The CCP Rejects Marvel’s New Film; Asian Superhero “Shang-Chi” Dominates the U.S. and Global Box Office

Translated by: MOS Information Group — Franklin

On September 12, Miles Guo posted on Gettr, “The time to take down the Chinese Communist Party while making big money is quietly approaching. The era of following the Communist Party into the crematorium is coming to an end. The Communist Party, you are done… (“Shang-Chi” has earned) nearly 300 million US dollars in the box office, not including Communist China.”

Since its release on September 3, the movie “Shang-Chi” has won the US box office chart for two consecutive weekends. As of September 12, the film has gained $145.6 million revenue at North American box offices. Although it has not yet been approved to be screened in the theaters of the Communist China, the global box office of the film is still as high as 257.6 million US dollars. Another movie, “Free Guy”, is positioned as an entertainment blockbuster. Although it has been released for five weeks, it is behind “Shang-Chi” in the US box office and ranks second. Currently, with China’s 76 million box office, “Free Guy” temporarily maintains the world’s top box office.

The CCP has used its huge domestic market to strictly censor Hollywood movies for many years. By participating in film investment and other methods, infiltrating Hollywood and then controlling the Western cultural and entertainment market. And under the spread and influence of the Whistle-blower movement, Hollywood has become intolerable to kidnap the evil nature and value of the CCP and threaten itself. At the Oscars ceremony in April this year, the Chinese director Zhao Ting, who was banned from the CCP’s entire network, and his film “Nomadland” won multiple awards. Not long ago, Miles Guo’s song of extinction CCP was topped on Billboard, multiple singles hitting charts on various platforms such as iTunes. The CCP uses the five techniques of controlling the people to firmly control the people. In the entertainment industry, only the spirit of the hatred and violence that is allowed to exist, and it uses the psychology of hatred to intensify contradictions. The spirit of resistance in “Shang-Chi” does not conform to the political and cultural direction of the CCP. But the box office revenue of “Shang-Chi” proved that everyone could earn more and cleaner money with dignity in an era without the CCP.


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