Whistleblower Movement Is Not Simple

What Miles wanted to do with fellow fighters not simple like you think. Some Club pursues Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Stalin. This must be eliminated. It is not what Miles wanted. We are going to build something bigger.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2021.9.8 Whistleblower Movement Is Not Simple


Fellow fighters, what Miles wanted to do with you guys is not simple like you think. We are going from the vaccine politics, political vaccination, vaccine real-estate, vaccine finance, vaccine economy, vaccine of taking out CCP with sex scandal, vaccine art vaccine trust fund. You guys can go back to digest it a little bit. All those things are fake. Then you should take a look at the religion group which named a Club. Look at the history of the Club before you take a look at G series.

You will realize the reports from CNBC and BBC are nothing to us. This is actually good for us. The three hours detainment of Jason Miller in Brazil, and CNBC’s report. Greatly is creased the attention of GTV. In the last four years, is there anything that I said was not correct? Was any attack against us proven to be right? Was any truthful? Everyone who attacked us now was proven to be wrong. You guys know what the Club says so often? “We are brothers. We are family. We don’t care about opinions about us.” We don’t care anybody to know us, it’s better nobody knows about us.

Oh, I was in my teenage years, and these all seemed so powerful. Well, so that is the philosophy of them, nobody in China can understand this. If Wang Jianglin and Jack Ma knew about the Club back then, they wouldn’t end up so miserable. For people of NFSC, I am not a member of the Club. I turned them down. Also, it is not what I wanted. We are way bigger than them. Because it pursues Hitler, Mao Zedong, and Stalin, this has to be eliminated, right? Besides, I think they are outdated. We are going to build something bigger.

When I was talking about the sperms and the eggs, this friend who introduced me to the Club. He has been known me for decades. He was getting older. He said, Miles ever since you turned me down on the invitation to our Club. This is the second time you shocked me. I said the most valuable stuff in the world is not paintings, not the jades owned by your, Jade Museum. I can tell you about the most valuable thing for human being is going to be sperms and eggs. Back then, I told him why it was sperms and eggs. I said once China got Olympics games. Once China got into WTO, the world would head into darkness.

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