules of the entire animal world. Lion- who is the boss of the whole earth; deer-who is the boss of the small animals. But only me, the rabbit, now represents the survival power of the grassland.” 

In the end, the little deer posed by the angel laughed and said, “So that’s how big your vision is.” The rabbit never knew how cheetahs view the rabbit’s life and never knew that there was another bigger grassland beside the migration in the prairie. This is short-sighted, and this is a rabbit’s vision. Fellow fighters: let’s not become rabbits.

How many members are in the CCP’s Politburo Standing Committee? How many national congresses have been held by the Politburo Standing Committee? 

Oh, time is up. (To be continued)

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