China Mobile International is required to terminate its business in Canada

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The Canadian Federal Liberal Government has ordered China Mobile International to divest its shares in the Canadian subsidiary or terminate its business out of consideration for the national security. (Yu Gang/The Epoch Times)

Out of consideration for national security, the Canadian Federal Liberal Government has ordered a Chinese Communist Party(CCP) state-owned telecommunications company to divest its shares in its Canadian subsidiary or terminate its business. The company is trying to challenge government orders through legal channels.

According to Global News, in the past year, the Canadian government has quietly conducted a review of China Mobile International Co., Ltd. (CMI) Canada and made the above-mentioned decision.

Now, CMI Canada is requesting a decision from a government official, claiming that the government has no reason to believe that the company will harm national security or engage in corporate activities on behalf of CCP Beijing.

CMI Canada’s application to the Federal Court last week disclosed the details of the federal government’s review of the investment.

The Chinese-funded company was established in 2015 to provide mobile communication services in Canada, including pre-paid phone plans, but it does not own or operate any telecommunications network facilities. It cooperates with Telus Communications Inc. through research Branch’s network to provide wireless services.

CMI Canada stated that before October last year, it inadvertently neglected to notify the federal government of its establishment in Canada. Later, federal officials made a series of requests for information.

The Canadian Investment Act and the National Security Review Investment Regulations allow the federal government to review foreign companies’ investments in Canada.

In January of this year, the government notified CMI Canada of its security review, stating that its investment may result in Canadian companies being “used for non-commercial purposes, such as jeopardizing critical infrastructure and foreign interference,” by the Chinese government, thereby “damaging Canada.” National security”.

After further exchange of information, the federal government issued an order on August 9 instructing China Mobile to either divest its investment in Canada completely or terminate its Canadian business within 90 days.

CMI Canada stated in its application to the Federal Court that if the order is not shelved, its company will be forced to “leave Canada completely,” which will result in the need to terminate its customer base and operations.

The Canadian federal government has not yet submitted a response to this court application, and the court has not yet determined a date for the hearing.

Comment: After more than four years revealing of CCP’s conspiracies in aiming to become the hegemony of the world, the Whistleblowers Movement has demonstrated the norms of CCP’s overseas operations, it is done in name of military-civilian integration. It means that many of the Chinese companies, including stated-owned and private companies are possibly CCP’s white gloves with military purpose. In another word, they are the CCP’s Trojan Horse to the foreign nations.

It’s very fortunate that the Canadian government at last made the step in time to protect the national security. The sooner the better to save Canada from the CCP’s thorough overtaken.

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