[September 11th, 2021] Miles Guo’s GETTR (1st)

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Greetings, my honored fellow fighters. Today is September 11th. The “Real People & Real Story” show is still ongoing on the TV behind me. It’s not finished yet; it will finish in no time. Today’s episode interviews Little Brother Mao Ben.

I am so sorry I forgot to record today’s GETTR video because I have been attracted to the show. Many of our fellow fighters sent me messages, “Brother-7, you have not posted a GETTR video yet.” It reminded me, so I made up quickly to record this GETTR video.

To be honest, do you know what I enjoy the most in these fellow fighters, Little Brother Mao Ben, Little Sara, Brother Chang Dao’s sincere words and talks?

That is, if any person tells the truth, speaks not only truthful but also helpful words, you will immensely enjoy it. If you just say, “I farted; I pooped; I have eaten.” Although these are facts, are they of any use? Everybody needs to eat and poop. Right? It is crucial that what you say is helpful to others. In addition, it comes from your heart, is your original idea and in your own language.

You should know that “Tao Te” in Chinese, also “morality” in English, has two parts of meanings — the term “Tao” means the laws of nature; the word “Te” means virtue.

Do not put “Te” first, or you must be a bastard. “Tao” must come before “Te”. Anyone who emphasizes “Te” without mentioning “Tao” does not really know goodness. He is not a person with integrity. He must be either a liar or a villain. Therefore, “law of nature” is the priority. What is Tao? Tao represents actions, methods, and norms.

I talked about it in 2017, didn’t I? So, I am not going to repeat it. But there are still some people who do not have the most basic standard of being a human being — morality.

Anyone who talks about “Te” but not about “Tao” is just trying to fool others. In addition, you should know that the Chinese interpretation of morality is in complete conflict with the Western virtues of Jesus, Christianity, including the entire Western religions family — Catholicism, Orthodoxy, “the Old Testament,” and “the New Testament.”

Chinese morality talks about the laws of man. Some Christians promote the Old Testament and the New Testament which they themselves do not understand at all, and they promote the tampered version of Old Testament and New Testament which are not recognized by most Christians. That is all nonsense and deception.

Chinese morality talks about the laws of man. All the Christian denominations in the West, i.e. the Jerusalem denominations, all talk about the laws between men and God which can be considered men’s compliance with God’s norms and values, not values and standards of human beings. Therefore, all those who speak on behalf of God on earth are all bastards. They all deserve to go to hell because they are deceiving people.

Just like that piece of shit “Mr. Te”, he is a piece of garbage. He never showed his face and lied that he was in northern Germany. He is actually in mainland China, okay? He pretends to be mysterious, but he is just a liar and even has no money to feed himself. People like him are just shameless.

We will support you if you are sincere about taking down the CCP, even if you are Wang Qishan or Xi Jinping. But do not pretend to be God. This bastard should feel ashamed of himself. Do not put your hand in the wallet or belt of our fellow fighters, or you are our enemy. Anyone who speaks on behalf of God on earth and cheats money in the name of God deserves to die. They are all liars.

You can promote faith and God, but nobody can represent God or raise money in the name of God — that is definitely not allowed. Sadly, there are still people who fall into their trap. Why do you donate to such scum? With 1000 Euros, what else can you not do? It is such an easy decision, right? I do not want to talk more about it.

As you all know, I had appointments with some VIP individuals both yesterday and today. A lot of things happened to the point that several people just asked me how it went yesterday. I am even embarrassed to talk about it, and I do not even know how to describe it.

Yesterday I got very angry at one of my best friends for the first time. I have never been like that before. We have been friends for a decade or two and have always had great respect for each other. No matter how close we are, he is still the head of a nation.

I really lost my temper with him yesterday over the fact that he got vaccinated. His children, his grandchildren, his whole family all got vaccinated.

But he was terrified yesterday and believed what I said. “Miles, I completely trust you. I will take the antidote right away.” He said. I told him I would be so reluctant if I had to say goodbye to him in the crematorium or the cemetery.

He told me he had also realized the world is too crazy. Especially since he has just been to the CCP China and met privately with those old bastards in Zhongnanhai (Beijing). So, I took a considerable risk to meet him yesterday. I said, “I do not want to meet you at all because you got vaccinated. I am afraid you will infect me. And you just met the old bastards in Zhongnanhai, that is too dangerous.”

Indeed, I felt the power of the Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal State of China (NFSC). It is really huge! About 600 to 700 CCP insiders have contacted me directly in the past week. They all wanted to invest in our G-Series. Yesterday and the day before yesterday alone, they managed to reach out to me directly through various connections. There were still around 110 people that I did not have time to reply to.

So, brothers and sisters, can you imagine how big the impact of the Whistleblower Movement is now? Everybody can check online to verify how much the price of artemisinin has increased after we revealed that it is an antidote to the CCP virus. How many transactions have been made? Then you can tell how many people are following the Whistleblower Movement.

Do not ever trust any viewing data of those YouTube channels. One of my songs, I do not remember whether it is “Hero” or “Take Down The CCP”, went from 500,000 views straight down to 200,000 views. The “Himalaya News Talk” show reached 500,000 views and the channel was even removed directly by YouTube.

Do not trust those numbers. You just trust the antidote — artemisinin, and the actual download numbers of my songs on the Billboard charts.

What is even more ridiculous, brothers and sisters, do you know what is happening in Hong Kong right now? I will talk about it in the live broadcast tomorrow.

The CCP is ready to loot the wealthiest people in Hong Kong through the Qianhai Special Economic Development Zone — not just the assets of Jack Ma (founder of Alibaba Group), Ma Mingzhe (chairman of Ping An Insurance), and Pony Ma (founder of Tencent) in China, but the assets of the top four shameless elite families in Hong Kong. They always lick the CCP’s ass.

We will talk about it in the live broadcast tomorrow and explain what the Qianhai Economic Expansion Zone is.

Moreover, too many religious institutions contacted me privately to express their friendliness. “What you say is all about saving lives, which is very nice, but can you leave us out of it?” They asked me.

If what we say is, in the words of the CCP, all false, all nonsense, all fraud, why are you so nervous? You do not have to be worried. But they all care so much. What does that mean? It proves we are telling the truth, and it is important. Right?

Ma Mingzhe has filed a series of lawsuits against a number of our fellow fighters. Why do you not sue me, Ma Mingzhe?

If you have the guts, sue me instead of suing my fellow fighters who do not have much money. All fellow fighters, remember, if Ma Mingzhe sues you, please contact the Rule of Law foundation or your Himalaya Farm. The Rule of Law Foundation will come forward and be responsible for all legal expenses. Please be at ease, brothers and sisters.

By the way, we have saved so many more lives these days. The antidote has saved too many fellow fighters. I cannot tell you all the details. In Italy alone, a dozen fellow fighters have been pulled back from death. 

At least a few hundred fellow fighters have been saved in Japan, and 1/3 of my secretly stored medicines were distributed. None of these medicines were dispatched through Himalaya Farm in Japan, so what I mentioned just now does not include the rescue of fellow fighters by our Himalaya Farms.

Everybody must be careful not to catch the virus. Once you are infected, you are finished, brothers and sisters.

Besides, let me reiterate, the world economy is in big trouble. From 4am this morning until now, I have received all kinds of incomprehensible but crazy data and information about the collapsing world economy. Make sure you have the money to survive, brothers and sisters.

I am very sorry that I did not post a video on GETTR on time today. I will see you tomorrow morning on the long live broadcast at 9 am. Today is a casual chat, but the live broadcast tomorrow will be more worthwhile.

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