9/17/21 Japan Galaxy News: Kono Wants Stimulus Measures To Focus On Energy And 5G; Google Launches News Showcase In Japan

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1. Kono Wants Stimulus Measures to Focus on Energy and 5G

Asahi Shimbun reported on Sep 16, Japan’s vaccine Minister Taro Kono said on Thursday any new economic stimulus measures should prioritize spending on renewable energy and expansion of 5G networks nationwide. In a group interview, Kono declined to say how much spending would be appropriate, saying the government must lay out targeted areas before debating how big the package should be. However, Kono said, “There needs to be a list of priorities, such as steps to promote renewable energy and expand 5G networks nationwide….“It’s clear companies’ ample internal reserves did not translate into higher wages. We need to make clear that what we’ll aim for is higher wages.”

2. Google Launches News Showcase in Japan

Kyodo News reported on Sep 17; Google has expanded its news display service to Japan, enabling users to view headlines from more than 40 Japanese newspapers and news organizations. Unlike news content that appears through Google search, the service allows news organizations to curate and package their stories on news display pages or apps. The service is already being implemented in European and South American countries and offers select content in multiple languages. Google expects to pay $1 billion over three years to news publishers around the world.

3. Top Adviser Says Peak of Fifth Wave of Outbreak Has Passed

Kyodo News reported Sep 17, Japan’s top adviser said the peak of the fifth communist virus outbreak has largely passed. However, he warned that close attention must still be paid to the country’s overburdened medical system. In his remarks to the House Health Committee, he attributed the downward trend in infection rates to “a combination of factors,” namely advances in vaccination, reductions in walking traffic, the discontinuation of alcohol in food establishments, and high rates mask-wearing. But he warned that a hasty easing of restrictions on how people live against the epidemic could lead to a “sixth wave” of infections, especially with the onset of cold weather.

4. Shinsei Bank: “SBI’s Interpretation of TOB Is Inadequate”

Kyodo News reported Sep 16, Shinsei Bank released a document stating that SBI’s explanation of its holding TOB (Takeover Offer) was inadequate. SBI Holdings, the largest shareholder of Shinsei Bank, is making a bid for Shinsei Bank between the 10th of this month and the 25th of next month, buying up to 48% of the bank to revamp its management. Shinsei Bank rejected the TOB and capital and business merge proposed by SBI two years ago because it was not in the best interest of shareholders, that it would not result in the repayment of Shinsei Bank’s remaining public funds, and that it would be a barrier to its doing business with regional financial institutions.

5. Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) President Says Help Should Be Given to the Food and Accommodation Industry

NHK reported on Sep 16, At a general meeting of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI), Mr. Mimura urged the government to formulate a program to normalize economic activities quickly. He said small and medium-sized restaurants and accommodations have been suffering because of repeated declarations of a state of emergency. “About 30 percent of small and medium-sized businesses are suffering a drop in sales of more than 30 percent compared to the period before the outbreak of the CCP virus, with businesses in the food, beverage and accommodation sectors being particularly hard hit.” He called on the government to urgently develop a program to normalize economic activity as vaccination progresses.

6. Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Urges Establishment of “Children Department

NHK reported on Sep 16,The government’s panel of experts held its first meeting to establish a “Children Department.” Chief Cabinet Secretary Kato said it is necessary to accelerate the development of an environment conducive to the birth and growth of children and asked the government to consider the basic principles of child-related policies and the direction they should strive for.  He told the conference. ” With serious problems such as child abuse, child poverty, and bullying on the rise, we must reach out to children early, accelerate the creation of child-friendly and child-rearing environments, and strengthen policies that protect children’s lives and promote their healthy development.”

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