God Keep Our Land Free and Glory

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I participated in protests against the vaccine passport last Saturday and this Monday wearing my New Federal state of China t-shirt and the event was live streamed on GTV.

Sometimes people might wonder what I am doing. Today a lady asked me if I was promoting the protest or not? I said, yes, I am promoting it. I was told my t-shirt misrepresented the protest a bit. Somebody did not like that I was wearing a mask. I said I was protecting my identity because I have family in China. He said you are in Canada. I said there are spies everywhere. Another one did not like my

blue hat. He said I should wear a Canadian hat. Most people think that I am protecting for myself, but I am not. I am fighting for the whole human being. 

 I felt there was discrimination towards me because I am Chinese. I do not blame them due to what the Chinese government has done to the world. However, I can not control what the CCP did. How can we explain that the CCP is different from the Chinese people to the passing cars with all the loud honking?  It is also hard to livestream and try to communicate since I am the only Chinese. But I am glad that I was there and proud to wear the New Federal state of China T-shirt which is a good conversation starter because no one has heard about us. I passed on some information sheets with the drug and antidotes for covid 19 and most people were happy to have it. A lady was so glad to hear Artemisinin can cure covid-19.

Signs were saying: “God keep our land free and Glory”. “If you trust the government, your history teacher did not do their job!” “Equal rights to all, say no to discrimination” “Vaccine by choice”. “Crimes against Humanity! Commie Henry, Tam, Trudeau Got to Go”. “I don’t get vaccinated because I refuse to be a scientist’s experimental” “Land of free, home of the brave”. “Say no enroll the Tracking system” “If mask works, why six feet? If six feet works why the mask? If both works why lockdown? If three works why the rushed vaccine? If the vaccine is safe, why the no liability?”

To date, there were fewer people in front of the hospital as compared with two weeks ago. However, there are some people who are persistent and go every time.  One guy told me he was protesting against the vaccine passport and said we have nothing if we do not have freedom. He also asked me what happens if people say no in China. I answered that if you say no to the government, you go to jail. He said but you have nothing to lose. I said but in jail, they torture you and you lose your life. He said it does not matter. They already lost their life. I said no one could tell the truth. Everything is covered up. It is similar here with mainstream media. CCP spends so much every year in the west to control mainstream media and social media. He asked what do they gain if they control the world? He said they do not realize that we are all human race, based on freedom. I said they did not care, and they never had freedom, including the CCP’s leaders. So, they do not want anyone else to have it either.”  We have to learn to ask why? No matter where you live. He said it is really simple. He said the Chinese government does not realize if they plant the seed, they will get more. I said they are evil. How can they realize that?  They only want to control everything.

There will be more protests on Wednesday for blacking out mainstream media and a picnic protest against vaccine passports for the restaurants on Saturday. There will be people eating their lunch across from the restaurant. I am looking forward to those.

I am linking my GTV  livestream to a Telegram group locally in hopes that more people will know and understand the evil CCP.


Posted by: Shuang

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