March 26 Updates on CCP Virus Pandemic


• Lots of people are queuing outside a funeral home in Wuhan, waiting for cremated ashes

• In many countries, residents receive government benefits during the Epidemic, while the CCP withdraws people’s medical subsidies in China 

• Food is being delivered to those in need In Italy and Mexico while the CCP either neglected and locked up patients or raised  the price of life essentials in China; 

the CCP spreads propaganda on Twitter and blocks US embassy articles in China…. 

there are some things that the CCP can never learn!


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3 months ago

If it is established that this virus is a bio weapon, then releasing it (intentionally or unintentionally!) is an act of war. Clearly. No question. A war is only ended when the attacker has been rendered incapable of attacking again. So now, the attacked is left with two tasks. 1) See to the wounded. 2) Incapacitate the attacker. Number two, incapacitating the attacker, is at least as important as number one, seeing to the wounded. For if we just see to the wounded but don’t incapacitate the attacker, the number of wounded, the number of victims, will only rise. Actually,… Read more »