GT ONLINE: Denmark Is Preparing A New Strategy For Fourth And Fifth Wave

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Denmark Media TV2 reported on 15. Sep. 2021, the government’s expert group presented a long-term plan for the management of Coronavirus in a press conference in Copenhagen.

There have been third waves of Corona infection so far, but the pandemic has not yet ended. Denmark must have a basic level of corona management, and there must also be an emergency response plan if the virus spreads rapidly.

We can get both a fourth and a fifth wave of infection, said Astrid Iversen, professor of virology at Oxford University and a member of the expert group.

This is because new and potentially more dangerous varieties can reappear in countries outside Denmark. A new and two-pronged strategy must now help to ensure that Denmark gets through such a wave in the best possible way.

The hospital system can face a lot of pressure

According to Astrid Iversen, Denmark cannot control how the virus behaves abroad, so we need to prepare – in particular, we should keep an eye on developments in the Delta variant.

Furthermore, we are now entering a season where it is not only coronavirus that threatens health:

– When we enter the autumn, it is not only covid-19 that we have to worry about. When we are indoors, all respiratory infections have a better opportunity to spread, says Astrid Iversen.

This means that the hospital system may face a great deal of pressure for the rest of the year, the professor believes.

A basic level and a preparedness

Generally, the expert group proposes two strategies for managing coronas.One part is to have “a basic level of corona management”, which balances between epidemic control, economics, well-being, public health and freedom.

The second part is about having a contingency plan in case the epidemic shifts to a more critical stage, for example because new worrying virus variants are emerging.

According to the chairman of the expert group, Professor Torben M. Andersen, We cannot say that the pandemic is finally over. There is still a risk of new mutations.

In total, the new contingency strategy contains around 80 recommendations in 8 different categories. This is stated by professor and member of the expert group Jens Lundgren at the press conference.

(The article merely represents author’s own view)

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