Facing Mandatory Vaccination, Maternity Workers Choose to Resign, and Hospitals Will Stop Childbirth Service

Translated by: MOS Education Group – Maverick

With the approaching day of implementation for Biden’s Mandatory Vaccination order, the daily operation of some public service departments was greatly impacted.

In a hospital at Lewis County, New York, numerous maternity workers refused to get vaccinated, and they were forced to resign. This resulted in the hospital not being able to provide childbirth service normally. At the press conference on September 10, the county’s Chief Public Health Officer, Gerald Kayer, declared that the closure of maternity department starts on September 25. Only until there are enough healthcare workers who meet the new vaccination policy, can the re-opening be guaranteed.

The government requires all healthcare workers in the state to get vaccinated before the given final deadline of September 27. Among the 30 staff in the hospital, 7 of them who work in the maternity department refuse to get vaccinated and they choose to resign.

Either we get vaccinated, or we lose our job. The evil order model of CCP’s governmental is gradually spreading all over the world. While a lot of people choose to succumb under the pressure, we also see that there are still a portion of people who choose to persevere and fight. We believe that more and more people will realize the truth about the vaccine, and they will join the resistance. When more and more public services are stopped or even paralyzed, authoritarian governments’ evil goal to suppress freedom will eventually be doomed.

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