The Secrets of Inty (Season 2)

DT Excavator Team of Exposé


By: DTinLAX Excavation Team of Expose Revolution

English translation: ignorme and TCC

Intizar-Scum Season 2-1:

Intizar means strive in Uyghurlanguage.

The list of students who passed the mainland senior high school entrance examination is often made publicly available. I tried to look for his name but I cannot. Was Intizar or his family protected by the CCP? He was able to start a company with a CCP senior official right after his graduation from College! Moreover, he moved to the US one year after. This pathway was quite similar to that for Gong Xiaoxia (Sasha Gong) who is a China’s spy. Is Intizar another ‘Gong Xiaoxia”?

Intizar-Scum Season 2-2:

He graduated from East China University of Science and Technology with a major in social work, class 0902. He was a volunteer of the Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China. He was also a member of college basketball team and captain of school basketball team. You can see he “suffered severely from the persecution” of the CCP.

Traitor of Uyghurs: Being Chief of Police Department, Director of Justice Bureau and Board Director of Shanghai A- Ying Cultural Communication Co., Ltd,, Yimingjiang Yasheng was born in Heshuo District, Bazhou of Xinjian province,

Intizar-Scum Season 2-3:

Yimingjiang Yasheng owned three companies:

  • Hotan Yuhe Mining Co., Ltd (registered in Tembuzak Town, Hotan)
  • Yuquanhe Motor Vehicle Operation and Information Service Co., Ltd. (No. 111, Jingtong Road, Hotan City)
  • Frankwve (Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. (Kutiqi Village)

He participates mining and transportation businesses and has no outsourced business.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-4:

Another important person:

Aisaiti Ainiwaer, a traitor of Uyghurs, wasthe partner of Yimingjiang Yasheng in Shanghai Lufu Trading Company. She lives in Ili Prefecture and is holding an officer position at a department level of the political and law system.

Don’t you agree this girl and Intizar-Scum have some similarities (see pictures).

This girl is Halixian Yimingjiang, I found her when I searchedfor Yimingjiang Yasheng.

These three people look similar to me.

Halixian maybe Yimingjiang Yasheng’s daughter.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-5:

Halixian’s father is a policeman and her husband is a border armed policeman. She stays in her hometown while her husband is at the border. Her brothers and cousins are all policemen. There is a total of 8 policemen in her family. Her father has also encouraged her to apply for police college and become a people’s police since she was a child. This is a family of trators of Uyghurs.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-6:

Her father has been a senior policeman for many years. Of course he understood the hardship as a policeman but he remained to encourage Halixian to be a policeman and to follow his footsteps. She was named by her father. Halixian means “fair” or ‘justice” in Uyghurlanguage.

Her father loves her so much and has very high expectation on her.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-7:

After Halixian admitted the Special Police Team, she thought her father would buy her a present, but she only received a plate of noodles instead.

She married to Parouke Yasheng in May 2013. Her husband worked at aborder police station 700 km away from her and was back home once permonth. When her husband was back in Urumqi, she might be on duty depending on her workload (is this partof national safeguard stability of the CCP? )

Intizar-Scum Season 2-8:

Yimingjiang Yasheng and Aisaiti Ainiwaer ran their business in Hotan, Ili(Yining and Huocheng) and Bazhou (Heshou). It was 700km from Heshuo district of Bazhou to Huocheng of Ili. The (A-Ying) Cultural Communication Company in Shanghai was just a dummy company. Judging from the distance and the scope of the businesses, her family was not nobody and has their own sphere of influence.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-9:

Please use your imagination and think:

Open an imagination:

What if XXX(who?) was sent from the department of the United Allies Front and they came to work with Intizar-Scum .. They have mentioned Rebiya in the program and said that Rebiya was a good businessman. We are ready to expose XXX and XXX cannot run away anymore.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-10:

Both A-Ying company and Lufu company focus on cultural industries which are doing people-related business, more likely female-related. Both Yimingjiang and Aisaiti serve in political and law system for national safeguard stability, Is this for prostitution , spying, or human trafficking?

These two traitors of Uyghurs directly involved in the persecution of Uyghur. It is hard to judge what exactly their companies do.

Inty said he has been a model himself, This might be interesting to put all the information together.

Intizar-Scum Season 2-11:

If he has family seniors born in 50s or 60s who have been in Shanghai, this would be a piece of strong evidence that Inty’s family seniors might be already traitors of Uyghers and thugs of theCCP. His family wants to reap greater benefits but is unsuccessfully staying in the CCP’s system.

After analyzing all sorts of lies he has told, I can assure you that Inty is definitely not a good person.


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