[September 15th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my brothers and sisters, today is September 15th. After the SEC (the US Securities and Exchange Commission) experienced the unrestricted economic and legal warfare initiated by the CCP, the authentic Chinese intellectual and legal circles and private entrepreneurs worldwide should have seen who really has the power in the world.

In mainland China, you can succeed with corruption and falsification. But it is different in the US. I think the SEC should have been shocked. Those experts should have known what happened. Something else continues to happen today. Brothers and sisters, do you have any clue?

These pieces of garbage, “Big-headed Liar Lu De” and “Nine-fingered demon Sara (VOG)” — I am so curious how they could come into the world with such Inferior genes, as well as that “Snaky Yan.”

How did they dare to say on a show — “we felt relieved right now.” They illegally embezzled funds that belonged to our fellow fighters — stolen over $10 million from the Company MayWind together with “Turtled-headed Yang” and purchased houses, hoping to make money that way. You think you can get off and it is going to be fine? Where is God you promised to our fellow fighters? What about your promise to bring freedom?

“Big-headed Liar Lu De”, several lawsuits have been filed against you in court: for you to pay back the money, for the damages you caused to our house during your stay, for the rent you owed, for all the money you owed the Rule of Law Foundation and further damages caused by you. It is going to be a million or tens-of-millions of dollars trial in the future. Do you think you can get away with it? It is impossible. Even if you go to hell, you cannot escape the trial.

More importantly, “Big-headed Liar Lu De” announced immediately that same day, absolutely without any common sense or logic, he noted that the SEC reconciliation was the beginning of a criminal investigation. He had no idea of the relationship between the US courts, independent prosecutors, and the economic and administrative regulators. He is such a piece of garbage, such a loser that is even less than the villagers in mainland China.

Today, the best prosecutor in the Court for Southern District of New York, the best African American prosecutor in the US — James, this wonderful woman, a legendary prosecutor — she personally signed a settlement agreement with two companies. But not including VOG.

Why is the reconciliation only with SARACA and G-TV but not with VOG? Because the criminal investigation into “Sara (VOG)” and “Big-headed Liar Lu De” has not finished yet. Sara (VOG) previously stated that Lu De was also a member of Phoenix Farm (their scam base). Lu De himself admitted it in his live broadcast. Since you, “Big-headed Liar Lu De”, supported VOG and admitted that you were with VOG and Phoenix Farm, this is no doubt your fault too. Your nightmare has just begun.

The unrestricted economic warfare and criminal investigation warfare initiated by the CCP against the Whistleblower Movement, G-TV, and SARACA have failed — completely failed! There has never been a case in US and SEC history that reconciles like ours — gaining a reconciliation without any sanctions.

The head of the Court for the Southern District of New York, the most legendary female prosecutor, is extraordinary. Ms. James is fantastic, and she is the pride of our minorities! She adhered entirely to the law with so much fairness and efficiency.

She has a pair of eyes with wisdom and is kind as a bodhisattva. She immediately realized that this was unrestricted legal warfare initiated by the CCP. So, she dealt with it most properly without any delay. But VOG is still under investigation. Therefore, you piece of garbage want to be relieved? No way!

Just by what happened in the past 72 hours, you can see how lousy the lies that “Big-headed Liar Lu De,” “Snaky Yan,” and “Sara (VOG)” have told. You can also tell how far the CCP’s bureaucracy, arrogance, and ignorance have gone — just like a frog sitting at the bottom of a well, thinking that he has dominated the world. The frog grabs a golf ball that accidentally falls into the well and thinks he has already held the world in hand — how ridiculous is that? He doesn’t even know how huge the world is.

Anyone who wants to own the world; anyone who wants to dominate the earth; anyone who wants to save humankind is all seeking self-destruction. God will punish those who have these thoughts.

It looks like many people wanted to “pick the peach” — take credit for “eliminating the CCP with the truth about the vaccines”. Fellow fighters: we definitely should not rush to take credit for it. We never thought of “growing the peaches”, so why do we care who “picks the fruit”? Whoever wants the fruit, go pick it.

If 7.5 billion people can even be deceived by one person or one organization, the human race deserves to die out, and a vaccine disaster is inevitable. For the most fundamental facts are gone. Do you believe this will happen? I do not think that 7.5 billion humans are as stupid as that.

7.5 billion humans will eliminate all the evil demons with just somehow greater or lesser cost. We are part of 7.5 billion humans. And we also have the New Federal State of China (NFSC). Why are you in such a hurry? Don’t worry about anything, just deal with it like how we responded to the SEC’s investigation.

 That hairless Dou Dou has a husband who was in his 60s and was as old as her dad. I guess she must be driving him crazy by now. Do you think it is an easy life for her? The CCP gave her mere trifles, and she has a sexual life with a man older than her father. How painful is it? She lives in Hawaii and has raised a few dogs. I don’t even know what those dogs are for. There are also those people who have been “hijacked” to file the so-called complaints. That kind of brain, realm, cognition, and ignorance they have, just as that rubbish Big-headed Liar Lu De, Snake Demon Yan, and Sara (VOG).

The fellow fighters really should learn a lesson, and you must hold back. See how crazy these people were one year ago. Watch their predictions back then. The CCP thought this time we were going to be convicted and prosecuted, and the money would be confiscated. Now that the fellow fighters’ money is not even one cent less.  How many times has G-TV appreciated? 30 times! 

G-TV has not stopped live broadcasting for a single day. Don’t forget that G-TV’s ultimate goal is to eliminate the CCP. Have we stopped taking down the CCP? Never. From blowing the whistle to “take down the CCP with the truth of the virus” in the past, to let the world know about the evilness of the CCP — it wants to rule the world, along with having exposed a series of evil events in China: Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide in Xinjiang and the truth of the vaccine. Nothing was delayed. But how much price has the CCP paid? We let Western countries see the CCP’s infiltration of the West, the evil of the CCP’s unrestricted legal warfare, and media warfare.

Look at those mainstream media reports. They put our stories on the front pages and headlines to freeload off Brother-7’s name. How rubbish. But the fellow fighters have become stronger and wiser. They know how to use the law to defend their rights and interests in the West, how to make themselves strong, and safeguard their interests in the West. 

It is the first time that the Chinese have tasted the victory of fighting together in the West, fighting in accordance with the law, and protecting their own interests by the law. This has never happened before. We will not only win 100% in Western law, morality, society, and perception but will also completely wipe out this largest evil CCP organization in the world, which is more than 10,000 miles away. The fellow fighters took off their pants and pissed on the CCP’s face, right? We pissed on the face of the CCP. How ugly it is, brothers and sisters?

I was particularly moved because this also increased the feelings between Brother-7 and my fellow fighters. So many G-TV “old chair” investors all said that they could give up all their money and let Brother-7 make decisions for everything, and they want to pay the fines for Brother-7 as well. How touched I am. It is really worth it to fight for you and die 10,000 times for you. When have the Chinese lived like this? When have we been united like this? When have we been so selfless? When have we had such an international perspective? 

Together we safeguard our reputation and our own interests; together, we strive to earn money legally, fight the enemies, and appear on the world stage — we are the best group of people in the world. Whatever we do is on the world news now. 

After the news report, many funds said: “Oh my God, this is really big news.” You can go to Google to see how big an advertisement the SEC settlement is for us. GETTR’s attention rate increased by hundreds of thousands at once. What a big advertisement it is for GETTR. G-TV, look at the data for the past few days. Wow, it is soaring, right? At that time, it’s impossible not to talk about the NFSC, GETTR, or G-TV. This is it.

Brothers and sisters, it is not bragging that we can turn misfortune into blessings and turn a crisis into a real opportunity when we are in distress. Should I do a short live broadcast for you tonight or after 5 o’clock this afternoon? Don’t forget that we will have a live broadcast from 2 to 3 this afternoon. Fellow fighters in China can sleep. We will broadcast live; Mr. Bannon and I will live broadcast. We will talk about the NFSC and what will happen to the United States. It is all big things, all big things. I will say no more.

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