Mr. Wengui Guo’s Next Bet-Shorting Will Be Pfizer and Other Drug Company Oligarchs Which Made and Sold Toxic Vaccines

Translated by: MOS Translation Team – John

Mr. Guo said during a live broadcasting on September 12, local time that he would open the next international political and business bet-shorting the world’s coronavirus vaccine manufacturing and selling oligarchs such as Pfizer, Kexin, and Sinopharm.

Recently many heads of state, political rising stars, and capital giants have expressed their deep terror and horror at the catastrophe caused by vaccines. They are becoming increasingly aware of the following three problems:

1. Why has no one backtracked the origins of the virus?

2. Why do vaccinators have no right to know the specific components of the vaccine?

3. With no answers to the questions above, why are the governments and pharmaceutical regulators forcing vaccination and preventing the use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, and zinc, which have been well supported by a substantial number of clinical studies?

The international humanitarian catastrophe caused by forced vaccination will erupt around the end of this year, and next year, the people will start denouncing and prosecuting the governments of their countries for forced vaccination.

Mr. Guo will be openly setting up a betting game, and the initial planning involves the following aspects:

1. Will Pfizer, Sinopharm, Kexin, and other drug companies go bankrupt? Leverage for additional shortening.

2. Will Pfizer be held accountable globally?

3. Who are the behind-the- scenes of Pfizer, Kexin, and other pharmaceutical companies?

In addition, Mr. Guo said that this gambling game will be in line with the “Taiwan gambling game,” setting up a high betting access level. It is not recommended and does not even allow the general grassroots fighters to participate in this money-burning game.

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