ABC Affiliate’s Pro-Vaccine Post Flooded With Vaccination Horror Stories

Writer: Lois

Source: WXYZ-TV Channel 7 Facebook Page

On Friday last week, American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) affiliate WXYZ-TV in Detroit was overwhelmed with vaccination horror stories on their Facebook page after posting a request for followers to share stories of unvaccinated loved ones dying from COVID-19.

Over 39,000 followers gave angry and devastated responses, detailing the deaths and adverse reactions they had witnessed amongst the vaccinated.

“I know people who died painfully from the vaccine. Want those stories?” commented country musician Adam Lee Marcus.

Below are some screenshots of the responses:

According to the Gateway Pundit, by July, 11,405 vaccination deaths were reported to the United States Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Now the total has climbed to 14,701 reported deaths.

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