Mr. Miles Guo’s GTV live broadcast on September 14, 2021

Miles Guo live broadcast on September 14, 2021: The SEC settlement agreement is our decisive victory, conclusive, it is the largest case in the history of the SEC, the biggest protection of the interests of investors; the old chair must do three important things; Miles Guo’s A message to Chairman Xi: There is an organization that has been collecting Xi’s privacy and whereabouts, and it will be released before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China; a new stage of “killing the communists with the seedlings” is opened…

1. Let’s start with the Ref.: SEC

The SEC’s issue of GTV is very big matter, the international influence is also very big, and the influence is far-reaching. We did not request a settlement with the SEC. The fact is that the SEC requested a settlement with us. Mr. Guo is not related to GTV, Saraca, and VOG. The total amount of US$530 million is wrong in principle, but it can barely be considered correct, because US$490 million was taken away and now needs to be fully refunded and included in the total amount US$530 million.

2. The settlement with the SEC is the ultimate conclusion

The end of this case is almost a landmark case with great influence in American history. For those who want to make money in the future, each of you is one of the parties involved. Involving 99.3% of international investors, more than 4,000 people, one year of investigation, the fastest closure. Returning 100% of the investors’ investment is international, and the case will always enter the subject research field of Harvard College. 1300 old chairs, 2300 people in VOG. It was completely a legal over-restricted warfare manipulated by CCP behind the scenes, although there is no direct evidence.

3. Not being able to refund the same way is the core obstacle

The settlement can actually be reached one month before the investigation began. The core reason is that the remittances of comrades-in-arms in the mainland cannot be refunded the same way, which involves personal and financial safety issues. Among them, 1,300 chairs account for 85% of the investment, and 2,700 people account for VOG. 15% of the investment. In addition, if the settlement was settled at that time, it would cause losses to 2,700 VOG people. VOG does not have the right to operate investment banks and securities, and collects 2,700 investor remittances. VOG commits a crime and will be dealt with in another case.

4. SEC’s investigation conclusion

(1) GTV and Saraca did not violate any laws and regulations;

(2) There is no fraud in GTV and Saraca, and the procedures are clear;

(3) GTV and Saraca have no responsibility;

Only touch one rule, exempt from immunity. The only problem with the legitimacy of all funds is that they cannot exceed 2000 chairs, and the excess part is entirely in VOG.

Nick name of“No hairy Doudou” and the other 6 people have invested in GTV, which is completely false. Made this false case to SEC.

Among the more than 4,000 investors surveyed, 100% do not want to be refunded, which is rare in history.

5. The conclusion of the final settlement, GTV and Saraca promise not to sue the SEC

The settlement between GTV, Saraca and the SEC is a final settlement, and GTV and Saraca can no longer file a lawsuit for this; however, it does not affect the individual investor’s separate legal actions due to the economic losses caused thereby;

6. VOG’s criminal investigation will not be stopped

The law VOG violated was embezzlement of funds, including her own statements, which were all criminal offences. Phoenix Farm is connected with this matter, and embezzlement of funds is a crime.

7. The market value of GTV is definitely more than 60 billion

GTV not only gains value, but also gains fame, and is pushed to the focus of the world’s attention, with free world advertising effects. It is the investment success case created by comrades-in-arms with their lives and value, and the biggest thing they have participated in in their lifetime. The New Federal State of China has set an example for the School of Economics and Finance, an example of economic enterprise ethics, and the highest state of Eastern economic enterprises, reflecting the disparity in the ethics of Eastern and Western enterprises.

8. The New York Daily and Wall Street Journal reports are equivalent to a free world advertisement for Mr. Guo

The SEC was completely fooled by the Communist Party. It was unable to get up and down the tiger who was riding on the false case reported by “the hairless Doudou”, and had to take the initiative to demand a settlement. The New York Daily and The Wall Street Journal are purely for eye-catching, tampering with the meaning of the content of the settlement, and continuing to stigmatize them. It was self-defeating, but it brought a huge advertising effect to Mr. Guo, the breaking news revolution, and The New Federal State of China. (1) Mr. Guo’s reputation in life has risen sharply; (2) The reputation of standardized funds in the field of funds has risen sharply; (3) Made a lot of money for GTV and G series;

In the process of operating this false report, the Communist Party spent at least 500 million U.S. dollars, losing face and lining.

The list of the largest investment institutions behind GTV and their personal privacy and reputation are fully protected and have not been victimized.

9. The sinister intentions of the Communist Party’s fraud case

Using false cases to vainly cause criminal prosecutions against Mr. Guo, attack his reputation, and achieve the effect of ruining his reputation. He can never participate in economic activities and can never enter the European and American markets.

CCP wanted to crack down on the credibility of The New Federal State of China, crack down on future economic activities, and crack down on the investment ability of its comrades in arms. Its sinister plan was completely lost.

10. GTV wins economically, legally, strategically, and morally, and the Communist Party loses even scum.

11. The next few things the old chair needs to do

(1) Refunds are not easy, and the ability and quality of all comrades-in-arms must be further tested, and will not cause official delays due to procedures. There are more than 100 investors in the United States, involving 120 million investments, and they can find local congressmen for blessing, the SEC will accept it, and the refund will be quick.

There were many low-level errors in the KYC process of H.E. Feb, which caused innocent delays and affected other comrades in arms.

(2) Individual claims are each person’s own power, including the bureaucracy in refunds, and they can claim any of their powers according to their own circumstances;

(3) Where to invest money, it is necessary to make independent decisions as soon as possible. Don’t invest in us if you have 0.001% hesitation. If you decide to return, you must figure it out in the file and don’t make any low-level errors.

The best pilots fly the most advanced airplanes, and if they fly in the wrong direction, they will eventually take the fastest time to lead to disaster. In addition to being blocked by the SEC for more than a year, GTV’s market value has only risen in the past year. It also greatly increases the room for appreciation. 5% of Gettr and 5% of the Himalayas Fed are all owned by GTV investors.

12. Make a big deal and bring a message to President Xi

(1) During Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States on April 7, 2017, during his stay at the Water Palm Beach Hotel, Xi and Peng had a private conversation in the room. Why would Mr. Guo know it all that the Security Bureau had extremely strict on-site security inspections, but Mr. Guo has all the private video and audio with Xi & Peng in the room, all of which are not from the United States, but from China. Some people even sorted out the text and handed it to the US, and the information was not reported to Trump.

(2) During Xi and Peng’s visit to Britain, Mr. Guo knew all the audio and video for private affairs of them.

(3) Mr. Guo holds the traces of the activities and timetables of all the people in the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The top secrets in the world are not political secrets, but the whereabouts of the top leaders and the shit and farts of their families, the money and sex activities of the top leaders. Every sentence between them is top secret.

(4) Before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, these audio and video recordings will be released, just like the two paintings “Fire Bath” and “Liquor Bath”, which will be released within an appropriate time as needed; Bloody, far more than 18th.

13. Who wants to know the whereabouts and privacy of Xi most?

Who wants to know the private conversation between Xi and his wife the most? Who wants to know all the whereabouts and thoughts of Xi since he came to power? Among the security teams around Xi Jinping in the past, there has been an organization that has been collecting and mastering all of Xi Jinping’s top-secret information at the national level over the years.

Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu used to be the biggest hostile relationship, but now they can form an alliance. With Han Zheng’s influence, who else will be second? third?

14. Wang Qishan is the most corrupt and greedy person, and his methods are the most brutal and insidious

Wang Qishan, who fights corruption every day, drinks with entrepreneurs every day to discuss how to get promoted, how to prepare money, and how to take all the wealth of state-owned enterprises and put them in his pockets. Duan Weihong and Sun Zhengcai had a good relationship with Wang Qishan, and it was Wang Qishan who eventually sent them to Qincheng Prison.

Strangulation within the CCP is good for destroying the communists, and it is better to die. I hope that there will be no ethnic disputes in the Southern Tang and Han dynasties, so that China will return to the era of barbaric savages who cannibalized human beings and made arsenal of human flesh.

15. I hope that CCP can fall in directional blasting

Companies like Evergrande entrap the most ordinary people, and there are many other companies like this. I hope that the Communist Party can fall in the directional blasting, and none of the Zhongnanhai people can stay. It is certain that the people of The New Federal State of China will have the final say in the future. By reporting this information, I have the ability to reject our information.

Now, there is definitely more than one or two forces within the Communist Party, and an evil organization is in control. Xi is not owned by this organization. No one will let Xi succeed next year at the 20th National Congress. This organization will not let Xi succeed.

Wang Qishan and Meng Jianzhu are two people you can’t handle. Wang Qishan can enter Beijing and become prime minister and vice chairman. Although Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao can help Xi, they also helped Wang Qishan. Today’s news is huge, and people who understand it will understand it.

16. Wang Dongxing is the person who has the most core secrets in history, and he will be dead if he leaves CCP

Zhou Enlai was the one who reported most closely to the Soviet Intelligence Agency. Both of them must obey international communism. The portraits of Marx, Enkos, Lenin, and Stalin on Tiananmen Square, Mao and Zhou were not up to it. Monitoring and tracking are all organizational behaviors, and you can even double-regulate you. When Mao Zedong visited the Soviet Union, his living and safety were all arranged by the Soviet Union. The signed document was signed by Comrade Mao Zedong of International Communism, and he was given a bunch of conditions. The Chinese are slaves in the Soviet Union and no one can afford it. Mao did not dare to kill Zhou that year because he was worried about the actions behind the Soviet Union.

17. God Xi thinks he can control everything

The people around Xi Jinping are all loyal ministers, but not capable ministers; if there is one, they will not be what they are now. Their travels are all monitored, and they are all monitored and monitored by their own parties. The ability of God Xi to control the military is definitely not more than 50%. The biggest threat to the Chinese people is not just the Communist Party CCP, but the evil organization plus CCP. The Chinese people must completely eradicate anything communism, and must eradicate any evil forces in the world that try to enslave the Chinese people.

18. Hong Kong is the only channel for foreign exchange balance and imports in the future

The domestic renminbi issuance is 200 trillion RMB, and the offshore offshore renminbi is approximately US$3 trillion, of which US$1 trillion of national debt, of which US$2 trillion can be circulated. Foreign exchange reserves are about 2 trillion U.S. dollars, and only one trillion U.S. dollars can be used for daily imports of key petroleum and electronics. At least 70 to 80 million U.S. dollars are needed. If it is lower, there will be no money to import food. Hong Kong’s role will be extremely prominent. All 90% of foreign exchange and imports must go through Hong Kong. After the mainland is closed and closed, Hong Kong will become the only international terminal, and it has now been killed.

19. The Communist Party has 20 trillion US dollars of wealth overseas

This 20 trillion US dollars can make CCP easily live for more than ten years. If Xi Jinping controls this 20 trillion US dollars, he can control this country. The Deng, Jiang, Zhu, and Wang Qishan families, who currently control US$20 trillion, do not have international relations and financial rights in Xi’s hands. Xi’s control of the army is definitely not more than 51%, otherwise it would not be so tossing.

20. The New Federal State of China is also paying attention to the existence of this 20 trillion US dollars

In the future, these 20 trillion US dollars belong to the Chinese people and must not fall into the hands of CCP. In addition to CCP, evil organizations are also vying for control of the 20 trillion US dollars. Before the emergence of The New Federal State of China, they thought they were in their pockets, sooner or later. In a few days, during the live broadcast, Wang Qishan’s anise will be revealed, which will scare you to death. The complete chain of evidence and the layout of Wang, Jiang, and Zhu in the West reveal why Wang Qishan is so greedy and so low.

21. What Wang Qishan took away in the process of anti-corruption was the big head, and what was left to Xi was a fraction, a fraction of the exchange.

For example, a thorough investigation of the African oil incident showed that the book value was 200 million, and the actual assets were more than 4 billion. In the end, it turned over 200 million U.S. dollars and directly transferred more than 4 billion U.S. dollars into its own account. Xi Jinping absolutely does not believe it.

22. Xi Jinping is not a money-corrupt person, only greedy for power

He doesn’t have economic concepts in his mind. He only thinks about power. Sooner or later, his family’s money will be his own. Wang Qishan wants to be modern Heshen and control all assets. The evil forces have also discovered the problem, feel insecure, and want to take away the 20 trillion U.S. dollars.

23. Global forces are vying for control of the 20 trillion U.S. dollar

Xi Jinping hasn’t come to understand yet, he is just thinking of unifying the world and defeating the United States, and he is dying. The eradication of communism has reached a time when global forces are vying for 20 trillion U.S. dollars. Coronavirus and vaccine disasters, CCP will undoubtedly die.

24. The world has transformed from the eradication of communism with drugs to a new era in which communism is eradicated with vaccines

The era of poisoning communism is over. Mr. Guo has opened a new era of vaccine elimination (1) The vaccine disaster will be the greatest threat to mankind; (2) CCP and the international dark forces are trying to continue to enslav the Chinese people, and other dark forces have already begun to fight. Expose the harm of vaccines to the future of mankind, and eradicate evil forces, including the CCP that killed them. Society, fear, and hatred have reached this level.

25. If Britain does not stop compulsory vaccines, the nation will enter disaster

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s mother died of vaccination. To continue compulsory vaccination will be a disaster for mankind. Both Canada and Israel will see the same human disaster. Will see the beginning of vaccine elimination.

26. The situation of Hong Kong people is too miserable

Mr. Guo holds absolute intelligence about Hongkong. It fully cooperates with CCP in all Facebook, Google, and Twitter services in Hong Kong, submits a full range of electronic data and electronic maps, and 100% shows personal privacy to CCP, facial recognition system, and all social media The search function has been fully activated. Continuing to use it is extremely dangerous to the individual.

At present, the only safe social media is Gettr, 100% will not blend with CCP, will not exchange information with third parties.

27. Hong Kong people use Gettr to publish information and hope that their comrades-in-arms can help forward it

Hong Kong people who fled to Taiwan from Hong Kong have their family members threatened to be beaten by CCP and their wealth is confiscated. They can’t speak out. They are the safest to persuade Hong Kong people to use GETTR, and their comrades-in-arms will help forward. It is a responsibility to save Hong Kong people. It is a responsibility to change the history of disunity among the people of the country, to warm up together and help each other. Any behavior that hurts Hong Kong people will be hunted down to the end of the world and will never be let go.

28. The tragic experience of Evergrande’s investors is the inevitable result

Those who force employees to pay for their own stocks are all crooks. The CCP has no laws, no supervision, and no media. The core of the problem is not Evergrande, but the protector behind Xu Jiayin, the dark system of protecting forces, and the evil system of the Chinese Communist Party.

29. The U.S. investment environment is fair, clean and transparent

The United States is the place with the best investment environment. People from all over the world come to the United States. CCP creates fake cases. The money is under the supervision and management of the SEC. There is a standard procedure for refunds, and people are convinced. The New Federal State of China needs to find good people. Before finding good people, it will meet many bad people. Don’t be afraid of not finding good people because of too many bad people, and finally give up on finding good people.

Let the world see what will happen to those who provoke The New Federal State of China.

30. The political situation in the United States has undergone a qualitative change due to the vaccine disaster

Still staying under the awareness of the 2022 general election, it is impossible to predict which candidate will suddenly die when and where, and the outcome is unpredictable. Bill Gates vaccinated people all over the world, but prevented his grandson from being vaccinated. Fauci also did not allow his family members to be vaccinated. CCP officials at or above the ministerial level and their family members were not vaccinated. Trump also no longer advises others to get vaccinated. Vaccines have changed everything. How uncertain the world is, the changes after 2022 have gone.

31. The Chinese people have never been so involved in world affairs before the vaccine eradication. The New Federal State of China is saving the world and affecting the future affairs of the whole world and mankind.

32. The antidote of Artemisinin is definitely a great contribution in human history

The status is not lower than the historical status of the four major inventions. The main ingredient of the antidote to the CCP virus is Artemisinin. Whether it is B-NAB or N-NAB, it is just a different composition and content of Artemisinin. The effect of independent use of Artemisinin is very good, and the effect will be better if it is used in combination with hydroxychloroquine and zinc. For patients who have used hydroxychloroquine plus zinc in the past, the effect is as good as the use of Artemisinin.

33. Don’t ask about the results of doing good, don’t need applause, don’t care about others’ evaluations

Attach great importance to it and try to spread it. The combination of using vaccines to destroy communism is definitely the combination of poisoning, money, law, and communism. It is a classic and a magic weapon to destroy communism.

34. Use time and reality to show the people of the world the power of The New Federal State of China

The historical events experienced by the human world in the past four years, cherish possession, know how to use, and know how to enjoy. The New Federal State of China is by no means solely owned by the Chinese people. 50% will be international people. The Chinese people will not have a great integration of race and culture for 100 to 200 years, and will eventually return to the original feudal dictatorship era. (1) The great integration of people all over the world; (2) The great integration of cultures all over the world; (3) The great integration of legal systems all over the world, the British civil law system, the American constitution, and the separation of powers system. (4) The best part of religion and legal system will also be applied to the system of The New Federal State of China.

35. Truly globalized thinking and consciousness, a basic cognition agreed upon between man and heaven

Don’t take the right to communicate with the heavens by a certain group of people for profit. You have the power in yourself. Don’t let an agent who holds God’s information enslaves us. Don’t exploit, bully, or enslave us. Don’t pretend to be a ghost. The so-called illusion is impossible. In this verified world, the world of materialism and idealism has become a contradiction and a ruling class. The elimination of vaccines has allowed the world’s best and most truthful people to unite in The New Federal State of China.

36. New China Federal Passport

The New China Federal Passport is not only open to comrades-in-arms alone, to Hong Kong people, but also to any nation in the world. More than a piece of land, a few bases, a lot of talents are needed to join. How to use the opportunity of SEC settlement to protect the legal rights and personal safety of comrades-in-arms. Promote yourself, package yourself, and form a sharp contrast, let good Chinese people join, and international good people join in. There are only good people and bad people, regardless of black, red, white, and yellow skin. The country is not limited to mainland China, and it will be found everywhere in the world. Pay taxes, bring science and technology, talents, civilization, no sovereignty, nothing can’t be achieved.

37. Eligibility and order for obtaining a New Federal State of China Passport

(1) GTV old chairs, Gclub members, G series investors, VOG and farm investors, etc.

(2) At present, we are striving for 1 million copies, which is about 50,000 US dollars per family. The whole world is almost free of visas. For the United States, it is a 10-year visa. It is also possible to obtain a visa exemption from the United States.

(3) The stamps and symbols of The New Federal State of China will be added, legal and civic.

(4) Investors and comrades-in-arms who newly joined the G series may also be eligible for guarantee recommendations;

38. Serious Chinese exclusion issues that may be caused by future vaccine disasters

Problems will seriously affect the personal and wealth safety of the Chinese in the future, although many of them are the result of their own choices. The degree of danger faced by overseas Chinese will be much greater, and anti-Chinese and anti-Chinese will even occur within a second.

39. SEC refunds may involve missing comrades-in-arms in China mainland

GTV will coordinate with relevant agencies to establish a cooperation fund to help coordinate the management of related assets, and the actual results will last for several years. Future rights and interests will be kept until they are claimed by themselves or their legal relatives.

40. Announced the dissolution of U.S. Jinxi Farm

(1) All comrades-in-arms freely choose to be accepted by other farms;

(2) The deceived comrades-in-arms of De education will not be accepted by the farm temporarily and need high-quality comrades;

(3) The original farmer and the alliance should connect the information that should be served, including financial information;

41. To understand Miles Guo, one must look at the growth process of Him

(1) Know his family, parents, and growth environment;

(2) The betrayer is the his best friend;

(3) He had meet relatives of inmates who were killed in prison. Some family members support their children’s courage, the source of courage and strength;

(4) Religion plays an active role. The preacher faces life-threatening and believes in the existence of gods, altruistic others, not for fame and gain; it has a role in wars and disasters;

(5) Western religious leaders have committed child abuse and corruption, but religion cannot be denied.

(6) Falun Gong is a religion that uses life to achieve faith, and predictions are inaccurate. There are gains in meditation practice. There is nothing wrong with it. There is no harm to humans.

(7) Human cognition is very small. It solves the confusion in the world, solves the good and evil in the world, does not turn people into the constraints of evil, and respects morality and the law.

(8) The CCP has no faith, no religion, no morality, no rule of law, and there is only one communism party, which is totally deceiving.

42. God chose Mr. Miles Guo

Mr. Guo himself is a figure with a combination of interests and power, and he has been deceived all the time. The bad guys have the tasks of the bad guys, and the good guys have the benefits of the good guys. The bad guys can definitely make Mr. Guo grow up. He knows what a bad guy is, and what a good guy is. The bad guys can’t knock Miles Guo down, indicating that he is very powerful. Lu, Sa, and Yan cannot harm Mr. Guo, they can only prove Mr. Guo’s kindness, greatness, and truth. God will use their disaster results to prove the truth of Mr. Guo. If there is a God, Satan will definitely be used to prove that the goodness of a good man needs the existence of Judas. Growing up to this day, it is not a superhuman ability. God chose Mr. Guo. One light can eliminate thousands of years of darkness, and one intelligence can eliminate thousands of years of stupidity. Growing up in the dark, knowing the desire for light.

43. It is impossible to go to today without feeling the power of heaven

The methods of the Qingfeng Detention Center are the most cruel and cruel. They are either dead, maimed, or conquered. How can there be power to organize and destroy the communists? It is impossible for one person to do it. The wolves sent by CCP have all become the protectors of The New Federal State of China, helping The New Federal State of China. It cannot be the power of the Miles Guo, but the power blessed by heaven. Any supernatural power saint is definitely a liar. Once there is a supernatural power It must be the blessing of heaven, not a manifestation of personal strength. He is not him, and he does not represent him. God is God, and the power of the universe is the power of the universe and cannot be represented.

44. Faith is Power

When you have faith, you will have the power of faith as well as supernatural power. The New Federal State of China is a kind of supernatural power. Only when there is faith and power of thought, can it be manifested by the power of thought in the heart.

Waking up in the bright light, I have seen UFOs on airplanes many times. They are the real external force of human beings. Humans have too little knowledge. Since they don’t know everything, how can they define everything? Religion and belief, the truth of nature is belief , No one can represent.

45. Remittance Barriers

Many countries around the world print a large amount of currency, plus the United States’ requirements for money laundering. The purpose of banks is to reduce the flow and conceal the truth that countries are over-issued currency. In fact, it is financial monopoly, which is the beginning of the country’s totalitarian disaster. Obstacles to remittances will always accompany us. Only when The New Federal State of China is strong enough to formulate financial rules and become the dominant financial power in the world will it be possible to change it. Saudi Arabia has a large number of shares in financial institutions around the world, helping Zhang Hongwei to wash 120 billion US dollars into Bitcoin. It is very easy. Different banks, different currencies, and different funds can be injected into different banks quickly. Once entered Bitcoin, no one dares to check, no one can check, no one can check the realm.

46. Crypto currency will be the mainstream currency

Mankind has come to an era where Crypto currency and cryptocurrency must be used. No one can stop it. 50-60% of human wealth will enter the Crypto currency market. It must not be a national sovereign currency. National sovereign currency can only be used within a certain range. , Crypto currency will be the mainstream.

47, the eye of the rule of heaven has been opened

A realistic version of the supernatural event. After the death of Miles Guo’s brother, He dreamed of getting money that his brother once owed the commissary. He has a hunch that things will happen, He will never forget his reading, and the criminal law of CCP will remember it. Realize that people are immortal, otherwise they will always live in fear. Mao Zedong was afraid of death and had two small guns hidden in the sofa. Two minutes before he died, he still believed that his personal doctor Li Zhisui could save him. He could not understand life and death, and he could not understand life and death, only fear.

The virgin rapist who was shot in the Qingfeng Detention Center in an unjust case has never been in contact with the opposite sex in his life, but he firmly believes that the Communist Party will be destroyed. He is the saint in Mr. Guo’s heart and the eternal god in Mr. Guo’s heart. It must be in heaven to bless The New Federal State of China; the souls of those who were crushed to death by tanks in Tiananmen Square are in heaven, and they are also helping us in The New Federal State of China.

48. The SEC will negotiate with us the early listing of the G series in the future

The money of comrades-in-arms goes home, the G series is a great opportunity for convenience, and the death becomes auspicious. The SEC will definitely negotiate with us at some point in the future to arrange the early listing of the G series. . .

49. The era of human religion and belief needs change is coming

The missionaries seen in the detention center are the true missionaries. They really believe in them before they die. They are like a beacon in the dark, a moment of great shining, the era of revolution in human religion and belief, science, Communication enables this era to generate faith from the heart, instead of relying on human missions, science + people + phenomena reflected facts to complete missions. More persuasive, it is called entering the heart. The true faith is the teaching that enters the heart. Faith that uses profit to trade with one’s wishes is a trade, not a faith. Entering the heart is religion, and the god in your heart is righteousness, which is what we require.

50. This Friday, Mr. Martin Bannon’s 100th birthday

Mr. Martin Bannon is the father of Mr. Bannon. Up to now, the oldest comrade-in-arms of The New Federal State of China, welcomes the comrades-in-arms to join in congratulations.

51. Don’t let disaster take away more people

Believe in God. Everything is arranged, otherwise there will be a lot of unpleasantness, can’t get through with anything, and can’t understand anything. You need to turn resistance into your own strength. Miles Guo doesn’t want to be ruled by the dark forces again, including CCP. Communism is part of the evil forces. You can’t let him change his face or change his way to rule the Chinese people again. He doesn’t want to destroy the Communist Party and turn China into a barbaric era of murder and blood in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms era, the post-Han and Southern Tang dynasties. Don’t let the disaster take away more lives and turn China into a chaotic world. The New Federal State of China can gather the good people from the Chinese elite, the good people from the poor elite, and the good people from the non-racial elites to build a New Federal State of China for all mankind. Using global and world concepts, overcoming racism, religiousism, extreme capitalism, and socialist deceitful ruling methods, to achieve humanity is our kind, and the earth is the home that we cherish together to create the future of mankind.

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