Biden Administration Wants India To Remain Client State of China

9/6/2021 Jay Kansara: Kashmir absolutely is the most dangerous place on earth, because Pakistan is the Wu Han lab of terrorism. America just left $83 billion worth of military equipment plus or minus, in the hands of Islamic radical terrorists. India now has to deal with not only fighting hard against Warlords of the Taliban, but also fighting American equipment in their hands. And unfortunately, I think Biden actually was intentional, that they intended to do this in order to keep India in check. Actually, they want India to remain a client state of China, because right now, this administration also seems to be a client state of China.

By: 【秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team】

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秘密翻译组-精翻组 G-Translators/Elite Team

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