United Kingdom: BBC Vaccine Propaganda Encourages Young People To Receive Vaccination Without Parental Consent

Writer: Lois

Image Source: BBC

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and British tax-payers, has released pro-vaccination propaganda encouraging teenagers to get vaccinated, even if their parents oppose the experimental shot.

The video features interviews with a member of the pro-vaccination group “Teens For Vaccines,” which aims to dismiss so-called vaccine misinformation and encourage teenagers to take the experimental COVID-19 or Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccine.

The group claims to empower youth to resist their parents and take the COVID-19 shot, despite the jab killing countless recipients worldwide and proving to be more lethal than the CCP virus itself.

According to Britain’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Yellow Card scheme, the experimental shots have caused at least 1.6 million injuries and over 1,600 deaths within the UK alone.

According to the British alternative media site The Exposé, less than nine children under 19 have died of COVID-19 in the UK since March 2020. The injections have also not been proven to prevent infection or transmission of the virus.

The UK Government and NHS have advised vaccinators to use the Gillick competence rule to vaccinate children. The rule is used in medical law to decide if a child can consent to medical treatment without parental permission or knowledge.

The Exposé. (September 13, 2021). BBC release disgusting propaganda aimed at Children telling them they don’t need parental consent to get the Covid-19 Vaccine.

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