Mr. Miles Guo‘s GTV live broadcast on September 12, 2021

Miles Guo’s live broadcast on September 12, 2021: A major crisis in vaccine politics will erupt at the end of this year. Miles will start a bet again: Pfizer will definitely go bankrupt and will be subject to international sanctions; the largest single rebate for mankind is US$120 billion. He China Development Bank Chen Yuan took away, of which 20 billion was given to Jiang Zhicheng; the expansion of the Qianhai Economic Development Zone is the layout of the CCP’s RMB internationalization; the CCP’s three poisonous arrows;…

1. Li Zhanshu is not only a good friend of Dong Wenbiao, but also a good friend of Xi Jinping

Zhang Dejiang, Li Zhanshu, Han Zheng, and their children or illegitimate children all used Dong Wenbiao to borrow large amounts of money, while their political opponents have been staring at each other. Not to mention Hong Qi, almost everything about Jia Qinglin. These people have to be turned into Wang Jian in the end.

2. The most corrupt relationship between the largest financial institution in the Chinese Communist Party: China Development Bank

It belongs to Chen Yuan and is an important tool for playing the United States, playing the world, the One Belt One Road, small and medium-sized enterprises, corrupt Africa, and the blue and golden and yellow United States. There are white gloves Ma Mingzhe, Zhang Hongwei, Dong Wenbiao and so on.

3. The best in the world: a commission includes 120 billion U.S. dollars in cash

Government officials of the Communist Party of China used the national platform to squeeze their pockets, a business, at zero cost, and easily obtained 120 billion US dollars in pure cash and legal income. Evergrande Real Estate has been scammed and defrauded for only US$300 billion in decades, including a lot of false accounts. Ma Mingzhe has been mixed for decades, with talents reaching hundreds of billions of dollars. He has to hide in Tibet, and his income is illegal. Chen Yuan used the white glove Zhang Hongwei to easily put in 120 billion U.S. dollars;

4. Saudi Arabia and the Communist Party of China signed a long-term oil supply agreement with a contract value of US$500 billion dollars

The White Glove Zhang Hongwei (actually an intelligence system controlled by Chen Yuan) facilitated the long-term oil supply contract between Saudi Arabia and the Chinese Communist Party “Aramco Oil Agreement”, valued at US$500 billion, with 20% equity, 25% commission, and a lump sum payment , Payment and possession is all cash payment, the most in history. Zhang Hongwei remitted relevant funds through Pakistan Petroleum Corporation, Singapore Petroleum Corporation, and Eastern Energy Corporation (controlled by Zhang Hongwei). It shows that although Chen Yuan has retired, he still has absolute control over China Development Bank.

5. 120 billion corruption will definitely change China’s geopolitics

Xi Jinping does not understand the economy, does not have IQ, and does not understand the rules of the game. He has been played time and time again, and Zhang Hongwei has easily taken away the 120 billion US dollars. Miles Guo has been paying attention. After the news is revealed, someone will definitely check it, and it will definitely be a bloody storm. The agreement between Saudi Arabia and the Communist Party of China, the first word, the first draft and the final transaction version, all come from the plan of the Miles Fund, and there are still more than one billion consultant fees that have not been liquidated. According to the agreement, 20% of Miles’s fund should be paid, but all the money was taken away by Zhang Hongwei. Chen Yuan is Xi Jinping’s rival, and it is also the reason why Zhang Hongwei was able to own the painting “Wine Bath”.

5. Chen Yuan regards himself as the founding shareholder of the founding country

The China Development Bank is a platform and tool prepared by the Chinese Communist Party for its founders to transfer the country’s wealth. Chen Yuan believes that he is the founding shareholder of the country, the escort of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the tool of the Blue Golden Yellow United States. Saudi Arabia will buy it by the Chinese Communist Party for the future US$1.2 trillion. Petroleum is only traded in RMB.

6. Trillions of US dollars in Sino-Russian energy transactions were also taken away from commissions of 40 billion US dollars

The first Sino-Russian energy transaction signed by Xi Jinping and Putin was US$460 billion. Someone took US$10 billion each from China and Russia. The second contract was about US$500 billion, and a total commission of US$40 billion was taken away. Among them, one of Xi’s subordinates (a Jiangsu official), who had been exposed before, took 10 billion U.S. dollars, but was also a white glove. He got the billions of dollars, bought a yacht, and is now sailing from southern France to Sicily.

7. CCP’s cultural construction of corruption structure

Confucianism in the long history has failed to bring common sense of civilization to the Chinese people. The so-called morality is actually a scam. Morality originally had its merits. The modern emphasis on people-oriented ethics and values ​​is completely inconsistent with the emperor-oriented ethics and values ​​in the past. What happened in CCP today, as well as the LuDe, the moral education system, Zhang Hongwei, Chen Yuan, Ma Mingzhe, Hengda incident, etc., are all a problem. The country is governed by fakes, deceived, secretly governed, and police governed. To govern the country with corruption.

8. Mankind has reached the darkest era and the greatest crisis era

Mankind has no conscience, truth, justice, and fairness. The mainstream media of the world collectively block the truth of global news. Without GTV, everything you want to say cannot be heard and seen, and it will never be possible. Think about how great and remarkable the revolution is. It is the only hope of mankind.

9. Bitcoin is the most powerful tool for money laundering and laundering the money of all mankind

There are only four princelings who can play finance. Chen Yuan is the top spot and has a close relationship with Jiang Zemin’s family. Zhang Hongwei is responsible for moving money out. Jiang Zhicheng has at least US$20 billion in the 120 billion commission, and Jiang is also one of the most important negotiators. All the dirty money went into Bitcoin, and only Bitcoin can hide such a large amount of money. When the price is high, they sell to make a profit, when the price is low, they buy into the market, and everyone’s wealth will be completely cut off by them as long as they enter Bitcoin. 4% of the people own 96% of the currency. The second department of the General Staff is the largest participant in Bitcoin, and can directly control hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars in wealth.

10. Zhang Hongwei is Chen Yuan’s walking stick

There are three people around Zhang Hongwei who have a solid foundation in English, and they are also the core tools for him to make things happen overseas, and they are also tools for Chen Yuan to rely on. One is Zhang Hongwei’s second-married wife, who can eat, play, enjoy and read thoroughly. She is good at English and used to be an employee of the Chicago Board of Trade. Zhang Hongwei’s son and daughter have good English skills.

11. The Communist Party controls the country over a few families

The Communist Party’s One Belt One Road is not the One Belt One Road of the world, but the One Belt One Road of the CCP family. The political and economic relations of all countries are all controlled by these families. Ye Jianming was mistaken for Xi’s illegitimate son in Lithuania and acted by default. In the end, it was verified by Russia that his identity was false, and Ye Jianming was finally put into the river to feed the fish. This Game cannot be mixed with grassroots relationships.

12. Wu Xiaohui, Ye Jianming, and Wang Jian know that all the contents of the Saudi contract must face the fate of silence

When Miles Guo learned that people’s name Rafi had opened an account in Bitcoin, he immediately understood that the Saudi Arabia and Communist Party’s Aramco oil agreement had been finalized, and the time for the participants Wu Xiaohui, Ye Jianming, and Wang Jian was running out.

13. The transaction between Saudi Arabia and CCP is the result of a global financial contest

CCP’s RMB internationalization will first begin in Asia and the Middle East. Wealth plundering and RMB internationalization must begin with Hong Kong. The Communist Party has already taken Hong Kong and is preparing to control Taiwan. The next step is to develop the Qianhai Development Zone and expand. The area has increased from 12-16 square kilometers to 160-180 square kilometers. In 2017, the plan for the Greater Bay Area was revealed. The essence is the internationalization of the RMB, and Qianhai Development Zone is the first step.

14. The Communist Party made Hong Kong achieve three birds with one stone

(1) Take down the four shameless families in Hong Kong

It was also a very small number of Hong Kong interest families that benefited from the development of Shenzhen that year. Hong Kong’s main economy is real estate, and whitelists and blacklists have been drawn up. This time, all the assets of the four major families in Hong Kong will be redistributed, reappearing the division of land by the modern tyrants.

(2) Make full use of Hong Kong’s international conditions

Make full use of Hong Kong’s internationalized conditions and legal system; superior financial service conditions; Hong Kong’s real estate environment; transfer the Zhuhai Hengqin Island and Shenzhen Shekou plots to Hong Kong, the eastward expansion of Macau, and Taiwan, the value of Hong Kong’s land will be redeemed Water dilution, thoroughly looting the wealth of the rich in Hong Kong;

(3) Abolish the Hong Kong dollar and forcefully implement digital renminbi

In Qianhai Development Zone, the unified use of digital renminbi and renminbi is forced, and the only place to go is Hong Kong. Eventually, the Hong Kong dollar is forced to be abolished or the Hong Kong dollar is shelved. Hong Kong people’s money will become CCP’s pocket overnight.

15. Hong Kong has only financial services left

The land is gone, the currency is gone, only financial services. The integration of virtual currency with the internationalization of Hong Kong’s finances, the digitization of the internationally tradable RMB (offshore RMB) or the digital currency, is a fatal blow to the yen, and the US dollar can also be launched into Asia.

16. The World Energy War

In the Middle East oil trade, 100% of Japanese oil comes from the Middle East. Saudi Arabia’s long-term supply is based on CCP. The UAE, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, and Angola will all follow Saudi Arabia. In the energy wars of the world, Asia will all kneel down, the quantity and price of energy will be completely controlled, digital transactions, the US dollar will be squeezed out of the Middle East and Asia. This is the core purpose of the energy war.

17. The biochemical war has entered the human world

CCP is helping a country to build a biochemical laboratory. It is under construction. The biochemical over-restricted warfare has already given CCP a taste of the sweetness. It is a completely asymmetrical war, financial warfare, digital currency, energy control, and soon entered the biochemical over-restricted war. At that time, the biochemical war had entered the human world.

18. The common prosperity of CCP is the modern version of the Communist Party

The Communist Party propagates to merge the GDP of Hong Kong with Guangdong and Shenzhen to promote common prosperity. It is to divide Hong Kong’s previous wealth with those who come. In essence, the representative of the people (the Communist Party) has collected Hong Kong’s wealth on behalf of the poor and has nothing to do with the poor. The Communist Party has coined a new term for common prosperity, which is essentially the Communist Party, sharing your life. It started in Hong Kong. Common prosperity, who is the same, who is the same, share your property, share your wife, and share your life, the Communist Party has come to have the final say.

19. Hong Kong thief Ye Liu Shuyi and Leung Chunying demand that Hong Kong people be reduced to 4 million

(1) Unstable elements who come to Hong Kong from the mainland and hold Hong Kong passports should be repatriated to the mainland;

(2) Those who participated in the protest in Hong Kong and their family members must either leave Hong Kong or return to the mainland, and are not allowed to stay in Hong Kong;

(3) 4 million people remain, absolutely obey the Hong Kong government, and can serve finance, including gangsters who beat people;

(4) As recognized by the CCP Central Government, Hong Kong has a population of 4 million, and resources are easier to allocate, elitist, and easier to manage;

(5) Regional management of schools and teachers in Hong Kong (similar to Jewish concentration camp management); Fotan, Lantau Island, and Lantau are designated as regional management areas.

(6) The Secretary of the Party Committee assigned by the Communist Party to Hong Kong financial institutions, name: Representative of the International Financial Risk Control Committee;

(7) Hong Kong’s implementation is completely Nazist and exclusive. People are divided into three, six, and nine categories. Even transportation vehicles are managed by levels, vehicle license plates are managed separately, and AI is intelligent.

20. Vaccines have diverted all human sight and cover up the truth of predation

21. A member of the Standing Committee pointed out that US$2 trillion was spent on foreign propaganda in the past 15 years

Every year more than 100 billion US dollars of large-scale foreign propaganda, acquisition of overseas media, to build the right to speak in CCP in the world, no one criticizes the Communist Party anymore, there is no negative information about the Communist Party. It took 15 years to create a colored eye that blinds and brainwashes the people. The 120 billion corruption, Qianhai Development Zone, the so-called financial liberalization, today’s killing of wealth and mutual prosperity, and common prosperity are the same and have the same source.

22. People who least want to be taken away by disasters

The last thing is to hope that there will be national wars similar to those in the Southern Tang, the Queen of Khan and before the Han, which will kill people for hundreds of years. The bureau set by the CCP will either continue to be enslaved or be destroyed with the world. The most worried and least willing to see is to make the Chinese the enemy of the whole world.

23. Those who do not believe and dare not participate in the breaking news revolution have paid the price

Regarding Evergrande, many people were watching the revolution and contacted the seventh brother, but they still participated in Evergrande’s investment, and the price was an inevitable result. Evergrande will also happen in Ping An and other places. How many people still speculate in Bank of Shanghai, Minsheng, Industrial, and Ping An, and how many people will be taken away before the Communist Party is over.

24. Spreading the truth makes people benefit, and whether to believe it or not is a personal choice

The comrades-in-arms in Japan, the United States, and Nigeria all contracted the disease carelessly. In the end, they were rescued with ivermectin, dexamethasone, hydroxychloroquine and zinc to restore their health. Wandering around, one person gets sick and the whole family suffers;

Strengthen protection, take it seriously, prepare and take medicine, and not vaccinate;

25. The 90-day deadline is approaching. You will see a series of news about the G series that shocked your comrades. There are 20 days left;

26. Ignorance, ignorance and low IQ will pull our comrades-in-arms directly into the water

Morality is similar to the fraternity advocated by the West. However, the sincerity, truthfulness, and kindness to others in the West today are completely contrary to Taoism. The complete donkey lips advocated by Taoism and morality are not right and full of nonsense. Those who have paid for them hope that they will never join the breaking news revolution, and they dislike it very much. Ignorance and ignorance should not stay in the breaking news revolution, which will harm comrades-in-arms. Dejiao is like a monkey without hair removal, posing as Monkey King in front of the Buddha.

27. Ma Mingzhe had to be exposed for helping CCP to abuse and entrap mankind

Ma Mingzhe and the HSBC Bank under his control have killed Hong Kong children on the Hong Kong issue and assisted CCP in doing evil. Conspired with Zhou Liang to frame others. Cooperating with CCP’s layout in the West, it has set up offices in Japan, the United States, Spain, Canada, and the United Kingdom to defraud their pensions and hide a large number of secret agents. The layout of Japan is equivalent to launching a war, which must be prevented.

Ma Mingzhe will receive the most just trial by Hong Kong people, the New Federal State of China, and the righteous people in the West because of the HSBC. Every place will be hunted down, and Ma Mingzhe will die miserably.

28. Samsung’s decision to withdraw from China is not even known to Samsung executives

In the anti-Korea era, Samsung was smashed, threatened, and insulted. Samsung withdrew and expressed love for Samsung. Samsung was my home. Samsung’s withdrawal paid a bloody price, and the mainland people showed their ignorance and ignorance. Japanese companies Toyota, Nissan, and Mitsubishi also decided to withdraw from China regardless of cost. Toyota is the brother of the seventh brother. In 2016, it accepted the proposal of the seventh brother. Since then, it has not added a factory in the mainland, and has not injected any new technology and patents. , No new technology contract has been signed.

The Korean people’s influence on the penetration of CCP will regard CCP as their greatest enemy. The biggest blow to the withdrawal of Japanese and South Korean companies was on the technical level, and many joint venture and cooperative products were unsustainable.

The evacuation of Samsung was very similar to the evacuation of Wal-Mart, Toyota, and Nissan.

29. World financial integration is a double-edged sword

(1) The dictatorship takes advantage of the global financial integration, and in the process of squeezing its own people, it will amass greater wealth very quickly;

(2) At the same time, an economic crisis of the nuclear equivalent level will be brewed, and the cruelty and ruthless elimination of mankind cannot be rescued;

30. The Communist Party is still sparing no effort to implement the Qianhai Plan, the Greater Bay Area Plan, the attack on Taiwan, the virus attacking the United States, and the Belt and Road Initiative. The Communist Party has no ability to succeed at all, and it is simply impossible.

31. When the important leaders of Europe meet, Le Pen in France will win, Italy will shake the sky, and Germany will also shake the sky.

32. The greatest human hazard during CCP is that 93 million party members are not important. To completely kill CCP, only a few head people are enough.

33. Miles Guo communicated with important figures in Europe and deeply felt the greatness of the New Federal State of China.

34. The beginning of mankind when sperm and eggs

Human sperm and eggs are heaven. The mysterious power that we don’t know gives us a set life. No one living person can decide wherever we go. This is the only truth and righteousness pursued by the revolution. The new human community that Miles Guo wants to create needs to take time.

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