Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on September 12, 2021

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In his live broadcast on Sept. 12, Mr. Miles Guo says that the vaccine disaster will emerge by the end of this year. He bets that Covid vaccine producers will go bankrupt. Zhang Hongwei and Chen Yuan received the highest single commission of $120 billion in human history. The CCP is expanding the Qianhai Free Trade Zone to internationalize RMB and it will shoot three poison arrows at Hong Kong. Here are the highlights from the live broadcast.

Opening Remarks

Today’s live broadcast will likely be interrupted multiple times. A few sources tell me that the CCP is going to stop today’s big broadcast because they know what I’m going to say. My words will have deep meanings, so make sure you listen carefully. You should connect what I say today with the points from the previous big broadcasts. We will talk about the CCP virus, the Covid vaccine, and what’s really happening in the world. We’re going to talk about some new ideas, the antidote, then move on to Evergrande, the economy, real estate, Ping An Group, China Minsheng Banking Corp, and the last part of this broadcast will have an important breaking news.

The Bet on Taiwan

I do not have any information indicating that the Covid outbreak in Fujian Province is related to the CCP’s plan to attack Taiwan. There will be no food problem with the CCP’s war on Taiwan, but Taiwan will be in big trouble because of the devastating strike from the CCP. Regarding that bet on Taiwan, our development team wanted our brothers in arms to participate at first, but the plan failed. For now, I will work with Australia and Japan to use their gambling platform. At the moment, we do now allow our brothers in arms to participate.

The Vaccine Disaster

People have realized that disallowing the use of ivermectin will cause serious issues. Why does the government promote Covid vaccines but not ivermectin? The American family I had dinner with yesterday has had three Covid vaccine shots. His whole family was horrified and crying after watching the video by the G translator team, saying why the people are not allowed to use ivermectin and artemisinin. It’s not just that common people are ignorant, this man is a former head of state. The vaccine mortality and side effects will emerge by the end of this year. I said that in 60 to 90 days, if anyone has poor physical condition, their life will be at risk. I believe this November or December, humanity will enter the greatest crisis of vaccine politics all over the world.

The World Expo in the UAE

I generally cannot talk about the UAE because I was a citizen of it, and I have now given up the passport, but I still have many friends and families there. The World Expo is very important to the UAE. I tell them through various channels to be careful. The UAE has a high vaccination rate because they trust the Chinese so much. There are 200,000 Chinese in the UAE now. The CCP will not release the virus at the Expo, but the natural spread of the virus is uncontrollable. The CCP releasing the virus is not necessarily the scariest thing during the Expo. but the different factions in the CCP could have political struggles and plant evidence against each other. I am really worried about the Expo. The UAE takes the Expo very seriously, the same as we did with the Olympics. They have paid an entire country’s price for all those vaccinations to make the Expo a success. What worries me the most is that the CCP is using this to proliferate international and domestic conflicts, and no one can solve them anymore.

The Bet on Pfizer’s Bankruptcy

My next bet has to do with Pfizer. The first bet is that Pfizer will go bankrupt and I’ll short it, just like what I did with the Hong Kong dollar. Many people have lost money, but we haven’t and will continue to make more money. Shorting stocks has other leverages at the same time. When I mentioned shorting, all the people I talked to were baffled, saying it was too big to be possible. I said I wanted to short them and find those insurance companies. My fund will short it with 1,000 times leverage, and I’m going to set the time to the end of December 2022. I’m going to put up $10 billion to hedge against you, and more if needed. I’m sure Pfizer, Sinovac Biotech, and several other pharmaceutical companies will face an unprecedented international trial. We will lay out multiple choices of which evil organizations Pfizer is working with. It is the bet of the century, and the vaccine disaster will happen late this year or early next year.

The New Federal State of China Passport

The New Federal State of China (NFSC) passport will happen, and more brothers in arms need to step up to the plate. This gentleman from one of the countries we are talking to about passports is very fond of Chinese culture. We are talking to multiple countries at the same time about cooperation. First they want to give us separate islands, separate sea areas, and will sign contracts so that people can receive passports with global access upon arrival. They are very supportive of the NFSC, the G series, and the Himalaya Exchange, and they support Taiwan. This progress is tied to our past efforts, and it will be largely finalized by the end of this year. After transition passports from a third country, we will eventually issue our own NFSC passports. The environment there is very beautiful and there will be our own education system. Our brothers in arms will enter a completely different way of life after the vaccine catastrophe. Humanity will live in segregated communities of high levels of trust. Sometimes I wonder if I were not human that I could make things work so perfectly. Let there be no illusions. Let’s take action.

Dejiaoshe is a scam.

Virtue is the essence of Tao, and Tao is the foundation of virtue. I noticed that something was wrong with Dejiaoshe, but many Himalaya farm leaders were still promoting him. I have long said that reaching out for money from brothers in arms is not allowed. Don’t you have to ask who and where he is before giving him money? You don’t even know what he looks like and you believe him. Anyone who asks you to give him money and to believe him is a total liar. Many religious people have no religion at all in their hearts. They are just there to scam money. I have seen too many of them. What amazes me is that most of the brothers in arms at the San Francisco Farm all fell for him and the farm leaders fully supported him despite what we had been through. Some people are not worthy of pity. You will grow wise when you’ve been cheated a few times. I just watched him perform. I must show the true face of the Dejiaoshe’s leader. I’m going to use these bad people to show everyone how to open their eyes to distinguish good from evil. This is not something you can put aside by saying you’re sorry at the San Francisco farm. Brothers in arms in China have been arrested because of this and it’s not going to end with an apology. A lot of people don’t realize the serious consequences of this.

Covid Vaccine and Antidote

Why should you hold the responsibility when the government makes you get vaccinated? How can you make an effective vaccine when you don’t even know where the virus came from? Is vaccination necessary in terms of basic logic? Many of the world’s elites not only vaccinate themselves but have their children and grandchildren vaccinated. They were told about the antidote, so why not use it? Ivermectin and dexamethasone are life-saving treatments, and artemisinin is the antidote.

The Evergrande Crisis

Evergrande had HKD 2 trillion assets at its best according to published figures. Now it is between HKD 140 and HKD 200 billion. I broke the news in 2017 that Evergrande would lose everything. Many of those with tens of billions of dollars invested in Evergrande have lost everything. One Evergrande investor is in Sweden. The CCP police showed up at his home in Sweden. The CCP police laid out his financial records in front of him, threatening to sue him for money laundering. Such highly intelligent and successful people paid the full price at Evergrande because of greed and ignorance. He cannot survive the fall to hell from heaven, unlike us, the grassroots,  with a strong ability to adapt. Their minds are broken. They will not believe in God anymore. With millions of people implicated in Evergrande and millions of families behind it, Evergrande will be the biggest economic collapse in history.

Ping An will be finished.

I have no grudge against Peter Ma, but the CCP is his Father. I have a grudge against the CCP so I have to whistleblow on Peter. When I exposed HNA I said I would take down Ping An because it had harmed too many people. Look at Evergrande today and you know to stay away from Ping An immediately or you will pay the price. I am fully responsible for any brothers in arms who get sued for spreading the video of Peter Ma and Ping An. If people don’t leave Ping An and Lufax now, they will be worse off than Evergrande.

A Single Brokerage Fee of $120 Billion

Dong Wenbiao will end up even worse than Wang Jian. Dong Wenbiao’s best buddy Li Zhanshu is Xi Jinping’s best buddy. Hong Qi’s brother is almost everything to Jia Qinglin. The China Development Bank (CDB) is owned by Chen Yuan, who is involved in the global economy and the Belt and Road Initiative. The “white gloves” (proxy owners who keep assets on behalf of the CCP leaders) here are Peter Ma and Dong Wenbiao. The biggest “white gloves” ever in the history are the CCP officials, who legally pocketed a broker fee of $120 billion in a single deal, while Peter Ma struggled for half his life with only $300 billion net worth. Correction, Xi Jinping did not know the painting “The Bath of Fire”, because his people asked me about the painting and wanted to investigate this matter. In the future, people will definitely understand their own bodies and art differently after seeing “The Bath of Fire”. Knowledge and experience are very important for a person.

Not only does Zhang Hongwei have the painting “The Bath of Wine”, but also his big boss is named Chen Yuan, the man who brokered the Aramco oil deal between Saudi Arabia and the CCP. The brokerage fee for this single $500 billion contract was $120 billion. Zhang Hongwei handled this largest single brokerage fee in the history of the planet. The Sino-Russia oil deal was $460 billion with a $10 billion kickback. Later, another $460 billion contract was signed with a $20 billion kickback. Zhang Hongwei was able to receive $120 billion, and I was keeping an eye on where his money was going. This money actually went through Pakistan and Singapore. The CDB is still controlled by Chen Yuan. This $120 billion fee will definitely change the politics of the CCP. Someone will die after I break the news. This $120 billion brokerage fee will change the world landscape.

The contract they used was originally drafted by us, and we’re supposed to get 25% of that commission of the contract they closed. What’s the relationship between Chen Yuan and Xi? Why does Zhang Hongwei have the painting “The Bath of Wine?”  Remember what I said about $120 billion. Jho Low’s $10 billion was a shocking theft case, which is nothing compared with $120 billion. The CDB is a platform for the CCP’s founders’ children to steal from the country. They took $120 billion in one single swoosh in the Saudi deal. What we found out later was very shocking. The money was taken by Zhang Hongwei and Chen Yuan. Why does Zhang Hongwei have the painting “The Bath of Fire?” If you cannot connect the dots of what I revealed before and after, you will not know the significance of the Whistleblowers Movement. The CDB is a money-laundering tool for the so-called founders of the country and the escort of the Belt and Road Initiative. What Peter Ma, Pony Ma, and Jack Ma earned in a lifetime is not as much as someone earned in a single deal. This broker fee is at zero cost. It is time for the Chinese people to wake up. I can guarantee you that none of the old bastards in Zhongnanhai have this type of knowledge. They don’t have the skills or the intelligence, but they can steal money.

I have met a female pilot who spoke Chinese. She was particularly fond of Chinese culture and studied Chinese philosophy, but later found that Chinese Taoism and Confucianism were all deceptions and switched to flying airplanes. From Big Head Lude, Dejiaoshe to Zhang Hong Wei, Chen Yuan, and Evergrande, they all share one essence of stealing and cheating, that is, ruling by falsehood, ruling by cheating, ruling by stealing, and ruling by police. You cannot find a bank to deposit $120 million, let alone $120 billion. If you can, I will kowtow to you. There is no longer any justice or fairness for mankind. That’s how crazy the world is. Why not tell everyone the truth about the virus instead of letting you get vaccinated? It’s not just the end times, but the time of the greatest crisis with no justice or conscience. They have a collective gag order on free speech globally. You do not feel how important GTV is. Without GTV our words will never be heard and $120 billion and Evergrande will never be known. The Whistleblowers Movement and the NFSC are so great that we are seen by many as the only hope for humanity.

Where did the $120 billion go?

There were rumors before and after the Saudi contract. No one is qualified to talk about the economy without having attended a gathering of the bigwigs. When the big bosses gathered to talk about virtual currencies, two of them asked me not to speak about Bitcoin. I later withdrew from their club. I could not speak his name, but I must speak about Bitcoin. I was the only person in the world who told everyone that 4% of the people hold 96% of the bitcoins. Abramovich’s one billion euro ship has an annual management fee of 20%. No Chinese owner has the taste or the gut to enjoy that. Chinese have the wealth but not the ability to harness it.

The CCP’s Division 2 is the biggest player in Bitcoin. They can control that wealth too. There are no more than four people among the Princelings who can harness the wealth as well as Chen Yuan. Zhang Hongwei’s second wife, whose WeChat name is Eater, is one of the few women in China who can eat, play, enjoy, and speak English well. There are also his son and daughter. Chen Yuan used Zhang Hongwei as his crutch. Through Zhang Hongwei he controls people’s livelihoods, overseas intelligence systems and deep connections in the Middle East. Given Zhang Hongwei’s relationship with the Jiang family, 20% of the $120 billion brokerage fee must belong to Alvin Jiang. Zhang Hongwei is in charge of moving money out of the country, and only Bitcoin can hide such a large sum of money without paying taxes. He dumped Bitcoins at a high price and bought it at a low price.

Qianhai Free Trade Zone and the Three Poison Arrows

The Belt and Road Initiative is a belt and road for a few Communist families. When I knew that a man named Rafi (phonetic translation) opened a Bitcoin account, I got intelligence about several planes taking off and I knew that Wu Xiaohui and Ye Jianming were finished, followed by the internationalization of the RMB through the Qianhai Economic Development Zone as part of the plan for the Greater Bay Area. Now Qianhai will be expanded with three goals, or three poison arrows: First, the CCP will take down the “Four Big Shameless Families” (real estate tycoons) of Hong Kong and centralize their wealth. The CCP will loot Hong Kong’s wealth for redistribution. When Shekou and other areas are included in the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong’s land will be worthless. Second, the CCP will force the digital RMB on Hong Kong and completely abolish the Hong Kong dollar. When the Hong Kong dollar is gone and the land is gone, the CCP will make sure Hong Kong continues to provide financial services. Third, internationalization of digital RMB in Hong Kong will completely kill the US dollar. Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait have all followed the CCP. In the worldwide energy war, the Middle East and Asia are all on their knees, and the US dollar will be kicked out of the Middle East and Asia, so that $120 billion is just a small amount of money.

Hong Kong to Become a Concentration Camp

The CCP continues to help a country build a biochemical weapons lab. The evil nations have had a taste of the benefits of biochemical warfare. Financial warfare, digital currency, energy monopoly, and biochemical warfare have quietly begun in our lives. Finally, the CCP is promoting the idea of “common prosperity” in the country. The so-called common prosperity means the CCP will take away rich people’s money in the name of people. Hong Kong people have not yet felt that the CCP will bring the “sharing assets” and “sharing wives” model. Hong Kong’s Regina Ip and CY Leung fought. They say that the population of Hong Kong should be reduced to 4 million: (1) “Unstable elements” (dissidents) from the mainland with Hong Kong passports should be repatriated to the mainland. (2) Those who participated in the protests in Hong Kong should be sent back to the mainland or forced to go abroad. Only the Hong Kong Red Guards and those who work in financial services can stay. (3) More ruthlessly, the scholars in Hong Kong should be locally managed, like concentration camps for Jews.

The CCP will embed representatives in Hong Kong financial institutions.

What I have not said today is how all our families will survive and live on the mainland and the big disaster ahead. The CCP will embed representatives in Hong Kong financial institutions, and they will enter Hong Kong under the name of “National Economic and Financial Committee” and “International Financial Risk Control Committee”. This is the realization of the lifestyle in Hitler’s exclusionary concentration camp with complete AI intelligence control. You cannot possibly imagine the two things the CCP will do at home, both of which are more evil than the Cultural Revolution. The gang of Lenin, Marx, and Engels went about killing people under the banner of communism, which is a dictatorship. Communist China is going to practice Hitler’s Nazism in Hong Kong and divide people into different classes. Vaccines have diverted the attention of all mankind and the media will not allow a voice.

Communist China spent $2 trillion to control the narrative globally.

One comment from a CCP leader startled me. He said our party had spent $2 trillion in the last 15-20 years to control the narrative globally, very worthy. The CCP spends $100 billion a year on overseas propaganda machines and controls all the western media. They attack our Whistleblowers Movement and they usually publish three or four episodes in a row. These are organized and controlled efforts to smear us while creating a pair of glasses for overseas Chinese that no one can see through.

We speak about the destination of the $120 billion brokerage fee, the fall of Hong Kong, and the expansion of the Qianhai district with very mixed feelings because our compatriots are Chinese and the last thing we want is for the CCP to perish and take away our compatriots with them. If the CCP is not taken down, the Chinese people will be destroyed. We don’t want to see the bad news coming, but this is the trap laid by the CCP to either continue to enslave you or exterminate you. I don’t want the Chinese to be the enemy of the whole world. I speak with a heavy heart because I know it could very well happen. How are you going to fight the devil when hooligans like Big Head Lude and Dejiaoshe can be part of the Whistleblowers Movement? Hong Kong is a place that China connects with human civilization, but Hong Kong officials have gone so far as to openly talk about sharing wealth or else getting out of Hong Kong. When the Jews were sent to concentration camps, they really thought that they would go to a wonderful place, but all of them were hurt or slaughtered. The Hong Kong movement was sure to win if it would continue for another two or three months. At this point, we must have 100 million people watching the Whistleblowers Movement broadcast all the time, otherwise, the CCP would not be so scared. Those who do not watch us, do not, dare not, or cannot believe us, and these people have paid the price. The disaster of Evergrande will definitely be repeated in Ping An. How many people still have illusions about Shanghai Bank, Ping An, and Minsheng? What do Hong Kong people who do not flee in a rush still fantasize about?

Beware of scammers.

Our brothers in arms Little Hui and a family in Japan were sick in the last few days, but those who took their medication on time are fine. The Whistleblowers Movement does not want a penny, not requiring conditions or making deals. The good news about the G series at the end of the 90 days will surprise you. Tao is the Western fraternity of true and sincere kindness to others. Dejiaoshe is the complete opposite of Tao. We don’t want those 60 comrades who paid Dejiaoshe to join the Whistleblowers Movement because they will harm our good brothers in arms. Cultivation is for the future, morality is how to live well in the present. I put up with him just for Mingdao and Isabella. As long as he was not overboard I could tolerate him. It is sad that 60 people made donations to him. Like Snake Demon Yan, we held her up and finally, she said we gained fame because of her. Some media wanted to interview me to expose her, but we don’t want Chinese people attacking Chinese people again. Why don’t G|Clubs offer $1 million or $10 million membership cards? How much money have we invested in total? So far, we own 5% of Gettr. Dejiaoshe just preached about Taoism on GTV and surprisingly some people donated money to him. How pathetic these people are! People like Nine-finger Demon cheat people in the name of faith without blinking. And so many other brothers in arms who follow the Whistleblowers Movement surprisingly invested in Evergrande.

Peter Ma harmed Hong Kongers, Americans, Europeans, and the Japanese.

The core reason for my attack on Peter Ma and Ping An is HSBC. I admire Peter Ma for still sticking to the principles we talked about in the first place, but he helped the CCP to do evil and harmed the children of Hong Kong. Peter Ma and Zhou Liang did bad things recently, and I can’t see them continuing to harm people. Peter Ma has laid a trap in the West to help the CCP to harm the Japanese, Canadians, and Spaniards. He ripped off so many Western and American pension funds. He has embedded so many secret CCP agents in the funds. Peter Ma must stop harming the elderly in Europe and in England. You’re going to get old too, Peter. You can’t do that. The trap you laid out in Japan is the equivalent of starting a war, and I must stop you. You remember, Peter Ma, because of what happened to HSBC, you will be judged most cruelly by the people of Hong Kong and the NFSC and the righteous people of the West. Because Peter Ma’s Lufax is hurting countries like England, Japan, Canada, and the United States, he will die in a horrible way, very horrible.

Foreign companies are exiting Communist China.

We are the only platform for truths. The Korean company Samsung pulled out of Communist China, and I’m the first in the world to tell you, even their own executives didn’t know about it. Sanyo, Robotics, Sony, Walmart, and such companies are leaving China in large numbers, and all these companies are contacting us. The CCP says that foreign companies rape national industries, as a result, they leave, and the CCP now doesn’t want to and begs for rape. This is the rogue logic of the CCP. These car companies left and took the technology with them. The CCP only leases other people’s technology. Toyota is our absolute buddy. We met with them in 2016 and Toyota said they would not give the CCP any new technology or contracts. I said that Samsung would pay a big price in China. Samsung pulled out and the BYD can no longer use Samsung’s technology.

Like a fire in the house, the chain reaction of this economic fire cannot be put out. It will trigger an economic crisis similar to a nuclear explosion around the world, very brutal to humanity. Be sure to study the history of the Second World War. After America and Britain joined the war, Hitler wanted to take over Stalingrad. With such an economic environment, can the CCP still execute its global plan? France and Italy hate the Chinese very much now, and Germany is about to start changing next. A European bigwig told me the other day that France Lepen might win, and that all of Europe is changing. They feel it deeply. The only thing to fix the vaccine problem is the truth about the virus and to get everyone to use hydroxychloroquine sulfate and zinc as prophylactic. The whole world will surely be liberated by taking out those 90 people in the CCP. The brothers in arms would have known the greatness of the Whistleblowers Movement and the NFSC if they had gone through this too.

Sperm and Eggs

We men and women have highs and lows, as do countries and nations. The earliest civilization came from the female womb and the male testicles. Sex was supposed to be a very sunny thing, but sadly people are now ashamed to talk about it, which is the most evil shackle put on us humans. Some people started a rumor that comrade Zhong Ren doesn’t have legs. I don’t believe it. One must have basic judgment and common sense. I’m the first to say that sperm and eggs are the most valuable things, especially if they are not vaccinated. We are also the only movement in history that doesn’t require money contribution, and anyone who does is a liar. All those reaching out for money, I must not give, because what is the purpose of you asking for it? What I give you is a different matter. There are no pensions for the poor in this world. You are deprived of your sperm and eggs and are not allowed to talk about it, otherwise, you are considered low. Can you tell us what happens when the sperm and the egg join? Why is it genetic? Why do the communists say it is dearer to you than your father and mother? The sperm and the egg set up our life for us by mysterious forces in the heaven’s unknown to us. No one can decide where our lives go. This is the only truth we seek and the righteousness I want to create. The power of the NFSC will be validated after each live broadcast.

(All contents are subject to Mr. Miles Guo’s live video.)

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