Mr. Miles Guo’s video sharing on September 13th, 2021

September 13th: The day when the Chinese were liberated as a milestone in modern history, and also when the Chinese were heading for shame. This behavior cannot be separated from the performance of Pan Shiyi’s couple! And he has been acting as a white glove…arrogant and ignorant, stupid behavior, watching Chinese entrepreneurs…in fact, they are all a group of economic and political thugs who are lucky and lucky. It’s just a business liar!

September 13th: Today’s Wall Street report is an exaggerated, false and dishonest report. The fine for our settlement with the SEC should be a total of 35 million U.S. dollars, including Wei Lihong as long as 5 million U.S. dollars! Therefore, from these hypocritical and exaggerated reports, we should even see the hypocrisy and rogue faces of the so-called serious media in the West… The depravity of these media and the blending of evil forces with the Communist Party. This is how human beings are now suffering from the Communist Party virus. And one of the important factors of the vaccine disaster.

1. Today is a memorable day on September 13

Generally speaking, the 3rd, 13th, 24th, and 28th of September are the big days of the Chinese Communist Party. After Mao Zedong, the demon of the Communist Party, died on September 13th that year, no one in China lost a piece of meat. There is no such thing as a saint in the world, and if there is a saint, he will definitely not live in the life world.

2. Anyone who is superior and has superpowers is a liar

Please keep this in mind. People of flesh and blood have sexual desire, fear, fear of death, and even hypocrisy, including Miles Guo himself, all of which are of the same nature. It’s just that different people have different levels of performance, don’t be superstitious.

3. You are everything to yourself, and you are your own ten thousand Buddhas and gods

Can you cultivate to this point? When you cultivate, you are your own ten thousand Buddhas and gods. If you fail to cultivate, you are an ordinary person. Or they have too many deficiencies and too many garbage thoughts, very human thoughts, greedy, and are not human themselves.

4. Look down on life and death, look down on fame and fortune

If you surpass the morals and virtues of ordinary people, and stick to the laws and rules of the most probabilities of the living environment, you are a human being. Being able to despise life and death, and liberate from life and death; despise fame and fortune, and live without relying on others. With an independent personality, you are ten thousand Buddhas and ten thousand gods;

5. Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin are acting and white gloves wherever they go

Two fake actors Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin have just written guarantees in China, and they have been guaranteed by someone to go to the United States. They still don’t forget to perform in the stands the chance encounter tricks often played in China. he hope to use “random encounters” to prove that He is fine and to express the status quo of having safely arrived in the United States.

Back then, in China, Pan Shiyi’s real estate advertisement bought many CCTV people, pretending to take Pan Shiyi into the camera, and spent a lot of money in private to create the so-called “random encounter” plot.

Pan Shiyi is still a white-glove role in the United States, a money laundering role, a tax evasion role, and a acting role. Wherever such scumbags go, they are social scumbags. Because Pan Shiyi bought tens of millions of school buildings, his son was able to enter a prestigious school. Now he has made a big mistake and is said to be expelled from the school.

6. He has tasted the benefits of playing politics in China, but still want to return to the old industry in the United States

Pan Shiyi and Zhang Xin have been engaged in relationships with American think tanks all day long in the United States, donating money to one and the other, trying to play with American politics; it is said that they are trying to write books, writing books about the relationship with Wang Qishan, and they will definitely be popular by then and definitely make money. He wrote a book with Xi Jinping and Peng Liyuan, and a book with Liu Qi, secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee. He wanted to write a book in this area, and the New Federal State of China would be willing to provide financial support;

7. A person is an opportunist, he will always be in a state of opportunism throughout his life

Pan Shiyi is rubbish. He lobbied the Hudson Institute to prevent Mr. Guo’s anti-communist speech, helped CCP, helped him abuse Wang Qishan, and spread rumors to slander Mr. Guo. If he stood with Chicken Leg Pan, he would definitely look like a twin.

8. Tomorrow live broadcast to people around Xi Dashen

In tomorrow’s live broadcast, there will be no more than ten words that I hope will be passed on to God Xi and the people around him. Click to the end, not so thorough, don’t worry about the inside story. With regard to Xi Jinping’s visit to the United States that year, let them know that only no more than five people knew the details, Mr. Guo was one of them. Why would Mr. Guo know what the couple said? Why didn’t these people know why they didn’t tell Xi Jinping? Who arranged the matter?

9. The two paintings “Wine Bath” and “Fire Bath” should also be found

Shouldn’t the $120 billion dollars matter also be clear? Should we understand the oil contract between China and Saudi Arabia? There is also the inside story of the Huludao oil refining contract, in which there is a 25% rebate, and there is also the inside story of permanent dry shares.

10. It is really happy to be able to achieve the purpose of saving people

Many people’s lives have been saved, and they really feel a sense of accomplishment. After receiving the antidote from Mr. Guo, the blood oxygen level of the infected person recovered, and they left the hospital. They were really rescued continuously, and they were really happy;

11. The relatives of American dignitaries were also rescued

Mr. Guo talked with his relatives who were rescued in the hospital together with American dignitaries. After taking the antidote of Artemisinin, the blood oxygen of the critically ill patients returned to normal, and some of them were able to breathe normally after taking ivermectin. In the whole world, can there be something bigger than saving people? What impact will this day, this week, and a large number of live broadcasts have on the world? Let’s wait and see.

12. There are still 21 days, which is a 90-day deadline.

See what happens in the end, I want to give my comrades a word, all nice words.

13. The information conveyed by the Japanese comrades in arms has been received, and the method is correct. It is too important for the Japanese government to realize this point, and Mr. Guo will give a detailed explanation when appropriate in the future;

14. The Australian political team has done a great job, never give up, and is persistent. Eliminate the communists through the vaccine disaster, and demonstrate the power of the New Federal State of China in the world through the vaccine incident.

15. Obtained a large certificate on September 13

16. The SEC’s settlement conclusion is announced

Major newspapers widely competed for front-page headline reports, and the Wall Street Journal stolen and changed posts, weaving lies and fighting eyeballs, and slandered them as fines of 530 million US dollars. GTV, Saraka 30 million US dollars and Jiu Zhi Yao 5 million US dollars in total bear 35 million in fines and interest, and about 490 million US dollars in refunds. Fourteen days later, the comrades-in-arms could see the process of the refund, and 99.99% of the comrades were unwilling to refund.

17. There will be a big event in less than 24 hours today

Let’s see how Mr. Guo beat the Communist Party and the bully in the face, and how to break them with his fart. Let them grit their teeth and watch the results.

18. 30 million U.S. dollars is a drop in the world for the cause of extermination

The mainstream media uses methods to distort the truth and weave the usual routine of lies, and it’s just another performance.

19. Today’s big live broadcast, see or leave.

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