9/13/21 Japan Galaxy News: Toyota, Honda Oppose U.S. House Electric Vehicle Tax Plan; Evacuated Afghans Arrive At Narita Airport

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1. Toyota, Honda Oppose U.S. House Electric Vehicle Tax Plan

Economictimes reported on Sep 12, Toyota Motor Corp and Honda Motor Co on Saturday sharply criticized a proposal by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives to give union-made electric vehicles in the United States an additional $4,500 tax incentive. Toyota said in a statement that the plan unveiled late Friday discriminates “against American autoworkers based on their choice not to unionize.” The bill, set to be voted on Tuesday by the Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee as part of a proposed $3.5 trillion spending bill, would benefit Detroit’s Big Three automakers, which have union-represented auto plants. In a statement, Honda called the bill “unfair” and said it “discriminates among EVs made by hard-working American auto workers based simply on whether they belong to a union. … The Honda production associates in Alabama, Indiana, and Ohio who will build our EVs deserve fair and equal treatment by Congress.”

2. Evacuated Afghans Arrive at Narita Airport

According to a Sep 12 Times report, Four Afghans fleeing from Afghanistan arrived at Narita Airport on Sept 12, as the Islamist Taliban seized control of the country. This is the first time an Afghan collaborator associated with Japan has escaped and arrived in Japan. The arrivals were local staff of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and their families, who the Japanese government evacuated. They were evacuated by land to Islamabad in neighboring Pakistan and through Doha, Qatar, to Japan.

3. Defense Minister Cooperates with Vietnam in Consideration of Communist China

NHK reported on Sep 12, In a speech in Vietnam, where he is visiting, Defense Minister Nobusuke Kishi said that “Vietnam is one of Japan’s most important countries and can be considered a community of destiny” and called for cooperation between the two countries, while keeping an eye on the Chinese communist state, which is stepping up its maritime expansion. In his speech, Nobusuke Kishi said that Communist China’s Maritime Police Law allows the Marine Police Bureau to use weapons, which is unacceptable because it is inconsistent with international law. On Taiwan, he said, “Located between the East China Sea and the South China Sea, Taiwan is a key point for regional maritime security, and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait are essential to the region and the international community. “

4. 90%  Japanese Local Governments Promote Vaccination for Young People

Kyodo News reported Sep 12, 45 of Japan’s 47 prefectural governments (96%, Tokyo in Shinjuku-ku) are exploring or have taken measures to promote vaccination among young people in their late teens and early 30s. With the highly contagious Delta strain running rampant, the survey results show that local governments believe that accelerated vaccination of young people is essential to curb the expansion of the epidemic and are therefore taking various measures. 42 municipalities responded that they “have” taken measures to promote the vaccination of young people. Yokohama, Nagano, and Kobe, which replied that they were “exploring,” are already coordinating to set up nighttime vaccination sites, etc. Sapporo and Yamaguchi replied that “no” measures had been taken. 31 municipalities respondents answered, “expand weekday nighttime and Saturday and Sunday hours.” 22 municipalities responded to the question, “Advance the schedule of vaccination for young people.” There are 10 municipalities “prioritize” young people for vaccination, including Morioka and Nagasaki, which target high school students facing entrance exams.

5. Kono Leads in Poll to Succeed Yoshihide Suga

According to the Asahi Shimbun, on Sep 12, Taro Nagawano took the lead in a poll on who should succeed Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga as the ruling Liberal Democratic Party leader. In a poll conducted by Nikkei Shimbun and TV Tokyo, Kono has 27% support, while former LDP Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba is in second place with 17%, and former policy chief Fumio Kishida is in third place with 14%. Former Interior Minister Hayao Takashi came in fifth place with 7%. Kono, also minister of administrative reform, announced his candidacy on Friday, the third person to officially declare his candidacy after Kishida and Takashi.

6. Japan Says Suspicious Communist China Submarine Seen near Territorial Waters

Japan times report Sep 11; The Defense Ministry said that the Maritime Self-Defense Force spotted a submarine heading northwest off the territorial waters near Amami-Oshima Island, which is part of Kagoshima Prefecture, on Friday morning. A Communist Chinese destroyer was also spotted in the vicinity. However, defense Minister Nobuo Kishi still instructed his staff to “gather information and maintain vigilant surveillance with a sense of urgency.” The submarine continues to dive westward in the waters off Yokosuka Island.

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