Miles Perspective: Mr. Peter Navarro Becomes GETTR Ambassador And Representative Of The New Federal State Of China

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On 15.Sep.2021,  Mr. Miles Guo announced through GTV and GETTR that Mr. Peter Navarro, The most important cabinet officials in the Trump administration, who is also the Communist Party hates and fears the most, has become the ambassador of GETTR and the country representative of The New Federal State Of China(NFSC). Mr. Peter Navarro already signed the official document. Mr. Guo also stated that it was an honor for NFSC and that we should cherish Mr. Navarro and Mr. Bannon as our brothers and friends forever. We are the closest comrades in arms and will fight together to take down the evil CCP.

 Peter Kent Navarro (born July 15, 1949) is an American economist and author. He served in the Trump administration as the Assistant of the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the national Defense Production Act policy coordinator. He is also a professor emeritus of economics and public policy at the Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine, and the author of Death by China, among other publications. The book has profoundly influenced the U.S. government’s policy toward China. Navarro’s views on trade are significantly outside the scope of mainstream economic thought and are widely considered fringe by other economists. He publicly clashed with Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as Navarro touted hydroxychloroquine as a treatment of COVID-19 and condemned various public health measures to stop the spread of the virus.

In addition to pointing out the economic, ideological and military threats of the CCP, Mr. Navarro has strongly criticized the CCP on issues such as the New Coronavirus and the epidemic, and Hong Kong. He was placed on the Chinese Communist Party’s sanctions list in January this year because of his hardline stance against the CCP.

Mr. Navarro’s faith in justice and his remarkable insight made him one of the first Americans to support our Whistleblowers’ Movement. He has been in GETTR since the very beginning. He initiates a well-known slogan “GETTR is Twitter’s Killer”. His GETTR account already has nearly 360,000 followers in just two months, compared to less than 180,000 on Twitter.

Mr. Peter Navarro officially became the first international ambassador, representing our New Federal State of China to liaise with the foreign governments, to let them know about the NFSC and to make efforts to have the next U.S. administration or the current U.S. President and international organizations recognize that the legitimacy of the NFSC to represent the Chinese people.

 The people of NFSC are very grateful to Mr. Peter Navarro because he always stands firmly with us. Just as Mr. Miles Guo states “True comrades in arms, people who share a common faith, will fight together in any situation”. Steve Bannon said on the broadcast, when President Trump takes the White House back, the U.S. will officially recognize the NFSC! Let’s take down the CCP before 2024! Then, Mr. Navarro added that Trump Administration must take the White House back before 2024! Peter Navarro’s new book ” In Trump Time” set to release in November.

Just one day after on Miles Gettr video, he told fellow fighters how the world reacted for this breaking news: Peter Navarro’s joining the New Federal State of China has shocked the world’s political arena! What I told you about the biggest things to happen in 90 days is that Navarro and the other two prominent figures in the world will join the New Federal State of China!

Source:GTV live broadcast 16-09-2021

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