[September 13th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

Translator: Himalaya Los Angeles Pangu (USA) – Antsee-GTV & YY
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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters, it is September 13th today. Have you worked out yet? Have you spread the truth about the CCP virus and the exciting information about the antidote to the virus?

The Chinese always ignore the day of September 13th. September 3rd, September 13th, September 28th, and September 24th are the CCP’s big days, followed by the so-called National Day (October 1st) — the National Day when they stole the nation, the people’s national tragedy day.

Brothers and sisters, a few decades ago people sang the song “The east is red, the sun is rising. From China, appears Mao Zedong.” The man who stole the state power at that time. Mao Zedong died on September 13th, 1976. So what? Did anything happen to the Chinese people following his death? Did anyone jump off a building? Did anyone live a different life because of his death? Think about it. How pathetic people were back then.

Brothers and sisters, there are no saints on earth. Saints do not exist on earth. Anyone who pretends to be above others or claims to have superpowers is a liar — keep this in mind.

Any human being’s body is made of flesh and blood. We all have sexual desires, fears, fear of death, even all of us are hypocritical — your Brother-7 is the same — just to different degrees. So do not blindly believe in any “Saint”. Yourself is all who you are, you can be your own “Buddha and God” depending on whether you can overcome your shortcomings and cultivate yourself to that level.

If you can do it, you are the “Buddha and God” for yourself. Otherwise, you are an ordinary person. If you have too many defects and garbage thoughts, even very evil thoughts with so much greed, you are not even qualified to be a man.

Suppose you are above the average person’s “morality” and “virtue” and can adhere to the environment of existence and most laws and rules based on probability. In that case, you are above the average person.

As long as you understand the meaning of “life and death” and cannot be bothered by this issue, are free from the desire for fame and fortune, never depend on others to live, and have an independent personality, you will become the “Buddha and God”.

I saw the couple Pan Shiyi (Chairman of SOHO China) and Zhang Xin yesterday. Did you see them? These two pieces of shit are always performing. They are the “white gloves” (the intermediary who launders money on behalf of the CCP elite corrupt families) in China. They are the “actors.” They were just handled roughly (by the CCP) in mainland China. They have a guarantor and have made a pledge to CCP so that they could come to the US. And now they continue to show off on the stage here in the US. 

Back then, Pan Shiyi bought off many people from CCTV (China Central Television) to promote his real estate commercials. CCTV pretended they did not mean to promote his real estate and inadvertently filmed Pan’s real estate footage like how they operate the Spring Festival Gala. There was colossal money Pan spent privately.

Pan wanted to show people that he was not in trouble, so he managed to appear in the US. Do you know what school his son is attending in the US? In the US, Pan Shiyi continues to be the “white glove” for the CCP’s elite corrupt families, committing crimes, money laundering, and tax evasion. He is such scum wherever he goes.

His son failed to meet the school’s requirements and caused such a big trouble that the school wanted to expel him. Pan spent tens of millions of dollars to purchase a school building to keep his son in school.

Pan and his wife both spend all their time focusing on how to infiltrate American think tanks. They donated money to multiple think tanks trying to get involved in US politics. He has benefited from playing politics in CCP China. So, he always wants to engage in politics wherever he is. That is Pan Shiyi and his wife. 

They did not choose to keep a low profile after coming to the US, instead they put themselves in the spotlight. I heard that they were going to write a book about Wang Qishan. If he writes a book about Wang Qishan, it will definitely be well-sold. He will definitely make money from it. 

I heard that he would also write books about Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan, and another book about Liu Qi — the secretary of the Beijing Municipal Committee. He’d better write those books. And we can sponsor his work. Our New Federal State of China (NFSC) can support him.

Brothers and sisters, when you have been opportunistic all your life — I am talking about speculation or opportunism, not the chicken you eat. Pan Shiyi’s home is right across the street from my apartment, located at the twin towers’ position that I am pointing to. He often jogs in Central Park. Maybe he is running downstairs in Central Park now.

Any speculator is always on the edge of risk. We did not stand in the way of this couple, Pan Shiyi and his wife. Why did they lobby the Hudson Institute back then to stop me from giving remarks there, why did they assist the CCP and Wang Qishan in suing me and spreading rumors against me everywhere? 

This bastard is just a piece of shit. Look at his disgusting appearance. He just looks like a twin brother of Chicken Leg Pan (another lurking spy agent of the CCP overseas). It is ridiculous.

I will do a live broadcast at nine o’clock tomorrow morning. Those who are close to “Nutty Xi” (Xi Jinping), you remember, tomorrow I will say something about Nutty Xi’s state visit to the US back then, no more than ten sentences. I will let you know something that only three or four people could know. And of course, President Xi and Mrs. Peng Liyuan, who are the individuals involved, also know what they did in the room. Apart from them, no more than five people know that, and I am one of them. 

I will stop where it should, and I will not talk so thoroughly about it. Do not worry. I just want you to understand why I know everything about this couple’s talk. Why did some people know what this couple said in their room but didn’t tell them? Who arranged it? Have you found the paintings “Wine Bath” and “Fire Bath” these days? Shouldn’t the truth about the $120 billion commission come out? Have you figured out the Sino-Saudi Agreement yet? And what is the matter with the Huludao oil refining contract? There is also a 25% commission and permanent dry shares being paid. Right? I will tell you more.

I will broadcast live to our fellow fighters from nine o’clock tomorrow. During the broadcast, I will say a dozen sentences to send a message to Beijing. Like what we would say to Chairman Mao back then: “I want to send a message to Chairman Mao, I want to say something to the great leader.” Now it is “I want to send a message to Chairman Xi.” 

Oh my god, this sound is not that “Green Beret” (Lawrence Sellin) falling from the sky, right? He is the daddy of Big-headed liar Lu De, “Looking for Daddy Bo”, “Cancer Face Aili” and Dr. Mo, who lives on welfare in Singapore. These bastards are rubbish, really rubbish. That is so ridiculous.

I really enjoyed it last night. This feeling, do fellow fighters feel the same way? When many people are saved, I feel a sense of accomplishment and not living for nothing. Many fellow fighters said, “Brother-7, I received your medicine, and you saved my life; my blood oxygen level is normal now; we have left the hospital…” I am thrilled while thinking of these. 

It was right here yesterday. A friend of mine in the United States was talking on the phone with the hospital. I was so moved after saving people. Such a big shot, his blood oxygen level returned to normal after taking artemisinin according to our method. He could breathe again after taking ivermectin. Brothers and sisters, can there be anything greater than saving people in the world? 

What do the explosive revelations by the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement in the past few days and the past few weeks mean to the world? There are 21 days — a fellow fighter has calculated that there are 21 or 22 days left. What will happen after 21 days? I want to say some words to my fellow fighters, which are all good news.

Japanese fellow fighters: I have received your messages, and I am particularly moved. What you did is right. The Japanese government needs to realize this. At the appropriate time in the future, Brother-7 will talk about it, including brothers and sisters in Australia — people in the political group. When it comes to speaking English, hey, you are also doing a great job. Do not give up, be persistent. We will eliminate the CCP through the truth of vaccines and demonstrate the power of the NFSC and the Whistleblower Movement in the world through vaccines.

See you tomorrow morning. I will not say any more. See you tomorrow morning, my fellow fighters. Now about the big live broadcast, too many fellow fighters want me to broadcast every day. Brother-7 cannot stand it that way. Everybody also needs time to digest the information. So let us do it every other day. Thank you.

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