The Meaning of the NFSC and GClub to the World

If Chinese people don’t have a descent organization, this nation will always have disasters. This organization can not be addressed by any religion or party. That is why we need NFSC and G series. We need a group of people, people with completely different pursuits of life.

Miles Guo’s Broadcast Highlights2021.9.8 The Meaning of NFSC and Gclub to the World

Mr Miles:

The greatest magic of China is the Chinese market. It’s going to start another round of competition. The empty market of China’s hundreds years of poverty will draw the crocodiles from all over the world. They are here to share the cake of China and to enslave the Chinese people. They cultivated a party of CCP. The CCP wanted to rule all humanity, that will be a time of bloodbath, full of all types of wars, and biochemical wars and chemical wars are within the plans of CCP, this will also connect to Russia north of China.

At that time, I asked him, how did all the empires fall? Why did China not fall, will it? Take a good look at the history of south Tang dynasty. Liu Bang of Han dynasty, ten state era, how did Zhu Di die or won? Where did Beijing came from? Zhu Di used 800 soldiers to kill his own nephew to get to Beijing. The capital of Yuan, why? His stupid nephew didn’t allow anybody to kill his uncle. Because he didn’t want to have the reputation of killing his own blood line, Zhu Di lost almost all the battles.

But, they cannot kill time, eventually Zhu Di conquered Nan Jing and killed his nephew,

burnt the palace. Eventually you got the emperor Zhu Di. For today, Chinese people is the naïve nephew. Zhu DI is CCP, if you know about Beijing and today. Regardless if it was era of the five empires or Chun Qiu dynasty, or the era of the three Kingdoms, or ten countries. If Chinese people don’t have a descent organization. This nation and country will always have disasters.

This cannot be addressed by any religion or party. That is why we are going to have G series. We need to have GClub, we need a group of people, people with completely different pursuits of life. Those guys pursuing arts are a bunch of bastards, when you no longer care about money, you are the master of money. When you do care, you are a slave to money, we need to be masters of money and reputation, cannot be their slaves

The illuminati is great and has huge power all over the world.

However, what does it have? It has ambition and hierarchy. This is the opposite of the current democracy and the internet. You cannot find anything about it through google.

A lot of people in google are illuminati members, what I said this in my broadcasting today, you cannot find in China either. But what do we want? Anyone can find out about what they did not want people to know. We will always be NFSC and our future can be known to anyone. GClub members will not have any limitation. This is the platform we build Illuminati said we are no organization, have no structure or management. We don’t have organization either. But I never said anything else, when our race health, faith, wealth, and power become united, what are we going to be? Just think about it.

Video Clip:NorthAurora
Chinese Subtitles: Yushanxiqiaoke
Subtitles+Video Editor:xtts

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