UK Booster Shot Approved and Rolled Out by Next Week

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On September 14, the UK launched the first dose of the drug shot program for children ages 12 to 15. The next day the UK government announced that it would offer a third dose to people over 50 years old, known as the vaccine booster. The target group is all nationals over the age of 50, health care workers, people with underlying health problems, and patients with poorly functioning immune systems. The third dose of the vaccine will be administered as a combination. The number of people involved is about 30 million. Prime Minister Johnson said that in addition to the current “Plan A” for vaccination, there is also a “Plan B” for mandatory vaccine passports.

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The UK currently has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, but the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the UK is much higher than the same period last year. Ironically, this comes just a day after Johnson’s 79-year-old mother died. The cause of death was not reported in the media, but there was information that Johnson’s mother had received the COVID-19 vaccine. Facts and studies have shown that vaccines can cause a wide range of irreversible damage to the body. This includes heart disease, which has the highest mortality rate. The poison is more dangerous to the elderly, young children, people with disabilities, people with medical conditions, etc. The Chinese Communist Party and the forces of evil exert pressure to influence governments and monopolize the voice of the world’s mainstream media. Medical research institutions and pharmaceutical companies have become their accomplices, and people are denied the truth about vaccines. The newly created social media platform GTV, and the social networking platform GETTR allow more people to get the truth about the virus, so they can save themselves and help each other.

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