Passenger: Epidemic screening at the Hong Kong airport is loose and sloppy


Since March 19, all passengers coming to Hong Kong from countries apart from China, Macau and Taiwan are asked to undergo a mandatory 14-day home-quarantine and given with a wristband for medical surveillance tracking.

A 22-year-old university student studying in the U.S. recounted on social media that he was not provided with any wristband, as he had made a transit in Taipei before arriving in Hong Kong on March 20. On the health declaration form, he was not asked to declare the places he visited.

The student said he asked the airport staff on site for the wristband but was told that “it is not a must” after one hour of waiting. He criticized the screening process for being “loose and sloppy”. Some doctors opinioned that the declaration process should be made mandatory, rather than voluntary.

The police reported that 41 people were found breaching the quarantine order. Five of them left their home without permission, of which two had removed the wristband. The remaining 36 were yet to be located, and warrants had been issued for their arrests.

Source: Ming Pao

Contributor: GM02


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